The Wildest Things To Ever Be Caught On Trail Cam

There are many reasons that people invest in trail cameras. Some want to know who visits their yard at night while some researchers rely on the cameras to help them track animals out in the wild without disturbing their habitat or scaring them off. It seems there is no end to the number of uses with these cameras. The best bit? Once they are triggered, these cameras will capture an image or clip of whoever has wandered into its view.

While some of us want to stay as far away as possible from things that go bump in the night, others want to learn all about what else is living out there. Thankfully for us, the animals have no idea that they are being captured. This gives us a host of candid shots of our furry friends and paints them in a light that we never usually get to see.

Breaking the rules

We might not be deer experts, but there are a few things that we have learned about the creatures over the years. They’re pretty fast and graceful. They also seem to like spending their time in the woods. We always thought they walked on four legs, but it looks like it might be time to head back to school.

However, the woods aren’t for playing in at night, and the terrifying image of a deer strolling around on two legs is enough to cement that statement in our mind for many years to come. It appears as though deer are less like the peaceful animals that we imagined and more like something straight out of our nightmares. Just back away slowly.

The perfect spot

The first rule about Fight Club? You never talk about Fight Club. The second rule about Fight Club? You leave the porcupines at home. Sadly, it looks as though someone forgot to tell the new guy that sparing with your friends isn’t the place to have your pets. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for them to catch on to the rules.

After all, when was the last time that you heard a porcupine talk about Fight Club? That’s what we thought. We would have thought that their spikes alone were enough to keep them safe, but it seems as though you can never be too prepared out there in the woods. If you go down to the woods today, be prepared.

Gotcha back

There is a big difference between friends and best friends. Friends are the ones who knock on the door and wait to be invited inside before they politely sit on the couch and watch our favorite movies. Best friends are the ones who burst through the door and help themselves to the contents of our refrigerator while we’re still in the shower.

Friends are there as a shoulder to cry on in our times of need while best friends give us a pep talk and get us back out there with them by our side. A deer friend would tell you there’s something behind your ear. This best deer friend had no issue with reaching around and getting it for them.

Reach a little higher

You have to look pretty close to see what’s hiding in this trail cam photo. However, once you spot it, you’ll be lucky enough to see a bear putting its height to good use. Someone might have thought that they put their feeder up high enough to keep it out of the way, but it turns out that nothing is too out of reach for some bears.

There is a good reason that campers are told to keep their food locked away in cars and not in their things: bears will do just about anything to get their paws on the good stuff. We never knew they had a secret passion for camping, but it turns out that you learn something new every day.

A group performance

When you think of coyotes out there in the wild, the chances are that an image of them howling at the moon springs to mind. Did you know that they actually howl or let out little noises to communicate with other coyotes in the area? It turns out that coyotes aren’t that willing to start a fight.

In fact, they often howl to let others know they are in the area and want them to stay away. Amazingly, someone was able to capture the moment that a band of coyotes let the world know that they were there all at once. While the picture is great, the pair of eyes in the background is a little terrifying. We wonder how many we can’t see.

The power of love

Most of us have heard the tale of Romeo and Juliet. You know, the one where the forbidden lovers can’t be together because their families are sworn enemies, but they find a way to be together anyway? We’ll just ignore the final scenes of the story. It turns out that true love can happen out in the animal kingdom, too.

However, Romeo and Juliet didn’t have to deal with trail cams getting in the way and capturing their secret love. While it might be a little less than ideal, we’re just glad to see that love can make it through in the end. Nothing can stop these two feline lovebirds from making their romance work, even if it’s only at night.

Get otter here

There’s nothing like a fish dinner, are we right? Don’t just take our word for it. This otter certainly seems to think so, too! However, there’s no point in going to all of the work of catching a fish just to eat it on your own. If you’ve put in the effort, then why not share it with the rest of the world?

While this otter may have never considered a career on screen, it’s got one now thanks to its dinnertime show. We know those teeth are sharp, and that fish probably had so much more to give, but we can’t help but fall for their little hands and those teeny tiny ears. What did we do to deserve otters?

Aerial attack

We get the feeling that this deer has seen one too many flying squirrels during its time in the woods, and it’s not here to play around. We’re not surprised there have been so many stories about spooky things living among the trees. After all, if we saw those glowing eyes flying through the sky toward us, we think that we’d be running in the other direction, too.

However, the deer might not have been entirely innocent. It looks as though it got into a bunch of apples when the flying squirrel thought they would have some fun and practice their target aim. It would be even scarier if it turned in the air and started to fly after the deer.

Work smarter, not harder

It turns out that trail cams are great for capturing animals who have learned to work together. Raccoons have discovered how to work smarter – not harder. After all, why give something your all when you could get someone else to do all the hard work for you and still get the same results?

We think that we could learn a thing or two from these trash pandas. We guess that the stand might be used to feed animals, and the boar wandered over to get something to eat. That’s when the raccoon must have seen its opportunity. No longer did they have to wait for the food to fall out. Now, they can simply reach up and get it for themselves.

First, lemme take a selfie

Some animals were born to be in front of the camera. It turns out that raccoons are one of the many. These trash pandas have become a favorite to many as their hunger-fuelled antics, and hilarious hijinks often see these wild creatures get a little closer to home than we ever believed.

Just because we get to see them a little closer, doesn’t mean that they get any less adorable. It looked as though someone was going to get a picturesque shot of some deer grazing in the woods. A trail cam working at its finest. That was until this raccoon popped into the picture and reminded us that nature can be scary, but it can also be pretty cute, too.

Working together

We always thought that it was a boar and a meerkat that teamed up? It turns out that raccoons have also joined the pack. People believe that the dynamic duo learned how to get more food out of the feeder. It was supposed to drop food a couple of times a day, and this pair were always there ready and waiting.

Once the food was gone, it looked like that was it. That was until the raccoon learned how to get a better view of the situation. They climbed onto the boar’s back to shake some more food out for them both. The best bit? The boar is so happy eating the extra food that they don’t mind helping their new dinner date.

Make it rain

We’re starting to think that raccoons don’t get as much credit as they deserve. They are the bandits of the woods that know how to wreak havoc wherever they go. However, they’re also pretty smart and look out for their friends, too. These raccoons were having a great time until the food ran out.

Have no fear; this raccoon had a plan to feed the rest of the troop. We have no idea how they got up there in the first place, but that’s not the point. They fed their friends, and that’s all that matters. Not all heroes wear capes. On the other hand, it has left us wondering about our own friendships. Would anyone hang off a feeder for us?

Not so graceful

We’re starting to think that deer might be the clowns of the woods. Sure, the skip around like they’re all graceful and have no care in the world, but it’s not until we get a candid shot of these magnificent beasts that we realize they’re not so serious after all. Now we think about it, deer don’t have too many things to worry about.

Sure, they have to make sure that they’re safe, but the rest of the time they can prance around like they’re the rulers of the forest. We’re sure if deer had social media, they’d be tagging each other in these kinds of photos all the time. Please take our money and make deer social media happen.

Fitting their role

We’re not sure why someone needed a trail cam right next to their fence, but it looks as though they might have gotten what they were after. Perhaps they wondered how something was getting into their yard? Maybe they knew that someone was visiting but had no idea what creature was causing such a racket every night?

Whatever the case, they should hopefully have an answer to their question. There’s no hiding that striped tail when the camera is rolling. This raccoon probably thought they were being so sneaky. Now, they are caught in the act. We’re just glad they are already dressed like little robbers thanks to their bandit masks and gloves. If nature gives you a costume, you live up to it, right?

Hitching a ride

There are some animals that have learned how to work with others in the animal kingdom to make their lives a little easier. From feasting on their leftovers to cuddling up with them at night and everything in between, it seems as though there’s no end to the kind of relationships these animals can enjoy.

However, people were a little more than confused when they caught a genet riding on other animals. In two separate incidents, the cat was seen riding on a rhino and buffalo. The cat, named Genet Jackson by keepers at the game reserve, say they think that the cat is using the other animals as a way to get a better view of the ground while hunting.

The star of the woods

The world of dating is tough. As if that wasn’t enough, it can be even harder to keep up with the changing times when you have to worry about all the latest fashion trends, too. While we’re over here still wondering how to perfect winged eyeliner and how to wear double denim, this deer is out there showing the rest of the world how it’s done.

This is an accessory that we’re sure even Santino Rice would be proud to see on the runway. While it might not be great for an everyday look, this deer knows how to rock the tumbleweed at every event. What out, fellas. There’s a new stag in town, and he’s here to steal your lady.

Battling it out

Some of us are lucky enough to see a bald eagle while others have to search high and low to even stand a chance of tracking one down out in the wild. Rather than leave things to chance, it looks as though someone thought they would install a trail cam instead. Little did they know they were about to get more than they bargained for.

There’s not one, but two eagles going claw to claw as they battle to claim their spot at the feeding zone. It looks as though the magpies have learned to stay away from the action if they want to enjoy their meal before it’s gone. This sure is a shot that many of us can appreciate.

Deer, deer everywhere

We know that deer often like to travel in herds. What we didn’t know was that meant that hundreds of them traveled together and took over the woods in a beautiful yet creepy way. If you’ve ever had the feeling that someone – or something – might be watching you, then you might be right. That is if you’re near these woods.

We’re sure that there are worse things that could be watching your every movement, so we have to be grateful in a way. However, we just have no idea how many other deer are lurking behind the trees and hiding in the shadows. This sure is one scene that we bet the person never thought they would see on their trail cam.

Finding another way

Fences are usually there to keep things in or out of your land. That is until we remember that Mother Nature doesn’t let anything stand in her way. At first, this fox might have thought that they needed to go around the fence or find somewhere else to explore. That was until something caught their eye on the other side of the fence.

Now, they needed to let their nose lead the way. Thankfully, someone had a trail cam to capture the creature that kept breaking in and out of their land. It’s not often that we get to see foxes going about their business. When we do, we get a reminder about why they are so cunning and graceful.

Watch out

Little does this deer know that it’s the target of a flying squirrel. While they might look like innocent bundles of fur flying through the air, flying squirrels are known for their aerial attacks on others. Thankfully, they’re pretty small and don’t mean any harm. We’re sure the deer understood when it calmed down from the surprise of someone jumping on their back…

In the middle of the woods… At night. In fact, we’re starting to wonder why the deer was even bothered in the first place? That doesn’t sound terrifying at all. Thankfully, a flying squirrels giant black eyes mean they are perfect for the night. Hopefully, they’ll soon learn how to tell the difference between and tree and a deer.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Some of us go about our lives as a lone wolf. We don’t need no pack to hold us back. Thankfully, life can be pretty fun when we have our friends by our side. After all, we wouldn’t be able to stack up and get the best view in the house if we didn’t have our friends in our lives, right?

It turns out that there is a good reason that the raccoons have taken to the skies. Someone wanted to feed the deer and not all the other animals in the forest. Rather than let a simple thing like height get in their way, they decided to coordinate a pyramid that would look at home at a cheer event.

Play in the mud

Some of us use trail cams to see what keeps eating out seed out of the bird feeder. Others use trail cams to track some of the greatest beats in the world. Someone in India was lucky enough to capture the moment this striped wonder wandered past their camera. However, this tiger doesn’t look like the image we had in its head.

In fact, there’s a lot more gray than we ever realized. That is until you look a little closer and realize that it’s been having a good time playing in some mud. It turns out there’s a good reason for their mud baths. Tigers have learned how to keep themselves cool in the summer as well as keep the insects away.

A helping paw

Moms are great. They are often there for us throughout our lives – even when we don’t think that we need their help. There comes a time in most of our lives where it feels like no one gets us. It’s not a phase, and we’re almost an adult. Why can’t we be left to make our own decisions already?

That is until we remember that we need a little help and guidance, and mom is there to help pick up the pieces. It looks as though we’re not alone. Mama bears in the world also like to help their cubs when they can. Sure, they might grow into a huge beast, but this cub was still too small to reach the barrel on their own.

Diving headfirst

Many of us have heard the tales of Wonderland. The place where unbirthday parties fill the streets, playing cards come to life, and you have to eat and drink a whole host of things depending on how big or small you’d like to be at the time. It sounds perfectly acceptable to us. We just want to know how we get tickets.

We just wish that we could see the rest of this scene. After all, we can only assume that this is The Hatter on his way home with Alice in hot pursuit. If there is one thing we have still never figured out after all this time, it’s why a raven is like a writing desk. We may never know.

Room for everyone

It can be tough to be mad at a fox. Sure, they might be loud and a little destructive, but their pointed ears and snuffly noses are enough to see us put it all in the past. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the easiest to spot out in the wild. Foxes prefer to keep themselves to themselves – a love that most of us can appreciate.

If there’s one thing that’s even harder to spot, it’s baby fox cubs. Someone was lucky enough to see an entire troop of fox cubs. They don’t open their eyes until they are 14 days old and have to learn to hunt at around one-month-old. However, it seems as though these little ones still prefer to stay with mom.

The final moments

Someone wondered why their trail cam stopped working. They needed to get it home and load it up to see what could have possibly happened. It was almost like walking into the scene of a crime. The camera lens had a huge hole in it like someone had stabbed through it with a screwdriver.

However, there was no one in sight and no other clues around. That was until the final footage gave them all the answers they needed. That’s right; the trail cam must have looked like the best bit of tree in the woods. That’s certainly what one woodpecker thought as they got to work. We have no idea where the bandit is now, but any leads would be great.

What’s going on?

Let’s face it; some of us are curtain twitchers. Our lives can be a little dull at the best of times, and sometimes we have to look elsewhere if we stand a chance of getting any entertainment – and there are only so many shows on Netflix. Thankfully, that’s where our neighbors often come in.

We thought our lives were chaotic, but it seems as though some people take this to a whole new level. Some of us have learned how to do this pretty subtly. Other? They have no care whether their neighbors see them or not. It’s a free show. It turns out this bird is in the second category. We’re just glad that we don’t have them as a neighbor.

More than it can chew

We get the feeling that this deer is about to get a bit of a surprise when it suddenly finds some talons on its head and hears the screeching of this owl. If you’ve ever watched the ‘Harry Potter’ series and think you want an owl as a pet, then you might want to think again. They’re not all the cute, fluffy birds that love our company.

Some of them have a grudge, and they’re willing to take it out on anyone that passes too close to their tree. The worst bit? It turns out that owls are a lot bigger than we imagined. If we saw those talons coming at us, we’d be moving a lot faster than this deer.

Lock your doors

Sometimes, we forget that we live near some pretty dangerous creatures. Sure, we hear tales of mountain lions living up there in the hills, but we’ll never see them, right? After all, they have no reason to come down to our house. We’ll be safe down here, but you might want to start locking your doors just in case.

One couple wondered why they constantly found evidence of deer outside their home. It wasn’t until they installed a trail cam that they learned the truth. Apparently, two local mountain lions think that their driveway is the best dining area to enjoy their latest feast. If only they knew how to clean up after themselves, too. Hopefully, the meals left them full.

So. Much. Food.

If there’s one thing that many of us have noticed over the years, it’s the fact that raccoons love to find food. We’re starting to think that raccoons could be our spirit animal more than ever. This feeder was put out to feed deer. That was until it malfunctioned and became the central point of a raccoon party.

Rather than drip-feeding the corn, it accidentally let all 1,000 pounds of food out at once. Seven raccoons took it upon themselves to clear up the mess as they lounged about loving every minute of their life. Apparently, a deer did arrive at one point, but the raccoons soon got back to their private party nad collapsed in happiness at the amount of food.