Yes, The Frogmouth Bird Is Real – And Social Media Can’t Get Enough

Let’s face it; there are so many birds in the world that have kept us captivated over the years. However, it’s not this bird’s beauty that’s got people talking; it’s their unusual looks. Yes, the frogmouth bird is real – and social media can’t get enough.

Taking social media by storm

If there is one thing many of us love to do, it’s share photos of our pets or cute animals on social media. There is something about them that can make us so happy, but it turns out that might not always be the thing to do if you want to rake in several fans. That’s because it looks like the frogmouth bird might be the way forward. Now, a recent article in i-Perception suggests the frogmouth bird might have just taken social media by storm, even though Nature Australia once called it “the world’s most unfortunate-looking bird.” Long gone are the days that the frogmouth had to hide away as there are now nearly 30,000 photos of the birds on one social media site alone.

Looking into the reason why

Researchers wanted to know why frogmouth birds have become so popular on social media, and it didn’t take long for them to notice a few common themes. To start, of the 27,000 photos they found, frogmouths appeared in just 65. While it might have been a small number in the larger scheme of things, they also realized that frogmouth birds appear to get more likes than any other bird on the site, especially when compared to the audience the photo reaches. The researchers looked at nine of the most popular bird accounts that reach 3.5 million users altogether. They then judged each image on when it was posted and how many likes it’s achieved, with the frogmouth earning the highest score.

Comparing the results

From the results, the researchers learned that the more unusual a bird looks, the more likely it is to get a lot of attention on social media. Perhaps it’s no wonder the frogmouth bird stood out so well against every other bird on the site? It seems the birds with yellow and blue feathers also score higher than those with green and yellow feathers. Other species at the top of the bird social media list include the hoopoe, emerald turaco, and colorful pigeons that all come with brightly colored feathers and unusual feathers around their head. On the other end of the scale were none other than the seabirds, the oystercatcher and the sandpiper. It appears that vultures and storks also appeared toward the end of the list as they all failed to catch anyone’s attention. It certainly seems as though the frogmouth bird has come a long way over the years.

Not only is the frogmouth bird real, but it also seems that social media can’t get enough of the species. Thankfully, so much coverage means that people can learn more than ever about the wonderful species and give frogmouths the love they deserve.