5 Toys That Your Cat Will Love

Many of us can’t imagine a life without our feline friends by our side. So what about if you want to show them how much you care? Thankfully, we have rounded up five toys that your cat will love, that should be enough to give them all the fulfillment they need and more.

A treat dispenser

Many of us think it’s just dogs that love to sniff out food, but our cats will have just as much fun hunting down a treat or two. Thankfully, there are a number of treat dispensers that come in all shapes and sizes for every feline out there. Many balls need to be rolled for a tasty treat will fall out, while some puzzle games mean out cat has to work out how to get to the food for their reward.

Catnip toys

While some cats might not react to catnip at all, others will fall asleep with the stuff while some go mad to get a sniff. There are many toys that are filled with catnip that should be enough to get even the smallest reaction. Not only will they be able to throw them around the living room, but cats can also carry their new toys around the house and bury them as though they are still in the wild.

Cat tunnels

Cats are intelligent creatures, and will often look for ways to keep themselves entertained around the house. Plus, many felines often look for a place they can stay safe making a cat tunnel a pretty worthwhile investment for any owner. Not only can they zoom in and out of the holes, but your furry friend can also hide away from the world whenever they want a little peace and quiet. It’s a win-win situation.

Feathered toys

Did you know that cat’s eyes are designed to react to any kind of movement? That’s why our feline friends often spend their days looking out the window at all the birds flying around outside. If you want to keep your cat entertained without risking a feathered friend, then a feathery toy could be the answer. Many come on sticks meaning we can play with our cats ourselves, while others are balls or toys with feathers attached for our cats to keep themselves amused.

Scratching posts

If there is one thing that many cat owners dread it’s coming home to find your new couch or antique curtains have been used as a scratching post. Why take the risk when you could get yourself a cat tower for them to enjoy instead? Your friend can spend hours lying in wait at the top of their new toy while also having somewhere of their own to keep their claws trimmed and healthy.

One of the best things about cats is their inquisitive nature, and owners can love spending hours keeping their friends entertained. Thankfully, there are five toys that your cat will love, and can give us plenty of satisfaction as we sit back and watch their happiness with our own eyes. It’s purr-fect.