5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Have Sore Paws

Dog parents love to keep their four-legged friends as healthy and as happy as possible. So what happens when your dog starts to act a little off-color or in pain? Here are five reasons why your dog may have sore paws.

Damage to their paws

There are many things that can damage your dog’s paws and cause them to get sore. Sharp stones, glass, or other sharp objects can cut their feet. A dog’s cut paw is much like a broken fingernail. It won’t heal overnight, but they usually grow out. It’s often best to take your dog to a vet to make sure that nothing has got into the cut. They typically need to have their paw bandaged while it heals to prevent infection and to stop your dog from licking their feet.

Athlete’s paw

Although athlete’s paw isn’t a recognized condition, it is very similar to athlete’s foot in people. It’s a form of yeast infection. It loves damp and warm conditions, such as in between your dog’s toes. Telltale signs of athlete’s paw is the fur feels greasy to the touch and dogs usually try to lick their paws clean a lot more than usual. The answer is often to bathe your dog’s paws a couple of times a day and dry them after each wash, but it’s best to see a vet to be safe.

Sidewalk sores

Seasonal issues can cause our dogs to have sore paws. If you can’t hold your hand on the sidewalk for more than five seconds in the summer, then the chances are that it’s too hot for our dogs. The same goes in the winter, but this time you need to check for cold. It’s best to think about how long your dog will be outside and potentially avoid walks when the weather is too extreme or invest in some dog boots for the winter.

A foreign body

Grass seeds can quickly dig into a dog’s paw – especially in the summer. Be sure to check your pet after walks to make sure there are no foreign bodies caught in their feet. If your dog begins to worry at their paws or starts limping, then it might be time to head to the vet. They will be able to see if there is anything caught in their toes or pads of their paws that needs to be removed.

Food allergies

Believe it or not, but a food allergy might cause your dog to have sore paws. This is likely to be itchy and can even cause their feet to turn a rust color. If your dog starts to lick their feet a lot more, then it could lead to further issues. Talk to a qualified nutritionist if you are worried that your dog might be allergic to something in their food.

There are all kinds of reasons why your dog might have sore paws. Don’t worry; your dogs might just need a little medical attention and TLC to get them back on the right track.