35 Times Adorable Pets Grew Up Together To Become BFFs

While many of us love to have a four-legged friend by our side, some are greeted to a new level of joy as we get to see our animals become BFFs instead.

Many of us have those special friends that seem to stick by our side through thick and thin – no matter what. So what about when our partner in crime has four legs instead? It appears as though it’s not just us that needs a best friend in this world. Apparently. Our furry buddies could also do with a pal by their side for those days where you really just need someone to hear you out.

Being a part of an animal family is great. After all, our house is suddenly filled with pets of all shapes and sizes who are there to add a little fun into our lives. The best bit? Bringing many animals home gives our pets a chance to meet new friends of their own. Sure, they might never have been destined to meet each other, but that’s the joy of us humans: we can bring these animals together and give them new friends that they would never have imagined as our animals spend years growing up together.

The Fox and The Hound

What happens when you combine Moose the dog and Juniper the fox? Apparently, you get two faces of pure happiness after many months by one another’s side. It looks as though the pair were ready to star in the real-life version of The Fox and The Hound as they took to their breakout roles with ease.

The best bit? It appears as though they have already found some inside jokes with one another. We never knew that foxes could look as though they’re laughing, but Juniper seems to be having such a good time with their new friend, that we’re not sure we can blame them.

Double trouble

Bringing a new dog home to meet the rest of the family can be a hugely exciting time, but what about if they don’t get along with our furry friends? Thankfully, golden retrievers are known for their kind and fun-loving nature.

It wasn’t long before this master of the house took the newbie under their wing and showed them all they needed to learn how to become a good boy. Now, they can sit back and enjoy their student as they show off the fluffy and full-of-fun skills they have learned. It only took four months for the student to catch up to the master.

Ball of fluff

What happens when you bring a black ball of fluff into your life? The chances are that all the other cats in the house will be just as confused at the new arrival. It meows, it purrs, and it seems to be acting like a cat. How can a ball of floof start to copy us like that?

Thankfully, all it took was a few stare-offs and growing into their size for this new addition to settle into their new life. In fact, the gray cat can now enjoy the warmth and comfort that their fluffy friend brings to their life instead.

Time to shine

Being the new one to the family could mean that our four-legged additions need to grow into their personalities and find their place in the pack. Not only did this little puppy do a lot of growing, but it seems as though they’re pretty proud of how far they’ve come.

If that’s not a happy dog face, then we’re not sure what is anymore. It looks like there have been some changes in this household thanks to the new addition. However, the other dog might be glad for someone else to have to do all of the hard work for a change.

Reaching new heights

This golden retriever looks a lot less than impressed with the bundle of golden fluff that their owner had bought home. How can something so small look so much like them? As if that wasn’t enough, the new addition appears to be squeaking away and making noise that has never been heard before.

Something has to happen. That something? A friendship that seems to have been written in the stars from the beginning. The world can look very different from a new height, and this guinea pig was soon lucky enough to enjoy the unique view thanks to the help of their canine friend.

Growing together

Some dogs never know they need a partner in crime until they have the perfect addition by their side. Although it can be tiring work getting to know a new friend, it might not be long until we have a brand new best friend to keep us company. The best bit?

They come in helpful for all kinds of things. Sleeping buddy? Check. Checking out any noises from outside? Check. Blocking the doorway to make sure that you enjoy your moment with your friend in peace? Check. The list of fun that can be had is never-ending when it comes to this pair.

Three’s company

What happens when you see something you love, but you can’t decide which color you’d like? You could think carefully about which color would be the best, or you could say “no” to adulting and buy one of every color instead.

Thankfully, this owner decided there was no better way to welcome a labrador into their lives than by opting for a chocolate, a black, and a golden version. That’s not all. It appears as though all three pups were more than happy with the decision as they have since grown to become the best of friends all these months later.

Learning new tricks

If there’s one thing that many dogs have learned to perfect over the years, it’s the famous head tilt. This can be the unspoken language of many pups as they pull off that adorable look that can get them just about anything they need. It seems as though this pair were learning off one another from day one as they posed for their first snap together.

However, the boxer proved they still had a lot of growing to do. It was out with the head tilt and in with the puppy dog eyes to win themselves some new treats instead. There really can be strength in numbers.

Choosing their spot

Ah, cat condos. They can be the perfect place for our feline friends to get a whole new look on the world as they kick back and relax on top of their impressive palace. However, every good castle needs more friends, right? That certainly seems to be the case with this dynamic duo.

It looks like they’ve got their pecking order in place. While the black and white cat appears to have spent months growing larger and larger, their fluffy friend just seems determined to make sure they keep their place at the top of the tree. Fluffy cat: one.

Smile for the camera

What could be better than one smiling pit bull? Two, of course! This family certainly seemed to think so as they brought home a brand new canine friend to join the pack. It looked as though things were off to an unusual start. The pup wanted to get a closer sniff while their new friend appears to be trying to keep their distance.

Thankfully, their differences were soon put to one side as the new puppy caught up in size and became the perfect addition. It was time to do what many best friends love: pose for a friend Christmas shoot compete with matching holiday pajamas.

Taking their time

Not all best friends have to be the same species. After all, many of us have become BFFs with our pets. Why can’t they find their own best friend? That’s what we thought! It seems as though it didn’t take long for this pup to decide they wanted to be friends with their rabbit.

All they needed to do was wait for the months to pass and keep at the relationship. It looks like their persistence paid off as this dog and rabbit appear to now be closer than ever. Many of us need a happy fluff ball by our side, and this dog has found theirs.

A new sibling

Not all siblings share parents. In fact, some of our closest friends can often feel as though they were always meant to be our siblings – and we would do anything to make sure they are kept safe. These boxers seem to have formed an instant friendship as the larger of the two wants to make sure that their new puppy got all the rest they needed.

Believe it or not, but it took just three months for their new friend to catch up to their size. Thankfully, they were still happy to let their best friend snooze on the same spot whenever they like.

The perfect cat nap

Have you ever seen that look where you just know not to ask questions? This dog appears to have perfected it. It seems as though they were more than happy to take the kitten under their wing as soon as they were welcomed to the family.

The kitten might have grown into a full-size cat, but that doesn’t mean they need any less protection from their older sibling, right? While the cat snoozes away the days, they have their dog friend there to make sure no one interrupts their peace. We’re starting to think that we need such a dedicated napping partner, too.

The ultimate present

There is something about puppies that can make them just oh-so-hard to resist. It appears as though it’s not just us that thinks the same; this golden wonder also seems to want to get as close to their new friend as possible. Thankfully, it looks as though their friendship was one that was set to last a lifetime.

It all started to sweet and simple. Now, this golden oldie still can’t resist cuddling up with their new, larger friend – even if they have got a little bigger. The pair certainly look as though they are the best present to find under the Christmas tree.

Sleeping in style

A little catnap every now and then can be the perfect pick me up that many of us need to make it through the rest of the day. There is a good reason that cats seem to spend so many hours sleeping, and it looks as though we need to start taking a leaf out of their book.

Not only is this pair enjoying a snooze, but they are doing so in style. The question is: where can we spend all of our money on cat-sized duvets and pillows? Thankfully, it seems these feline buddies have certainly got their use out of the set.

Filling their shoes

There is no feeling like being the biggest dog in the house. All of a sudden, there is someone there who we can boss around and make them run around after us. We just hope this little Westie made the most of their time at the top before their new fluffy friend hit their growth spurt.

They certainly seem to have noticed the difference. No longer does the Westie look confident. In fact, they almost look a little worried about what their new friend has become. Just what have their owners ben feeding them? We just hope they have enough to keep up with their growing appetite, too.

Dinner date

Not all friendships hit the ground running. However, one of the best ways to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and sharing a love of food can be a great place to start any new relationship. As if the snap wasn’t adorable enough already, it seems as though the owners have even splashed out on a pint-sized bowl to mark the occasion.

Their first meal was about to be the start of an incredible relationship. The best way to end a dinner date? Apparently, it’s cuddling in bed with your new friend. That love heart on their shoulder was merely a sign of things to come.

Plenty of fluff

Some big balls of fluff are just too tempting to ignore. It might not be long before we lose all control and just have to find out if it’s as soft and fluffy as it looks. This kitten appears to feel the same way as they can’t help but lose their paws in all that hair.

They might have grown up, but the cat still hasn’t got their fill of all of that fluff. To be honest, with a stomach as floofy as that, we’re not sure we blame them. However, we’re not sure that we’ll be running our hands through all of that fur anytime soon.

An unusual pair

We think we need to find someone that loves us the way this dog loves their rat. It turns out the dog was already a part of the family when their owners decided they needed a new addition to the home. What better way to welcome a new member than by adopting a pet rat named Riff?

That’s what we thought. It’s one thing to pose next to each other; it’s another to try and make sure that you’re big enough to stand up for your new friend – even if they are 50 times your size. We’re sure no one will be messing with this pair anytime soon.

Cuddles for days

It can be tough to find balance in a relationship. Perhaps one of you loves to be cuddled while one likes to do the cuddling? Maybe one always hogs the bed, meaning the other one has to be quiet and suffer? Thankfully, this pair appear to have ironed out all of the creases with their friendship.

The gray cat started by being the big spoon of the relationship. It wasn’t long before their new white cat friend caught up to them and they had to think of an alternative. It was time to switch up the cuddling routine to accommodate the new size.

Freedom at last

They say those little bulldog grunts can often sound like a pig. Perhaps these owners were so inspired by the noise that they decided they needed a real-life pig to be a part of their family and give their dog someone to talk to?

Whatever the case, it seems as though they didn’t have to push to make this friendship happen as the pig and bulldog look to be the best of friends. To top it off, it looks like the pig has had enough of seeing their friend tied up. Leave it with them. They’ll have the leash chewed, and their friend set free in no time.

Friend with spikes

Not all of us would think of a hedgehog when we think of a ball of fun doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about, right? It could be time to start thinking about adding some spikes to our dreams so that we can enjoy the wonders of Biddy the hedgehog for ourselves.

Thankfully, Biddy has got the chance to share his love with the world, thanks to Charlie, the dog. It seems as though those puppy dog eyes knew they were about to start an incredible friendship. All they needed was for both of them to grow up a little bit before they could explore the outside for themselves.

Until the end

One of the best things about having a best friend is knowing that someone will be by our side through the good times and the bad. They can be there for us when we need them the most as well as being the ones that we turn to when we need a good time.

Where would we be without our best friend? This cat and dog team appear to have formed the perfect friendship over the years. Maybe that’s why they were with each other when one of them needed them the most? That bedside care can be the most important.

Built to last

There are some bonds that seem to be unbreakable. What about when your friendship appears to be something that many would have never imagined? Sure, raccoons and dogs might not be the two friends that many of us put together, but this duo seem to be proving everyone wrong.

As well as being best friends from the moment they met, these two have spent many months learning how to perfect their photos. Having a best friend can often mean trying to capture all those moments. Thankfully, the pair appear to have someone by their side to cement their magical moments together.

What is this?

Have you ever met someone and wondered what they could be? Yeah, it’s not just you – don’t worry. This dog seemed to be a little confused when their human brought home a squirrel friend. What is it? Why is it curled up like that? Why isn’t it playing fetch and chasing its tail?

There are too many questions. Thankfully, all this pair needed was a little time to get to know one another. It wasn’t long before the squirrel realized they had a new, comfy place to sleep while the dog had a new friend by their side. It’s perfect.

Those judging eyes

Sometimes, we all need a day to sit back and watch the world go by. It can be the perfect way to help us to realize that we might not be so strange compared to some other people out there in the world. Many dogs are the masters of window watching thanks to all the practice they’ve got in over the years.

One dog was already a pro at their job when they were joined by a smaller accomplice. After years of showing them the ropes, they were soon up to the same level, meaning they could spend all day silently judging the neighbors by each others’ side.

From day dot

Sure, kittens are cute, but newborn kittens have a level of adorableness that can be too tempting to ignore. How could anything be so small and fragile? Of course, these little ones don’t stay like it for long, and it might not be long until we have two tearaways flying around the house at all hours of the night.

They might be small, but these little cats appear to be sharing a moment that will soon define the rest of their lives. Thankfully, it was a bond that was unbreakable as even after all of this time, these fluff balls have learned how to have a good time.

Together forever

Although many of our pets are brought together when they first meet at our home, some have more of a story than others. This pair were once abandoned and needed someone to show them the love that they deserve. Thankfully, their dreams were answered. No longer did the little ones have to rely on one another for love.

Although they have a new home, these kittens certainly remember the best friend that was there by their side back at the very beginning. Sometimes, we have to appreciate the ones who have been there through the darkest moments of our lives.

Double the fun

What could be better than one Daschund? Two, of course. It seems as though this pair have slotted together better than most and became instant snuggle buddies. This was the beginning of a magical friendship. As if matching harnesses weren’t enough, these sausages had another surprise in store: matching outfits.

We never knew that we needed miniature Daschunds until now, but this friendship has been enough to convince us. It’s time to head to the adoptions shelter and fill our lives with the joy this pair appear to bring one another. We just have a question, do the sweaters come as part of the deal?

Friendship goals

Many of us have been subjected to the dreaded baby pictures that get pulled out at the most inappropriate of times. Those family reunions and bringing a partner home for the first time can be great places for our folks to try and show off all those snaps.

However, these are pictures that we’d be more than happy to show off at any occasion. The best bit? Those early cuddles were just the beginning, it seems as though this feline pair are now the best cuddling friends who get up to all kinds of mischief. We all need someone to watch a film with, right?

Sleeping soundly

Sometimes, we find that spot that is so comfy that we can’t imagine ever moving. Thankfully, it seems as though this dog was so comfortable that they spent the next few years keeping watch over their four-legged friend. Have you ever felt so close to your friend that you would do just about whatever you can to protect them and keep them safe?

It seems as though we’re not alone. These puppies have already formed a strong bond – one that looks set to last an eternity as this chocolate pup will forever make sure their friend has the best nap possible.

Years of friendship

Our childhood friends can be some of the most important pals in our lives. Not only are they there from the very beginning, but it also means that we’ll have someone by our side for the rest of our lives – through the good times and the bad.

It seems that this pair were already off to a good start. It wasn’t long before their mischievous ways and that look that makes it appear as though they’re up to no good was enough to cement a friendship that has lasted all these years. Now, they’ll always have an adventure buddy by their side.

Room for two

If they fits, they sits – and these cats were determined to put that statement to the test. It appears as though their cat basket was made for two little additions. However, once you’ve found a comfy spot, it can be tough to hand it over and find somewhere else to sleep.

Sure, the feline friends could have taken turns sleeping in the basket, but that’s far less fun than turning to liquid and pouring yourself into the same bed at the same time, right? Some of us love a sleeping buddy, even if our bed isn’t quite built to accompany another person by our side.

All grown up

There’s something that’s insulting to many older siblings. That’s right; we’re talking about when our younger brothers and sisters are rude enough to grow taller than us. It usually doesn’t take long before they start to try and borrow our clothes and hang out with our friends. Why can’t they get their own lives?

Thankfully, we often know that we love them deep – deep – down. While this pair could have been off to a rocky relationship, it turns out that having a bigger younger sibling means that we have more fur to use as a pillow instead. It’s a win-win situation.

Best of both worlds

There have been some strange pairings over the years, but we can’t say that we would have ever put a cheetah and a golden labrador down as being best friends. Little did we know that we are about to eat our words. Sure, the cheetah could take down their friend with one move, but trust can be an incredible part of any friendship.

Rather than competing to be the best, it seems as though this pair have learned to fall in love with one another in a way that many of us would have never imagined. At last, both dog and cat people can unite.