Wildlife Has Been Thriving Since The Start Of Lockdown

Lockdown has been tough on most of us. Thankfully, it turns out that staying inside and keeping our distance hasn’t been all bad. Several areas have reported lots of wildlife that has been thriving since the start of lockdown – and it looks as though some are here to stay.

Flamingos in Mumbai

Although Mumbai is no stranger to flamingos, thanks to the migrations that occur every year, lockdown has seen their numbers thrive. There are no more flamingos in the area than ever before due to the lack of humans around. In fact, it’s estimated there are 25% more flamingos in Mumbai than this time last year from to the lack of construction and activity.

Deer in London

Deer live across the UK, but it’s unusual to see a herd of them strolling through the streets of London. It’s even more unusual to see them walking through a park without a care in the world in the middle of the day. Amazingly, that has been the case as these deer have been thriving since the start of lockdown. Several people have shared snaps of the animals as they munch on the grass and enjoy the peace that’s usually hard to find in a bustling city such as London.

Pink dolphins in Hong Kong

A surrounded ferry service around Hong Kong has been key to helping rare pink dolphins come back from the brink – and making new homes for themselves. A population of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins typically live in murky waters that rarely see sunlight, meaning they lack pigmentation and look pink. Experts believe there are only 2,500 of these dolphins left, but they have been thriving since the start of lockdown and have taken to tranquil waters better than anyone expected.

Whales in new places

Normally, people would be concerned about whales diverting from their usual paths and heading into unknown waters. However, lockdown appears to be all it took for some whales to venture into fresh seas and oceans. Reports from Vancouver state that whales have been spotted close to the coastline as there’s a lack of water traffic that usually dominates the area. Orcas have even been tracked around Scotland. They usually stick to the Shetland islands, but fewer boats mean they can now explore as they like around the nation.

Goats in Wales

While humans have been locked away, goats have been taking full advantage of the space and freedom in Wales. In fact, one herd of goats have been so tempted to explore the local town that they’ve taken over the empty streets. They usually reside in the local hills. However, the call of people’s local flowers and hedges appeared to be all too much to refuse as the goats have been snapped munching on people’s yards in the last few months.

It can be easy to focus on the negatives of the last year. However, all the wildlife that has been thriving since the start of lockdown has been enough to put a smile on many of our faces.