7 Safety Tips for Pet Parents this Summer

Summertime means spending plenty of time outdoors with your family and your pets. While the warmer weather can be a pleasant change, it can bring about some hazards for your dogs. Think of ticks and fleas, heat exhaustion and the possibility of burnt paw pads.

Here are 7 simple safety tips to keep your pooches safe this summer:

1. Hydration

Just as you would keep hydrated during hot summer days, make sure your dogs have enough fresh water to stay hydrated too. If you’re venturing out for the day, be sure to pack water and a travel bowl. Staying hydrated will also help prevent heat exhaustion. Take a little extra water that you think you’ll need just in case.

2. Walk at cooler times of the day

Walking in the mid-day heat is not only unpleasant for you, but for your dogs too. Take your dogs for a walk first thing in the morning or later in the evenings when it’s slightly cooler. This will help prevent heat exhaustion and be a lot more pleasant for both you and your pooch.

3. The barefoot rule

If you can’t go barefoot, it’s too hot for your dog too. In summer, the sidewalks, asphalt, and driveways can get incredibly hot and burn your puppy’s paw pads. So, if the ground is too hot for you, keep your dogs on cooler surfaces like grass or mulch.

4. Chill out in the shade

Where ever you are, make sure your pups have plenty of shade, especially on very hot days. If you’re at the park or the beach, find a shady spot for your pooch to chill out. If You dogs like to be outdoors at home, ensure they have enough shade at all times or a well-ventilated kennel where they can keep cool during the summer months.

5. Puppy Sunscreen

Just like us, dogs can get sunburnt, especially if they are short-haired. Regular sunscreen cannot be used on dogs as it contains harmful ingredients. So, it is best that you get a dog-friendly option to use on your pooch’s ears, nose and belly to prevent sunburn.

6. A cool summer-cut

If your pup is a long-haired variety, a summer haircut can be a wonderful relief from the heat. However, be careful of your dog is a double-coated breed as giving them a shortcut can have adverse effects, since their coats keep them cool in summer as well as warm in winter, such as Huskies and German Shepherds.

7. Protect against Insects

During the summer months, insects like ticks and fleas as well as mosquitoes rear their ugly heads. These insects can carry a range of diseases and bites can cause discomfort and itching for your pup. Ensure your pooch is protected from all kinds of pests during the summer months and consider using a household mosquito repellent to protect your dogs in the home.