All The Holiday Food That’s Dangerous For Pets

The holidays come once a year and see plenty of us enjoy all kinds of meals that we wouldn’t the rest of the time. While it can be tempting to give our four-legged friends a treat of their own for the big day, it might be more dangerous than we realized due to all the holiday food that’s dangerous for pets.

Chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs, with dark chocolate being worse

A little sweet treat at the end of the day, or the morning, or just because we feel like it… There’s no harm in eating some chocolate throughout the holidays, right? While that might be the case for most humans, the same can’t be said for our pets. Chocolate is actually one of the most dangerous things for our four-legged friends, as it can cause seizures or even loss of life. Dark chocolate is even more dangerous to pets, which means we need to be extra vigilant around the holidays, as this is what many use in their baking recipes.

Bread dough can expand in our pets' stomachs if they ingest any
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Bread dough can expand in our pets’ stomachs if they ingest any

Holiday bakers often love nothing more than cooking everything they can for the big day. Just because many of us love fresh bread throughout the festive season doesn’t mean that we should let it anywhere near our pets. This is particularly dangerous for people with cats who love to climb on the kitchen counters. The yeast in the dough expands in our pets’ stomachs, which can lead to severe complications and even our pet losing their life if we don’t act soon enough.

Raisins are just as dangerous as grapes

One thing many people have learned is that grapes are toxic for pets, but not many people put the pieces together between grapes and raisins. They are dangerous for cats and dogs, meaning we need to keep a close eye on our furry friends when that cheese board comes out at the end of the day. Even if they are in baked goods, be sure to keep them as far away from your pets as possible, as they don’t know the harm eating raisins can do.

Onions can lead to several health issues in both cats and dogs
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Onions can lead to several health issues in both cats and dogs

Plenty of festive recipes call for onions. Gravy, sauces, casseroles, and just about anything else with a little extra crunch can benefit from some added onions, but we should be careful before letting our pets lick the bowl. That’s because onions – as well as things like garlic, leeks, and chives – are known to cause digestive issues in cats and dogs. This can also lead to an increased heart rate, pale gums, and even anemia if they eat too many onions.

All the holiday food that’s dangerous for our pets doesn’t mean that we need to ban them from our kitchens as soon as the festive season rolls around. Instead, we just need to be careful and think twice before we let our four-legged friends have a snack on our leftovers as a little treat.