35+ Adorable Dogs Actually Have Meaningful Jobs

Many of us can’t bear the thought of leaving our four-legged friends. Thankfully, we might not have to as these dog jobs mean our canine friends get a career of their own.

All geared up

Goggles? Check. Bandana? Check. Shoes? Check. It looks as though this dog has everything they need to head out for their job at the beach. However, they’re not there to spend the day relaxing in the sun.

No, it turns out this German shepherd has been specially trained to sniff out sea turtles’ nests. This way, they can safely dig them up before researchers transport the eggs to an incubator to hatch. Then, the whole team can stand back and watch as the turtles make their way to safety. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear adorable boots and goggles instead.

Saving the day

Okay, we’re not saying that you should run as far as you can into the sea if you don’t know how to swim, but getting saved by one of these good boys or girls might not be such a bad way to end the day.

Move over Baywatch, it’s all about watching these four-legged wonders run through the sand as they head on their way to rescue those in need. These dogs patrol the beach in Croatia where they carry everything they need to help someone in the water. You might just want to think twice before getting mouth to mouth from your savior.

Behind the scenes

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to work behind the scenes of one of your favorite video games, then it might be time to invest in a canine friend. Not only does Uuno get to spend all day helping to bring the magic to life, but he also gets to be a part of the action, too.

No, all those balls aren’t some kind of fashion choice. Uuno is actually wearing sensors that can be detected and used to help bring the animated character to life in the game. The smallest of workers can make the biggest impact.

Mobile mechanic

It turns out there’s a reason that Dachshunds have such long bodies after all: it makes them much better for carrying all the tools around the workshop! Working on cars can be fun, but it can be tough to find that wrench when we’re elbow-deep in engine grease and up to our necks in car parts.

Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about searching high and low around the workshop to try and find what’s happened to our tools. All you need is a biscuit, and it won’t be long before the spanners come to you just like magic.

Perfect lab partner

We never knew that we had such an interest in science – until now. It might be time to head back to school and grab our lab coats as this Bernese mountain dog, Bunsen, is the perfect lab partner. It turns out that Bunsen gets to head into work with his dad – a science teacher – and help kids who are worried about their science exams.

The best bit? Not only does Bunsen take his job very seriously by setting an example that wearing safety gear at all times throughout an experiment is key, but he also helps to make science videos. It’s too much.

Learning on the job

It can be easy to imagine those big bad police dogs taking down any criminal who stands in their way or sniffing out anything dangerous. However, everyone has to start somewhere. It appears as though this pup is about to get some on the job training thanks to their new partner.

While they might be too small to tackle the bad guys, they are the perfect size to fit on the back of this jacket as they learn all they need to become the next best police dog the world has ever seen. All they need to do is grow into their floof before they can start.

A power nap

There’s a lot that goes into bringing all those flower arrangements and bouquets to life. Have you ever met an indecisive bride? Keeping up with her changing ideas can be tiring enough alone, let alone having to make all the creations.

This worker had enough for the day and thought they would take a quick nap in the stock. Little did they know that they were about to become the most adorable worker in the store. Sure, flowers can be pretty, but they are nothing compared to a corgi snoozing amongst the arrangements. We think our heart just melted a little.

Plenty of skills

Many of us have an image in our heads of a psychiatrist’s office. The long couch, the armchair in the corner, the weird and wonderful ornaments that appear to make no sense. It can all be a little daunting.

How are we supposed to lie in front of a stranger and discuss our deepest and darkest secrets? That might be a little easier when Sammy turns up for his shift. This greeter and emotional support dog has a few tricks up his sleep. He specializes in handing out love and licks before heading back to bed until the next patient arrives.

A small comfort

Saying goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. In fact, planning a funeral can bring up all kinds of emotions – including some that we might have never realized that we felt until now. Thankfully, one funeral home has the perfect addition to the team to help anyone in need.

Meet Luna, the sleeping therapy dog who’s there for all the cuddles and smooches that anyone could need. Still not enough? Yes, that really is Luna with her own leash in her mouth as she waits for the next person who might need a furry friend to help with their grief.

A ruff day at the office

If you find yourself in need, then it might be time to have a cuddle with an LCC Comfort Dog. The charity has a pack of dogs who travel the nation to help anyone in need. From hospitals to traumatic events, it seems as though there is no job too big or too small for these incredible pooches.

Yes, these golden retrievers will be there for anyone who needs a hug. All of that helping can be tiring work as one of their smallest and most adorable employees needed to take a little nap on the job. We think they can be excused.

Here to help

Heading to the vets can be a worrying time. Many of our dogs know there is something up when we miss the turning for the park and start making our way toward the veterinary clinic instead. However, one vet has the right idea.

What better way to help your dog feel at ease than to give them a new four-legged friend? Yes, Doug might look big and tough, but he takes his job very seriously. This is one receptionist that we don’t mind licking our hands and drooling on our sleeves. It was getting a little weird when Sandra the human receptionist did it though.

Sign on the line

You’ve had an accident, and now you need to hand over hundreds of dollars at the body shop as you try and get your car back to its former glory. The chances are that you’re not having the best day, right? Wrong.

Filling out the paperwork and handing over our cash was once something many of us wanted to avoid. That was until this good boy popped his head over the counter. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line, and he will take care of the rest. It must be official – he even has the uniform.

Feeling the love

Did you know that therapy dogs can help with all kinds of things? Some pets travel the nation helping out anyone in need while others are part of a program or practice. They can be any breed or size as they help to comfort, stimulate, and distract anyone that needs a little time with a pooch.

As if that wasn’t enough, many of our dogs can sign up to help anyone that could benefit from smoochies. Jerry is one of the many who have brought joy to people’s lives, but it turns out the feeling is mutual. Yes, Jerry really is that happy to help.

Eager to learn

Confidence, loyalty, and obedience are just three things that police officers need to be a part of the force. Thankfully, they have the perfect partner: their police dogs. Many of us have been there… Sometimes, it can feel as though we’re the ones doing all the work in the classroom while our partners sit back and take the easy route.

Thankfully, it looks as though these canines are ready for whatever the teacher has to throw their way. Hopefully, a tennis ball. If only we were all this eager to be in the classroom. Perhaps a dog as our partner is what we all need?

No need to ask twice

We didn’t need the jacket to remind us that we can’t wait to pet this dog. Thankfully, it looks as though this girl is lapping up all the attention as she helps people flying out of San Diego Airport. Perhaps you have worries about flying? Maybe you’re feeling a little nervous before you board your flight?

Look no further; this girl and her owner are there to help anyone who needs to put their worries aside and feel just how soft that fur is for themselves. To top it off, the airport also features the world’s first pet bathroom, complete with a fire hydrant for… Well, you know!

Gym motivation

We usually sign up to the gym, attend a few classes, and make a deal with ourselves that we’re going to head there every morning before work – before forgetting all about the membership and becoming the master of excuses.

Now, we are left to watch as the money is taken from our account every month while we sit back with a bag of chips and the latest Netflix Original. That is until we learn there’s a new employee working at the front desk. Even our lazy selves couldn’t resist a workout when we know we’ll be greeted by the brand new trainer on the block.

Wall of happiness

There’s not one good dog here, but a whole team of four-legged friends who all come together to make this hospital one of the best places in the world. Sure, they might look like standard key cards that many of us have to get in and out of work, but look a little closer.

These are the faces of pure happiness as these therapy dogs can’t wait to help people in need. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems as though the likes of Winston Bleggi and Tuggy Tugboat take their jobs very seriously. There will be no sad faces when they are in the room.


If this print shop didn’t find the perfect employee, then a human would still be kneeling on the other side of the counter having to lick everyone’s hands. Don’t worry, Jeff. The store won’t need your services again anytime soon.

That’s all thanks to this dog who has stepped up to fill the role with ease. We’re sure this dog is about to win employee of the month faster than anyone else at the store thanks to their dedication to the role. We don’t need anything printed, but we’re sure we can find something just so we can get a taste of the best customer service across the nation.

Special smoochies

We could all do with a little hope in our lives. Look no further as Hope is here to give us all the smooches that we need. Many of us have seen kissing booths, but what about the chance to spend some time with a therapy dog instead?

Take our money; we don’t care how much it costs, but we need all the cuddles that can come our way. The Paws for Passengers is a unique program where therapy dogs help any passengers who might be feeling a little anxious about their flight. Thankfully, Hope is in the Valentine’s mood for her shift.

Room for one

Picture this. You’ve spent hours traveling across the world, you’ve driven for miles in a taxi to the hotel, and you’re exhausted. All you want is to check in to your room and head to bed before enjoying your vacation.

Things could be about to get a lot better. No longer do you have to worry about dealing with tired staff when you have this eager employee ready and waiting to sort out all of your vacation needs. They must know what they’re talking about; they wouldn’t be allowed the tie otherwise. We just have one more question: does this concierge offer up local tours, too?

A trusted hunter

Whoever saw a fungus growing in the ground and thought that it would be the perfect addition to posh food was onto something. Believe it or not, but truffles are now the most expensive food in the world, with one truffle selling for over $300,000.

It looks as though one person has no problems finding theirs. They have the help of their helpful truffle hunter who puts her nose to good use. Yes, she really did just find 18 ounces of truffles in one day. There was only one way to celebrate: posing with her collection before they were put to good use.

A famous face

Some dogs make us wonder what it is that we did to deserve them. Rusty is no exception. This dog takes his job at the hospital very seriously as he will never leave home without his bandana and glasses to make sure that he is fully dressed for a day of cheering up the patients.

Rusty has spent three days a week at the hospital with patients in palliative care for the last few years. Believe it or not, but the patients and staff fell for Rusty so much that they decided to commission a painting of the pooch. We’re not crying; you are.

Ball of floof

What do dogs and humans have in common? Most of us will work for food while spending the whole day wondering when we will get another nap. It’s the simple things in life that can be our motivation to head to the office every day.

It appears there could soon be another reason to get out of bed and make your way to work, especially if this is the face that’s looking back at you from the cubicle next door. We’re sure they’re the perfect branch manager and can bark orders at the rest of the team as this dog looks as though they mean business.

The magic number

The Last of Us Part II has kept many of us on the edge of our seats ever since we learned it was coming back in 2016. At last, we can rejoin Joel and Ellie on their epic adventure. However, it seems as though Naughty Dog, the creators of the franchise, want to stick to their roots as they have hired some four-legged stars to appear in the latest release.

These dogs are taking their job seriously as they line up for the mocap stage of creating the game. This behind the scenes snap will be enough to keep us going until the game is finally released.

Filling the role

There are some jobs that we don’t need think we need to be filled until the perfect applicant comes along. That’s right; this post office has employed an official stamp licker. Never had an issue with licking your own stamps?

You might soon find that your mouth has dried up and there’s no way that you’re able to stick the stamp to your letter after taking a look at Jax. This good dog likes long strolls on the beach and exploring the woods when they’re not hard at work. The life of a dog can be a little more work than many of us ever believed.

On the case

Aren’t security guards supposed to be scary and make us want to stay away? We think we finally have it figured out. Rather than intimidate people at this Shanghai building, the security team figured they would lure them in instead.

After all, could anyone resist the pull of that good boy’s face? That’s what we thought. All they need to do is have a little patience, and it might not be long before they find all the criminals coming to them. We’re just glad to see that this dynamic duo appear to have things covered. We feel a lot safer already.

How can we help?

Some of us love to head to the store. Others want to get in and out as quickly as possible with as little human interaction as possible. Now, there might be a good reason to head to the store, and it comes in the form of Oreo.

Sure, many of us have made awkward conversation with a host of store greeters over the years, but this might be the first time we’ve got to rub their bellies and scratch behind their ears. Most people don’t seem to like it, but Oreo certainly looks dapper as he waits for the next customer.

Lifting the mood

Good things really can come in small packages and Biscuit is the perfect example. Many of us head to National Trust parks to enjoy the outside and take a break from the rest of the world. However, we’re not sure that people would have got further than the information booth after meeting and falling for the staff morale officer.

Still not enough? The world can be a big place when you’re a small Biscuit, but thankfully, this jug has their own social media page where they show off all their adventures. We certainly feel better. It turns out that Biscuit is a natural at their job.

A helpful aid

Thankfully, many of us will never have to know what it’s like to testify in court. It’s stressful and can be pretty scary to stand in front of a room full of people and tell your side of the story. Sometimes, there is no choice but to ask kids to testify.

No longer do they have to worry about feeling the pressure of it all. Not when they have this best boy by their side to make sure they’re as at ease as possible. Is someone cutting onions in here? Even the judge in the background can’t help smile at the best dog in the room.

One proud puppa

It might not be long before there’s a whole new meaning to finding yourself in a pickle. Why? Yes, this is Pickle, the search and rescue dog. It took a lot of training to make sure that Pickle knew everything he needed to become a part of the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association.

Thankfully, a nose like that meant that he sailed through the tasks until he was out there with the greats. This is just one of the many shoes that he’s found on the job. We’re pretty sure this is a face we’d like to see if we needed to be rescued.

Fun in the snow

Dogs are pretty great creatures, right? It seems as though they could be more impressive than we first thought. Yes, some dogs are so intelligent that they have learned how to tell when their owners are about to have a seizure.

This means people can get into a safe position before they lose consciousness. This dog wants to make sure that everyone gets to have fun on the slopes without worrying about epileptic seizures. Thankfully, that means they get to dress up in goggles and a fluffy jacket as they whizz across the snow doing their job. It really is a dog’s life.

Dressed the part

Working for Google might mean that we’re a part of the biggest and most prominent companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean we need a host of degrees and years of experience to our name does it?

No, sometimes all we need is the right personality to win over an employer. Appearances can be everything at the office. Although this dog is behind a baby gate, we’re sure they’re living a better work-life than many of us could ever imagine. We’re just glad to see they take the dress code seriously. After all, they don’t want to show everyone else up.

Pleased to meet you

She might be no cat on a hot tin roof, but Stella certainly is a dog on a cool wooden roof. We’re not sure what gave us our first clue, but we get the impression that Stella likes to howl. That might not be such a bad thing seeing as Stella is in charge of security at a local bar.

Yes, this dog isn’t moving a muscle as she makes sure that everyone stays safe and welcomes guests to the bar. We’re sure it wasn’t long before this bar became a local favorite for many residents. At least Stella will never let anyone forget closing time.

Running things smoothly

Leave it to Canada to have the most adorable worker at the airport. Yes, Pilot the dog knows their job, and they will do anything to make sure the planes run on time and all the passengers jet off on vacation without an issue.

Pilot is in charge of patrolling Vancouver airport where they work to make sure there are no birds near the runway. Why? They could come into contact with the planes and cause major hold-ups. Thankfully, Pilot takes safety very seriously. There’ll be no unwanted visitors at this airport when they are on duty. Those birds better watch out.

Service with a smile

Have you ever been at the store and thought you could carry everything you need in your hands only to realize that you should have got a cart? Many of us have been there. We don’t want to back down.

Instead, we must struggle around the store, leaving dropped items in our wake. Have no fear; this dog is here to save the day. Not only will he help to carry your things, but this hardware store assistant will even take them to the register while you browse the rest of the aisles. That really is taking customer service to the next level.