Downward Dog! Adorable Photos Of Dogs Doing Yoga

Thousands of people around the world love to perform yoga routines every day before spending their time with their dogs. So what if their four-legged friends want to join in the fun?

And stretch. That’s right; it’s time to twist yourself into a handful of poses and focus on your breathing as it’s yoga hour. Many people all around the world take part in the sport. Why? There are so many health benefits! As well as helping your muscles to become lean and strong, yoga also decreases your blood pressure, helps to alleviate stress, and can even boost your immune system after just a few classes.

If there’s one thing that many people love more than their yoga routines, it’s their dogs. These four-legged friends can be an addition to our lives that many of us never knew that we needed – until now. However, it could be time to combine our two passions into one ultimate routine as not only do these dogs know how to work the camera, but they have also learned how to be the best yogis in the world thanks to watching their owners. And we thought that dogs couldn’t get any better? Pah – they can always get more loveable.

Two for one

Sometimes, it takes a deep breath and a good stretch to full twist yourself into a yoga pose.

The wheel pose is excellent for loosening your back and strengthening your shoulders, but some of us need a spotter to make sure we don’t fall. Thankfully, it seems as though this woman has two for the price of one.

Not only is her big dog stretching out by her side, but her ball of cuteness is giving her a reason to hold the pose for even longer. After all, we’re not sure any of us could live with ourselves if we let them topple to the ground.

Keeping agile

Many breeds of dog have come and gone from the popular list over the years, but the Frech bulldog seems as though it’s here to stay.

Did you know they were bred to be companion dogs? That’s right; they are affectionate and don’t need much exercise, meaning they are great additions to many homes.

Just because they don’t need to get out and about every day doesn’t mean they don’t like to keep nimble and stretched. It turns out that some Frenchies have perfected yoga better than some of us could ever dream. You never know when you might need to guard the house – or at least give it your all.

Years of pampering

Pugs have been around for thousands of years. In fact, they were once kept by Buddhist monks as they were so docile and treated like royalty all across China.

They might be used to a life of luxury, but this breed appears to know what it takes to stay in shape and be prepared for any royal treatments that might come their way.

Many of us dream of learning how to do the splits, but this little pug goes to show that some of us are born to be above the rest. The best bit? Even their curly tail gets to stretch in this pose.

Long day on the job

Sometimes, it can be tough being a dog. After all, you have to sit around all day, play with your toys whenever you like, and keep your human entertained.

In fact, being a dog is almost like having a full-time job.

Most of us know the importance of keeping stretched and relaxed after a long day on the clock, and it seems as though this ball of fluff is no exception. Not only do they get to stretch out their aching shoulders, but their leg lift is taking their skills to the next level. No one likes a showoff, but we can’t help but adore this superstar.

Learning new moves

What could be better than spending time with our dogs? Many of us spend hours cooped up in an office before we head home and need a way to unwind.

It can be tough trying to find a balance between making time for ourselves and making sure that our dogs get all the affection they deserve.

Have no fear; this woman has come up with the perfect answer. Now, she can keep herself happy while showing her dog how to pull off all the poses. However, it seems as though the master could learn from the student as this dog is quickly showing their pet mom how it’s done.

Discovering new sports

Did you know that Frenchies can’t swim? Yup, it turns out this pup was never destined for life by the water as their short bodies and larger heads just aren’t built to help them become the next Michael Phelps.

Thankfully, it turns out the breed has turned their paw to another sport instead to make sure they get all the exercise they need.

Move over downward dog, it’s all about the upward facing dog instead. They might be small, but French bulldogs sure to know how to have a huge impact on our lives, with their expert-like yoga routines being only the beginning.

Time to pair up

Of course, if there’s one thing better than losing yourself to your yoga routine, it’s having someone by your side to help try out new poses that you could only ever dream of before.

Many people love to practice with their partner, but what about when you want your four-legged friend to join in with the fun, too?

It turns out that our dreams could become a reality, after all. Sadly, it looks as though this dog’s owner might be the one having all the fun. Not only does this dog know how to work the camera, but their not afraid to let their true emotions shine through either.

A skilled yogi

What is it about French bulldogs that makes them so appealing? Is it their squished faces? Perhaps it’s their pointed ears?

Whatever the case, it seems as though we’re not alone. Even the likes of Reese Witherspoon, The Rock, Lady Gaga, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have a Frenchie by their side.

However, it seems as though this dog stands out for even more reasons than many others. Not only have they got their very own yoga mat, but they have also crafted the perfect routine to make sure their fully stretched and ready for the day. Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two about their form?

Down they go

Many dogs will do anything to get their human’s attention – even if it means finding the dirtiest patch of mud in the yard or taking over the whole bed when it’s time to head to sleep.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it seems as though this dog want their owner to know just how much they love them.

It’s the best of both worlds. As well as getting to learn how to stretch out all those aches and pains, this dog also gets to spend plenty of time with their owner. It could be time to invest in another yoga mat.

Perfect form

It turns out that French bulldogs might be more like us than we ever believed. Why? They’re pretty sensitive.

In fact, if they do something wrong and end up getting told off, many have been known to mope around the house and sulk as a result. We never knew that we could relate to a dog in so many ways.

Thankfully, it seems this Frenchie won’t be hearing any criticism any time soon. Their form is good enough that it puts many of us to shame while their pristine coat has left many of us wondering how we could ever get our hair to look so shiny.

Stretching high

Yoga isn’t all about holding a pose for a few seconds before going through the motion. It can also be an opportunity to focus on your breathing and clear your mind.

Fewer thoughts whizzing around your head can be one of the best ways to help your soul.

Thankfully, it appears that many experts want to share their passion for the practice with the ones they love – even their four-legged friends. Even we sometimes struggle to stay on our own two feet. Now, this dog is putting us to shame as they stretch high into the sky for their double yoga routine.

Double trouble

Let’s face it; it can be tough to ignore a little pooch as they walk down the street, let alone when double trouble turns up at your yoga class.

These little ones might be small, but they are about to become the center of attention thanks to their wagging tails and burst of energy.

Of course, yoga helps many of us to relax, and what better way to clear your mind than having two pups to take your thoughts away the rest of the world? We just hope they arrived at the end of the class, or we have a feeling that not a lot of yoga got done that day.

Filling their time

Having a dog by our sides can be great, but it can also be sad to leave their little faces by the door as we head out to work.

Some of us love to turn on the radio while others prefer to invest in a toy box full of fun to help our dogs to pass the day.

However, it seems this owner has found a whole new way to keep entertained. All they needed was a laptop and a yoga mat, and their pooch was set for the next few hours. In fact, it might not be long before this dog is showing their human friend how it’s done.

An extra workout

While some of us prefer to dedicate an hour or so to perform our yoga routines before or after work, others like to fit in time to unwind whenever we can.

Sometimes, the setting is all too perfect to ignore. It looks as though a trip to the park was the ideal place for this dynamic duo to get to work.

The sun was shining, and the air seemed just right. That’s not all. Not only did they get to have fun together, but this owner also got an extra leg workout as their pup found the perfect place to sit.

Three’s a crowd

Yoga can be a great way to spend time with our partners. After all, most of us can find poses to help start off while others can learn how to perfect the next stage in our routine.

Sadly, it looks like this dog was feeling a little left out of the family as they settled into their next routine.

Sure, they could have grabbed one of their toys and tried to play or started barking until they got attention, but this good puppa knows that joining in with the poses is the best way to get all the affection they need.

The sun shines on the mighty

Dachshunds, sausage dogs – however you know the breed, the chances are that many of us have been fascinated by these pups over the years.

Did you know that it’s believed hot dogs were named after the breed? That’s right; it’s thought that a cartoonist had trouble spelling “dachshund” and referred to them as “hot dogs” instead.

Plus, they have been adored by artists over the years, and are one of the most popular breeds of dog in America. However, that extended back means these dogs need to learn how to stretch it out. Thankfully, this pup appears to find a quick yoga session does the trick.

Where do we sign?

If you want a way to take your yoga skills to the next level, then it could be time to start doga. Yes, it really is a way to combine dogs and yoga into one fun-filled class.

The best bit? There are a ton of benefits for both you and your four-legged friend. It can be a great way to bond with your dog.

Plus, it can help many dogs and their owners to relax as well as being a great place to start introducing your pooch to exercise. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a chance for you and your dog to get out and meet new people.

Part of the trend

Be honest, do you even do yoga if you don’t have a silhouette shot of you posing in front of Mother Nature? That’s what we thought.

There are some things that go without saying, and making sure that your social media is filled with evidence of all those gym trips and yoga sessions is just one of them.

Now, it turns out this dog wanted to jump on the trend, too. It takes special balance and focus to hold this pose. The added water and glowing outline just help to add to the beauty of this pooch’s hard work and dedication.

Too much too soon

Some of us are born to do yoga. Others? They need a little practice before they fully get the hang of perfecting all those poses.

The woman appears to have her form down, but the same can’t be said for her four-legged friend.

Thankfully, a few bumps in the road aren’t enough to stand in their way of learning how to maintain all those poses. We’re just not sure yoga is meant to leave us looking like we are in so much pain. It might be time to go back to basics for this fluffy friend before they end up getting hurt.

Taking liberties

Our dogs are often treated to all kinds of things in life. Some are handed a huge selection of toys to keep them entertained while others are gifted a trip to the groomers to make sure they are pampered and ready to go.

So what happens when you find out that your dog has taken your kind nature a little too far?

It seems this pup has learned how to turn on the TV and run up the electricity bill. While many would be mad their pooch is sponging off of them, we can’t help but fall for their dedication to yoga.

A special meaning

Many of us learn yoga for a whole host of reasons. Perhaps you realign your mind, body, and soul? Maybe you want to meet new people at a class?

How about trying to improve your fitness one session at t a time? Whatever the case, yoga sessions mean something different to all of us.

It looks as though this dog has one reason for taking up the practice: to show their owner just how good they really are. Golden retrievers are great family dogs thanks to their compassionate nature, and it turns out they might be some of the best yogis in the world, too.

Teaching the ways

Some of us spend years practicing our yoga routines until we become the best that we can be. There’s no point in letting all of those skills go to waste, right?

Thankfully, it seems as though this woman is so talented that she’s ready to pass on her knowledge to her next prodigy.

All she needed was another mat, and it wasn’t long before the student could become the master. Thankfully, it seems as though her first student was more than willing to learn the ways of the class, even if they needed to translate it into barks before they got the message.

Keeping watch

Have you ever had one of those moments when you need to find a camera to snap proof of your story? It almost seems as though even this owner couldn’t believe his eyes when his dog joined him for his daily yoga routine.

There was only one thing to do: grab a camera and snap some proof.

While the man seems to be keeping an eye on his dog to make sure they are keeping up with the routine, the pup needs to watch to make sure they’re doing it right. Thankfully, this pair seem to be more in sync than they first believed.

Times are changing

It comes to something when even our dogs learn how to head online and find the latest yoga routine while we have our backs turned.

Back in our day, we remember when dogs wanted to run around outside and chase sticks for fun. Now, it seems as though they’re jumping on the trend and sticking indoors instead.

What would their family think? Kids these days don’t seem to know what they’re missing. However, it looks as though we can’t beat them, so it might be time to give in to their new passion and buy a yoga mat, so these dogs have a way to follow along with their favorite routines.

The perfect time and place

If you thought that all ball of fluff couldn’t get any more adorable, then we have some news: it turns out they can.

Yes, all it takes is a pink tutu, and this dog is on a whole new level. Not only do they know how to dress to impress, but it seems as though this fluff ball has also learned how to strike a pose, too.

Sometimes, we need to fit our yoga sessions into the day whenever we can, even if this means while wearing our best dress. However, when the feeling takes over, who are we to try and battle our true passion?

A great distraction

While some people make yoga look as though it’s the easiest thing in the world, it can be a lot tougher than it seems.

It takes a lot of strength and focus to maintain some of these poses. After all, the boat pose is one of the toughest to hold as we need to use all our core strength to keep as steady as a rock.

It looks as though this woman is so confident in her strength that she has added another challenge. We’re sure that looking into those puppy dog eyes would be enough to take our mind off the agony in our muscles, too.

Practice makes perfect

Clearing our minds can be a great way to help us realize what makes us happy. Thankfully, we don’t always have to look far to see what makes us smile. In fact, this woman’s reason for her smile is closer than she ever believed.

Her Frenchie decided the best way to show their owner how much they loved her is to get as close as possible.

It seems this dog might have been watching their owner closer than she first thought. Yes, it turns out that all of that yoga has rubbed off on this pooch as they’re now starting to realize what all of those poses are all about.

Flying solo

Doing yoga with your dog is a great way to build a bond.

After all, it might not be long before our dogs learn how to trust us as we bend into joint poses while having to work on your yoga and watching your dog can teach you both how to trust one another.

It seems as though there’s no end to the benefits. So what happens when your dog gets so good at those poses that they no longer need you by their side? Watching children grow up to be independent can be tough for any parent, and it seems as though it doesn’t get any easier with our dogs either.

A calming influence

Amazingly, it turns out that all Jack Russel terriers were born from one dog all those years ago. The legend states that John Russell wanted to find the perfect hunting terrier and soon fell in love with a British White Terrier owned by his milkman.

It wasn’t long before John hunted down all the ideal terriers that he could find and bred them together to make the modern-day breed.

Now, they have become popular all around the world thanks to their feisty personalities and high energy levels. However, even these terriers can find a way to calm down as this pup proves how a little breathing and focus can clear the mind.

A change of pace

Boxer dogs have been a popular choice for people across the world for many years, and now it looks as though their yoga knowledge could see them join even more families.

They earned their name thanks to their impressive boxing skills.

Yes, this breed really does know how to stand on their back legs and put ‘em up against anyone who stands in their way. However, it looks like this dog has turned its paw to a new sport instead. No longer do they have to worry about taking on opponents. Instead, it’s all about learning how to work with their body and relax.

The next level

There are so many ways to spice up your yoga routine. Whether it’s taking part in a hot yoga class or using stretching bands to help perfect those poses, there is no end to the number of variations.

It seems this man wants to work on his balance and technique with the help of a gym ball.

What was he to do now his dog wanted to join, too? Thankfully, all it took was a small ball, and this pug could still get the most from their joint workout. However, it looks like this pug needs to take a few pointers from the master before they are ready for the next level.

Don’t be jealous

Yes, that’s right; yoga isn’t just for people who love to wear comfy pants and spend their time getting back in touch with their body.

It turns out that it’s also a great exercise for anyone as those poses can stretch and relax all those aching muscles after a long session in the gym. That’s not all.

This man has the perfect companion by his side who has learned a thing or two over the years. Gym? Check Perfect pose? Check. Knowing how to work the camera? Check. This Frenchie really is a triple threat. Those other gym bunnies better watch their backs.

Changing their passion

Some of us fall for yoga later in life while others fall for the practice as soon as we learn how to walk. It’s almost like second nature.

Being agile and limber might not be the first things that spring to mind when we think of British bulldogs, but it turns out they are more sporting than many of us ever realized.

Yes, they were once bred to take on bulls in the ring. However, the banning of the sport across England meant they almost went extinct as no one needed their dogs anymore. Thankfully, these bulldogs have bounced back, and even found a new sport to help pass the days instead.

The perfect backdrop

While some of us love to sunbathe on the beach, it seems as though others know that it can be a great place to stretch into a host of poses. All you need is a yoga mat and some space, and it might not be long before the beach is your playground.

Of course, many dog owners love to take their four-legged friends to the beach to run up and down the sand before cooling off with a dip in the ocean. Not this pooch. No, they had other, more refined ideas about their trip out. Thankfully, their human remembered their yoga mat, or this could have been one sad dog.

Room for one more

It can take years to master all those yoga poses. After all, there are so many variations of each pose and don’t even get us started on all the different skills that we need to pull them off.

It just takes time to stretch fully into position before we become a master of the practice.

Thankfully, it seems that this woman has put in all the time and effort she needs to bring her routine to life. To top it off, all her dedication appears to have piqued the interest of her four-legged companion. We bet they never knew how good those poses could feel before they found a spare spot on the yoga mat to practice.

A new sport

Amazingly. Doga only became mainstream back in 2012 after Mahyn Djahanguiri came up with the idea. She says that dogs learn to pick up on our calmness and synchronize with their owners as we radiate calming energy into the room.

As soon dogs and their humans learn how to connect with one another, Mahyn believes they can learn how to practice the poses with one another.

As if that wasn’t enough, you don’t always need your own dog to join in. Yes, doga classes can be a time to borrow someone else’s or be around pups to get your full dog fix for the day.

Learning to relax

If there is one thing that many of us have learned about Australian shepherds along the way, it’s the fact they have a ton of energy. After all, they were built for spending hours herding animals around ranches.

It wasn’t long before these dogs became a huge part of the rodeo as they learned how to pull off a ton of tricks and keep crowds entertained.

Their eye-catching coats and eyes have made this breed a popular choice for many years, but how is anyone ever supposed to keep up with their energy levels? It seems as though a little yoga could be in store to keep Australian shepherds grounded.

Our partner in crime

Forcing yourself to get up and exercise can be tough. Does missing one yoga session really mean that all of our practice goes out the window?

One of the best ways to make sure that we stick to our exercise routine is to make plans with a friend. We can’t let them down, right?

If there is one person in our lives that many of us never want to disappoint, it’s our dog. They are there for us through thick and thin, and it seems as though this pooch is helping to provide a little motivation to exercise – even if they haven’t quite got the routine down just yet.

Trying their hardest

Sometimes, it’s not about winning, it’s about taking part that really counts. Although many yoga lovers make the practice look easy as they twist and bend into all of those poses, it can often be a lot tougher than first meets the eye.

It seemed as though this bulldog wanted to see what all the fuss was about and join in with their owner.

That was until they discovered that yoga is a lot of hard work. Thankfully, there were a few poses they could get on board with. This counts as working out, right? It’s certainly enough to make that kibble feel all the more rewarding for one pooch.

No room for beginners

Some of us have target areas that we love to work on in our routines. Of course, making sure those hamstrings are stretched, and our hips are opened can be key to helping us stay limber.

While many of us opt for a few simple poses throughout our routine, it looks as though this Frenchie wanted to take theirs to the next level.

Move over, amateurs. There’s no room for your half-hearted attempts here – not when this dog is putting the rest of us to shame. Even after years of work and dedication to take that stretch to the next level, some of us will never be able to pull off poses with such ease.