5 Things All Dogs Should Have in Their Toy Box

Every dog has a different personality, which means that you have to accommodate them and see how they react to different play styles. Despite this fact, every dog can switch moods in a matter of minutes and get tired of his old toys.

The key to entertaining your dog is introducing variety to their playtime. This means a multitude of toys has to be on your playtime roster. We’ve narrowed down the options to five indispensable choices.

1. Squeaky toys

Dogs are natural hunters that kill their prey. Even though this seems different from the relaxed, lovable image of the dogs we have, they still have their instincts. As with any instinct, this urge to hunt has to be satisfied every once in a while.

Squeaky toys are ideal for this because they let out a sound that reminds your dog of “prey.” Therefore, having a squeaky toy in your roster allows your dog to be active and do what he’s biologically predisposed to do.

2. Chase toys

A big problem for dogs is gaining weight. They are still animals and need physical activity. Dogs who don’t get their daily runs or walks risk suffering from serious health problems. That’s why dogs need chase toys.

Going outside with your pooch and throwing him his favorite balls will do wonders for his strength and health. Always have at least 3-4 at your disposal because they get lost or chewed out easily.

3. Tug toys

When dogs don’t spend their energy during the day, they can become restless and nervous. Dogs need physical activity, and you have to invest time into helping them get tired.

A great way to accomplish this is to use tug toys. This type of canine accessory is great for having some fun time with your dog and igniting their competitive spirit. Your dog will surely love to share such moments with you. You can also hang them somewhere in the house so that they can play by themselves.

4. Puzzle toys

Even dogs need mental exercise. They can be taught to think and solve problems, and puzzle toys are a great way to accomplish this. With enough effort and ingenuity, dogs can figure out even the hardest of puzzles.

Be sure to reward them with treats or something else they love when they solve them. If you don’t have puzzle toys at your disposal, you can hide things for them in a way that requires them to think. Placing their treats around the house is a good way to get their attention.

5. Frisbee’s

Frisbee’s are different than most fetch toys in that they don’t follow a regular flight pattern. Because of their strange way of flying, dogs will be confused and require more coordination than usual to track them down.

Chances are, your dog won’t be used to this type of fetching. Instead, they will take some time to get used to the wonderful toys that are frisbee’s. You’re bound to have fun as well.