4 Tricks You Should Train Your Puppy To Do Right Away

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting day for families. If you have a new four-legged addition to the home and you’re looking for a way to bond with your bundle of fluff, then why not think about these four trunks you should train your puppy to do right away?


Learning to sit is a great starting point when training your puppy. Why? It’s the starting point of most other tricks. A great way to teach your puppy how to sit is to start with a treat in your hand. Let them smell the treat before moving your hand in an arc over the back of their head. As they try to follow the food, your puppy should naturally sit down. Give them the treat to make sure they know they did a good job before trying it again. As soon as they get the hang of the trick, start adding the word to the action.


Start this trick by getting your puppy to sit. Then, take a treat and hold it in the palm of your hand. Slowly move your hand with the food toward the floor until your puppy lifts up their paw in anticipation. As soon as they do, say the word “shake” and give your puppy the treat. This is just the beginning. Hopefully, your puppy should quickly get the hang of their new trick and start to lift their paw higher and higher. Start by mastering one paw before moving onto the other, and change the command to another word, like “other,” so that your puppy doesn’t get confused.

High five

This trick is similar to shake. However, you need to hold your hand up for a high five rather than a handshake. Make sure your hand isn’t too high for your puppy. Your puppy will hopefully lift their paw up and touch your hand as they try to do their other trick. Make sure that you use the new command and give your puppy plenty of praise for their work. The goal is to try and get your puppy to lift their paw as high as possible and hit the palm of your hand.

Roll over

If your puppy knows how to lie down, then this trick should be a lot easier. Get them into the down position before taking a treat in your hand and moving it behind their head and neck. You need to try and make your puppy follow the food without standing up. Hopefully, they should start to roll over. Simply give the command and praise your puppy for their hard work. Work on this trick until your puppy gets the hang of rolling all the way over.

These are just four tricks you should train your puppy to do right away. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you and your puppy are having fun. Try not to get frustrated if your puppy takes a while to pick things up and try to only spend ten minutes training each time.