Adopt Or Shop? These Are The Pros And Cons

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, you’ll know that there are so many things you need to consider before you can bring your furry friend home. What pet do you go for? Do you have space for them in your house? Do you have enough money to ensure they are happy and healthy? Do you adopt or shop? This last question is especially important when it comes to dogs, as new owners have to weigh up whether they are going to rescue their dog from a shelter, or whether they are going to buy a puppy from a breeder or a private seller.

Adopt: Pro

There are so many animal shelters in this world, and all of them are full of animals who have either been mistreated, abandoned, or given up by their original owners. Dogs of all shapes and sizes make their way to these shelters on a regular basis, and this gives you the chance to welcome a new pet into your home and give them the love and attention it deserves. This can often provide the dog with a new lease of life and give it a chance to live with an owner who is willing to accept it into the family.

Adopt: Con

Of course, one of the biggest cons of adopting a shelter dog is the fact that many of these dogs have a damaged past. While there are many people in the world who have the time and energy to put into these dogs, it’s important to realize that they aren’t the same as puppies you rear from a young age. These dogs can often struggle when it comes to trust and their interaction with humans, and it may even be that they require a huge amount of medical treatment.

Shop: Pro

It can be pretty easy to head to the local pet store and come away with a new puppy, and that’s why so many people do just that. By doing this, you can raise your dog from a young age, and you can do everything you can to integrate it into your family and train it with ease. As if that wasn’t enough, shopping for your dog can also give you the chance to choose what kind of breed you want to welcome into your home.

Shop: Con

Perhaps the main con when it comes to shopping for a dog comes in the form of the cost. While adoption can often be free or simply require a small donation, buying a puppy from a store or breeder can often cost you thousands of dollars. This is a huge expense to let go of before you’ve even thought about additions such as dog beds, toys, leads, and medical bills.

If you want to call a dog your own, choosing between adopting and shopping can be a tough option. However, with enough research of the pros and cons, you should be able to come to a practical decision.