Photos That Prove Australia Is Totally Wild

Australia is an amazing country that offers some of the cutest animals known to man. However, it’s also home to some rather crazy critters that look like something out of our nightmares. How do these things even exist?!

The world is full of amazing countries and destinations that should definitely be added to your bucket list, and there’s no doubt about the fact that Australia should be right at the top. After all, the land of Oz is home to the likes of the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, Uluru, Bondi Beach, and so much more. It’s pretty remarkable. However, that doesn’t mean that the whole place is covered in beauty and culture. It’s also covered in some pretty crazy animals that truly need to be seen to be believed.

Of course, there are some rather adorable animals in Australia. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a koala? Where can we sign up to take a selfie with a quokka? How do we smuggle a wombat home? These animals would definitely see us return to Australia time and time again, but these other crazy critters certainly don’t have that effect on us. It’s a huge “nope” from over here. We’ll just stay in our homes and never venture out into the wild again, thanks.

The only option

Well, the person living in this house only has one option.

This giant lizard has obviously claimed their new residence, so the only thing they can do is gracefully hand it over to the lizard while leaving all of their worldly possessions behind.

After all, the lizard has them now. Although most of us have seen lizards before, there’s a high chance that you have never seen a lizard this big. Because the environment is extremely warm and dry in the land of Oz, the lizards seem to thrive in this country. We have a feeling that one day, the lizards are going to completely overpower the human race. It’s just a hunch.

Having a little snooze

We hate to be the annoying people that deprive animals of their much-needed sleep, but we can’t help but think that this snake could have a little snooze elsewhere.

Does it really need to sleep where people do their business? Surely that can’t be fun for anyone involved.

Nevertheless, this is the reality for everyone who lives in Australia, as this is the risk every time they take a drink of water or eat any form of food. What goes in must come out, and this can sometimes be detrimental to any snakes sleeping in your toilet bowl, and your backside. After all, we can’t imagine that a snake bite to the derriere is very fun.

Can I come in?

With its creepy wings and the fact that it’s just chilling upside down, it’s not hard to see that this is a bat. However, this isn’t just any ol’ bat. This ginormous bat is actually a megabat that can only be found in Australia – so the rest of the world is safe.

To be specific, it’s a grey-headed flying fox that obviously took some shelter on this person’s roof to get away from the rain.

With those big eyes and those crossed wings, it seems as though this little/absolutely monstrous bat is asking the person with the camera whether it can go into their house to dry off. We really hope that this person said no, while also backing away extremely slowly…

Mind your head

Everyone knows what a pine cone looks like, right? Well, have you ever seen a pine cone so huge? Everything seems to be super-sized in Australia, and this is the perfect example of that.

You can see just how big this Araucaria pine cone is, considering it’s even bigger than this person’s head!

They can be found on trees across the country, but you might want to mind your head if you ever make your way Down Under. That’s because there’s only one way down when it comes to falling objects, and one of these bad boys to the noggin will give you a pretty hefty bruise. In fact, falling Araucaria pine cone result in numerous fatalities every single year.

With all their mite

We hate to break it to you, but there are termites across the world. Yes, these little guys seem to have spread across the globe and don’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

In fact, we can’t help but wonder if they are expanding their empire even more.

Instead of just spreading out across the world, they are now spreading up into the heavens. Don’t believe us? Just look at this termite skyscraper! While it doesn’t quite have the mod-cons that you’d expect from a newbuild skyscraper, there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s still pretty impressive. We wonder who gets the penthouse?

It’s a bug’s life

It’s time to lock yourself in your house and board up your windows because nowhere is safe out here.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that this stick insect is pretty harmless, we just can’t ignore the fact that it’s basically as big as this young boy.

Apparently, people in Australia keep these bugs as pets, so maybe it’s just giving his owner a hug? We’re happy to see a boy and his bug getting along so well, but we might have to stick to a slightly smaller bug. You know, like the kind of bug that’s so small you can’t actually see it. Minuscule. Tiny, even.

Living by candlelight


If you’ve always wanted to go to Australia, we definitely don’t want to put you off. It’s beautiful; it really is. However, you might want to bear in mind the fact that it’s basically run by giant spiders who will force their way into any building, whether that’s your private home or not.

These guys just don’t care about boundaries. Don’t believe us? Well, just take a look at exhibit A. This giant spider has decided to lay her eggs over this electrical meter, which means that the owner of this house has to live by candlelight for the rest of their lives. After all, there’s no reading that, so it’s probably best just to cancel your electricity altogether.

The circle of life

When you think of Australia, you probably think of a weird version of The Lion King.

The circle of life is definitely the song on everyone’s lips Down Under because the bigger animals always eat the smaller animals, right? Crocodiles eat birds, rats, and frogs.

Dingos eat rabbits and rodents. Tasmanian devils eat snakes and fish. So, snakes must eat frogs, right? Snakes are normally much larger than their webbed-footed counterparts, but it seems as though this isn’t always the case. In fact, you really do know that you’re in Oz when giant Hulk-like frogs munch down on a snake for their midnight snack.

Which way to the beach?

Kangaroos are pretty adorable, aren’t they? With their pouches and their joeys? Well, apparently not.

Over the years, Australia seems to have become the home to enormous jacked-up kangaroos that have more muscle than we could ever dream of. The worst part?

They don’t even head to the gym for those abs. Some people/kangaroos are just so lucky. Although this hench kangaroo sadly passed away in December 2018, Roger Roo certainly made an impact on his country and the world over the course of his 12 years on this planet. At the time of his passing, he stood at 6ft7inches and weighed almost 200 pounds.

Meanwhile in Oz…

It’s fair to say that we’ve never felt sympathy for a crocodile before, but it seems as though today is that day.

After all, this olive python has just swallowed this freshwater crocodile alive and whole, and we can’t help but think that the snake has been a little rude.

Sure, it might be the largest python in the country, but that doesn’t give it the right to interrupt the crocs day. What if it was having a bath? What if it was having its own lunch? It just seems a little unnecessary to ruin something’s day like that, you know? Although we are glad that it’s the crocodile and not our legs in-between its giant jaw.

Land of the giants

Well, we think it’s time that we finished our spaceship. Although it’s been fun, it’s time to say goodbye to Earth. Our planet is turning into the land of the giants, and we’re just not sure if we can take it anymore.

This giant earthworm was dug up in Queensland, and we have a feeling that it’s not the only giant earthworm that has been found in the land of Oz.

Obviously, Oz the Great and Powerful got a little confused with which location he was headed to because he’s worked his creepy magic on the creatures of this world instead of the one with the yellow brick world. Hopefully he comes to rectify his mistake sometime soon.

Let’s give a hand

Let’s give a hand to the person who decided to carry the most poisonous octopus in the world on their hand because they’re probably gonna need another one.

The blue-ringed octopus may look pretty cool, but this animal has the power to leave you feeling a little less than perfect.

Yes, even a tiny little one like this one! Although you don’t ever want to get too close to one of these guys, it’s best to be prepared if you do ever head to Australia. If you see one of these things and the blue rings become progressively darker in color, then it’s too late. Sorry.

Always check your shoes

It’s no secret that crocs often eat snakes, but this takes it to a whole new level! If you live in a country where you simply slip on your shoes without having to check the inside of them first, then you’re pretty lucky.

They don’t have that kinda privilege in Australia, because animals seem to love shoes.

They’re not put off by smelly shoes, and they’re certainly not bothered about whether the shoes are designer or not, because they’re just looking for a soft place to lay their heads. Sure, we’re happy that this snake has had a good night’s sleep, but these shoes would be going straight in the trash if we had anything to do with it.

Hope you like cold food

If you’re the kind of person that gets pretty cold when they’re not wearing about 10,000 layers, then you might have a real vendetta against cold food.

After all, cold food just makes you colder, doesn’t it? Microwave ovens have made life easier for the perpetually cold, but it seems as though those in Australia don’t have that pleasure.

Of course, houses Down Under do have microwave ovens, but it seems as though they’re not the only ones who are attracted to the fact that they can warm things up in seconds. If this spider ever made its way onto our microwave, we’d be eating cold soup for the rest of our lives.

Getting away with it

We’ve had it with these snakes coming into our stores and trying to get away with thievery!

We know most snakes want to wear a beautiful top hat to match their bow tie, but there are other ways to get what you want in this world, you know?

These shopkeepers were obviously fed up with these snakes trying to slither undetected into their store, so decided to get pretty hands-on with their punishment. Of course, you wouldn’t catch us doing that in a hurry. If one of these guys made their way into our store, we would happily hand over everything they could possibly want and more. Hopefully, then they’d leave us a good review.

Having a bite to eat

Although Bram Stoker didn’t write a sequel to Dracula, we have a feeling that he wouldn’t like this potential ending. After all, that doesn’t exactly look comfortable.

While we understand that there are some rather creepy animals that have even creepier eating habits in this world, this is just something else entirely.

It’s actually put us off our dinner. We don’t know what we thought snakes ate on a regular basis, but it wasn’t a giant bat that has a rather large surface area. I mean, how does it even chow down on their wings? Surely bats are a little too bony to be enjoyable?

A handy pet

The person who posted this photo online noted that we should see the huntsman spider as a “handy pet” to have around the house. We don’t know what kind of planet they are on, but this spider doesn’t exactly look like the kind of pet we’re after.

Where’s the wagging tail? Where’s the fluffy coat? Where’s the wet snozzle that always wants to give it kisses?

Okay, so it turns out that we really want a dog, but we also really want this picture to be gone from our brain. Huntsman spiders are one of the most common spiders in Australia, and although they will never bite you unless they are provoked, we just can’t ignore the fact that they are absolutely huge.

Hitching a ride

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that there are some crazy critters in Australia, it seems as though some of them get on pretty harmoniously.

While we don’t think we’ll be asking this python and these cane toads whether we can join their gang, it makes us (kinda) happy to know that this sneaky snake allowed the toads to hitch a ride in the bad weather.

Of course, there is a part of us that wonders whether the snake would do such a thing for free. Perhaps this guy is actually a form of animal transportation? Maybe the toads have to pay their fare in a delicious dinner? Or maybe even a back rub?

Ready for lunch?

If you plan on moving to Australia anytime soon, you might have to resign yourself to the fact that nothing is safe.

Sure, it may seem as though your kid’s lunchbox is the most innocent thing in the world, but the fact of the matter is that everything is tainted with a big ol’ “nope.”

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Yes, this is the second-most venomous snake in the world just chilling out with an apple and some chips. Of course, you may run away and cover yourself in bubble wrap to protect yourself from the existence of such animals.

A new pattern

If you’ve always thought that the men and women in Australia are pretty stylish, then you obviously weren’t taking a proper look at them.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that most people know how to put together a pretty cool and quirky outfit, you might have noticed that the patterns on their clothing are a little strange.

That’s because it’s not actually a printed pattern, people. They have the flies to thank – or not thank – for this, because they are everywhere! You can’t head out into the open without being attacked by flies, so good luck with that.

Putting your foot in it

The person who took this photo went to Australia on vacation and then sent this photo back to their friend to tell them how great the country was.

They also told their friend that they had seen some things and that they didn’t know if they would ever be the same again.

Well, we don’t blame them. Everything about this photograph prickles the hair on the back of our necks, just as the hair on this spider’s legs are standing to attention. It’s not a nice photo, but we do have to give this spider credit for something. Are its little feet kinda adorable? Or are we just becoming immune to the scariness of these critters?

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Let’s be honest; you’ve probably encountered a few slimy slugs in your lifetime. No, we’re not talking about your ex, but about the ones that leave behind a trail in your backyard and on your beloved rose garden.

That’s because slugs are common animals that can be found across the world, but Australian slugs like to be a little different.

In fact, this hot pink slug can only be found in one particular forest in the land of Oz, and this forest can be found on an extinct volcano. We can only assume that these slugs eat lava for dinner because that color is pretty hot, hot, hot.

Welcome to Australia

Although Australia might not be the biggest country in the world in terms of its geological size, there’s no doubt about the fact that some of the animals on this island are making up for it.

They’re obviously not going to let their country miss out on being recognized across the globe, so have decided to grow super duper big to show off the fact that Australia is something special.

Well, this thing is definitely special, alright. While it’s not easy to know for sure, this giant critter looks just like a Goliath stick insect, and you probably don’t need two guesses as to why it’s been given that name.

Time to walk

Okay, well it’s safe to say that we will never be getting in vehicles ever again.

No more driving to work and no more driving to the grocery store, because driving means that we’ll eventually have to fill up with gas – and we’re not doing that ever again.

Now is the time to walk for the rest of our lives, because we’re just doing our bit for the environment, you know? It has nothing to do with the giant snake that was found poking its head out of the nozzle in an Australian gas station. Absolutely nothing at all. We can’t even comprehend how this snake managed to get itself in this situation, and we’re not sure we want to, either.

Legging it

We’ve lived on this planet long enough to know that spiders exist. Although we’re not happy about that fact, we have resigned to the fact that we will always have to live on a planet that’s filled with spiders.

However, we refuse to go anywhere where spiders like this exist.

How is this fair? How are we supposed to cope? Everything from its giant body to its spindly legs is creeping us out, and we just have no idea why anyone would even want to get close to this bad boy. Basically, just protect yourself from spiders at all costs.

A winter wonderland

Aw, what a lovely frost over an Australian park! It’s pretty wonderful to see, isn’t it? Well, think again. These images are not the result of a cold winter morning. Instead, they are the result of millions of baby spiders.

Yep, we bet you didn’t expect that one. This phenomenon is called “spider frost,” and occurs when the mamma spider lays her eggs and the little spideys hatch.

Because there are so many of them, the tiny spiders can’t deal with being so close to their brothers and sisters – and you can probably relate to that if you’ve ever shared a room with a sibling. To combat this, they climb a tree, spout out some silk, and let the wind take them away.

Nowhere is safe

Most people believe that by staying out of the water in Oz, they can live a harmless and carefree life. No sea creature is making its way out of the water to inflict any pain upon its victims, after all. Right? Right?!

Erm, think again. It seems as though nowhere is safe in Australia because even the deepest and darkest of sea creatures head inland sometimes.

This alien-like object washed up onto the beach in Broome in Western Australia, and we can’t help but wonder if it took the wrong turning on its escape out of Area 51. To be precise, this object is actually an armed anemone, and that should be enough to keep your distance. This weird little thing won’t hesitate to sting you.

All hail the hail

Let’s be honest; people have a glorified opinion on what the weather’s like in Australia.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that the warm weather is a massive plus when weighing up whether you want to visit this country, it’s not all tan lines and margaritas.

That’s because the weather can change pretty quickly, and things can get pretty intense. Just look at these hailstones! For comparison, you can see that they are absolutely and super-cali-fragi–humongous compared to these snooker balls, and you certainly wouldn’t want those falling on your head. We doubt an umbrella would save you from those bad boys…

A million reasons

We could give you a million reasons as to why millipedes are some of the creepiest creatures that this world has to, and we could also give you a million reasons as to why you should avoid anywhere that has them.

So, you might want to postpone your trip to Australia.

Well, the bottom of Western Australia, anyway. That’s because this place is infested every winter by these black Portuguese millipedes, and there is just no escaping them. All you can do is put up with them, and we’re kinda stubborn. We don’t want to share our house with anyone, and millipedes would be our last on our house guest list.

Gonna need a bigger boat

Yep, we think you’re gonna need a bigger boat on this one. On a day like this, we’re going to make a mental note to ourselves that the water is not safe in Australia.

Sure, Oz might be home to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and some of the most stunning beaches known to mankind, but we can see them from afar, right?

There’s no need to head into the water and potentially come into contact with something so scaly. This big guy is a saltwater crocodile and can be found across the whole of Australia. In fact, this one has been given the nickname of “Nifty” and prides himself on being over 6ft long. We would congratulate him, but we don’t really want to gain his attention.

Take a seat

If you don’t like snakes, Australia might not be the ideal place to call home. After all, this place is overrun with all kinds of snakes that come in all different shapes, sizes, and venom levels.

Although you could potentially learn everything about snakes to ensure that you can distinguish harmless snakes from venomous snakes, you could also take a leaf (or a hammer) out of this person’s book.

They took one look at the snake in their toilet bowl and realized that they didn’t really need to go to the bathroom anymore. What they needed to do was grab their hammer and break the bowl into smithereens. Better to be safe than sorry.

A critter parade

Someone just left some rope on the golf course, right? Well, if you’re scared of creepy crawlies, then it might be best to just tell yourself that this is the case, to avoid any heart palpitations or nightmares.

That’s because, as much as we don’t like to admit it, this line of white “stuff” is actually a critter parade.

To be specific, it’s a conga line of hairy caterpillars! Although it’s not clear what kind of caterpillar these are, we can’t help but wonder if they are pine processionary caterpillars. After all, these guys are white and hairy, and they also love to travel in a single-file procession. They might be polite, but it’s still a big nope from us.

Just hanging out

It seems as though Australia is home to some of the creepiest crawlies that this world has to offer, and this one is the perfect example of that.

Most of us use doors without even looking at what’s in front of them, but you have to be extra careful if you ever head to the land of Oz.

You should leave no door unopened because you should instead take it out completely so that you don’t give spiders the opportunity to find a place to rest. This person probably had the fright of their lives when they spotted this one on the door in front of them, and we can imagine they swiftly turned around and went in the opposite direction.

Give us a sign

Most people look for signs that will help put them on the right path in life. They might use the numbers they see around their local town to play the lottery.

They might agree to go on a date with the person they quite literally bumped into on the street.

They might even take a route that isn’t signposted to enhance their spontaneity. However, if you ever go to Australia and stumble across this sign, we’d advise you to forget everything you think you know about the universe. That’s because there is only one thing you should do in this situation, and that’s run as fast as you can away from this sign.

Just a tickle

If you ever head to Australia and feel something touching one of your limbs, it’s probably best to follow the normal fire procedures.

Stop, drop, and roll, because there’s a high chance that it’s not just a tickle, but something much creepier and much crawlier.

This man had no idea that he had a giant stick insect on his leg, and we bet he was living a happy and content life. However, as soon as he realized that he was, in fact, the new home for a scary critter, we can imagine that he wondered whether he would ever be happy again. It’s tough out there.

Batter up the hatches

Although whales are huge, we actually don’t mind these giant creatures. Most of them just go about their own lives in the ocean and spend most of their time eating their food and going for a little swim.

While it’s important to keep a wide berth from any whale if you do ever swim in the Australian oceans, it’s probably best that you stay even further away from a whale that has perished.

Why is that, we hear you cry? Well, if you’re a little squeamish, you might want to move on from this rather gruesome imagery. Whales have a habit of exploding after they pass away, which means that it’s time to batter up the hatches and stay as far away as possible. Unless you do want a whale gut shower, of course.

Just a normal day

A day in the life of an Australian must be the same as a day in the life of any other person, right? After all, the only difference is that the environment is different, isn’t it?

Well, “different” may be a bit of an understatement. Most people don’t pass mangroves on the way to work, and most people don’t get to witness a crocodile eating a shark on a regular basis.

Yet, it seems as though that’s the norm in the land Down Under, and most people are used to it. We can’t imagine how long it takes Australian natives to get used to this kinda scene, but we could probably live there our whole lives and still not be cool with it…

Light of your life

It seems as though you just can’t escape those sneaky snakes when you head across the pond and into the land Down Under.

So, unless you’re a professional snake charmer who has won “Snake Charmer of the Year” for the past decade, you might want to just lock yourself in a room for the rest of your life.

That’s because these snakes won’t press the doorbell or ask for permission to enter your house. They’ll just do it, and they’ll make themselves at home pretty quickly. The person who lives in this house probably got a bit of a surprise when the light of their lives just happened to be a giant python.

Mutant animals

Okay, either this frog is chowing down on what we’re sure it would call a “delicious” snake, or mutant animals have finally taken over this world.

After all, there’s every chance that this frog has actually transformed into a frake thanks to its overeating of the snake kind.

Yes, it’s eaten so many snakes that his tongue has become a snake’s tail, and that’s pretty worrying. These are the kind of animals that we should be worried about in this world because they are obviously in the next stage of evolution while we’re still stuck in the past. Wait for us, frog-snake.

Caught in a trap

When Elvis Presley wrote “Suspicious Mind,” we can only assume that he was on tour in Australia and had stumbled across one of these net casting spiders. Although we don’t think that he loved these spiders too much, so perhaps not.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt about the fact that anyone would be caught in a trap if they came across one of these spiders in Australia.

That’s because these spindly and armored guys hang themselves upside down from trees and plants and create a net in front of them. Then, they wait until their prey comes along, and then catch it in their homemade trap. Crafty little devils.