All The Reasons Hamsters Can Make Perfect Pets

Hamsters have been known to make beautiful pets since they were domesticated in the late 1700s. There are plenty of reasons that they have stuck around all these years, including all the reasons hamsters can make perfect pets for just about every family.

Hamsters are easy to clean up after

Although hamsters aren’t typically pets that we can housetrain in the usual ways, they are pretty clean in their own space. Hamsters have their own cleaning rituals and hardly need a bath as often as dogs do. They will decide where to do their business in their cage, which will forever be the spot for you to clean. Overall, hamsters are one of the easiest when cleaning up after animals.

You don't need to train a hamster
Source: RSPCA

You don’t need to train a hamster

Hamsters don’t need the same training as dogs or cats do. With a pet like a dog, you’ll have to be committed to teaching them where to do their business. This isn’t the case with a hamster, and it can be an effortless way to introduce pets to children.

Hamsters don’t require your undivided attention

Unlike dogs and cats, hamsters are pretty content with getting on with their own business. Most other pets require you to give a little extra tender loving care, and rightfully so. However, hamsters need to be socialized if you want to handle them often. It takes getting used to for the little mammals to get accustomed to being touched, so make sure to do it regularly during the early days.

You don't need a lot of space to house a hamster
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

You don’t need a lot of space to house a hamster

Animals and household pets like dogs and cats need their space. They need to be allowed time and space for exercise and getting fresh air. This is different for a hamster because of their tiny size. All they need are a few feet of space to make their home in a cage. You can even consider getting a hamster ball to let your pet explore more areas safely. Hamsters are also inexpensive to obtain and maintain, making them the optimal choice when looking for these qualities.

Hamsters can be entertaining to watch and keep you busy

Hamsters are known for being active. Endless fun can be had watching your hamster run in its wheel. This will be great entertainment for you, and your pet hamster will love staying active this way. Hamsters are also really easily socialized if done early on, which can make for a cute companion.

Hamsters are nocturnal little creatures
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Hamst09rs are nocturnal little creatures

If you are awake most of the night, then a hamster might be for you! Hamsters are naturally nocturnal, meaning they love to nap during the day. They become most active at night, making them a perfect companion for night owls.

Taking everything into consideration, hamsters make the perfect pet for any situation. Their ease of cleaning and being as cute as they are can make them the ideal pet for any household. They are inexpensive pets, unlike dogs or cats, which will help you save money in the long run, too.