Bizarre UFO Incidents Caught On Camera

Whether you love conspiracies or have seen one for yourself, it seems there have been plenty of UFO incidents from all around the world. Not everyone could have been imagining things, right?

Many of us spend our whole lives searching for proof that we’re not alone in the universe. Whether you laugh in the face of the conspiracy theories or wear a tin hat wherever you go, it seems as though UFO incidents have been reported since the very beginning of time. That’s right; the first recorded sighting of aliens was way back in Ancient Egyptian times when Pharaoh Thutmose III recalled there were fiery disks flying around in the sky.

The rumors continued to grow as some people believed they saw flashing lights among the clouds while others reported they were close enough to talk to strange creatures from out of this world. It seems as though there are plenty of people who feel there could be someone – or something – out there among the stars. What do they want with our tiny planet? Maybe they’re looking for other life, too? Perhaps Earth is a popular space destination? Whatever the case, it appears as though these UFOs come in peace… For now.

Something in the water

Believe it or not, but this is thought to be the first photograph of a UFO from 1870. Back in 1803, Japanese fishers reported a vessel in the water. It wasn’t until they got closer that they noticed a young woman with white and red hair holding a box that no one was allowed to touch.

To top it off, the locals claimed the woman spoke in a language that none of them had ever heard before. This was just two years after Hull, England, was bathed in blue light before the reported UFO split into smaller crafts and vanished.

The Miracle of the Sun

The beginning of the 20th century was filled with UFO sightings that gripped the world. Many people across New Zealand reported they saw moving lights in the sky in 1909 as well as solid bodies floating above them. So many people witnessed the event that newspapers were inundated with stories.

Then, in 1917, thousands of people in Portugal said they watched as the sun flew from side to side before it quickly descended beneath the horizon. The story was later retold by several astronomers who couldn’t believe what they were seeing, with many putting it down to none other than a UFO.

Covering up the story

The Battle of Los Angeles saw people from across the nation fear for their lives as searchlights hit a mysterious object floating in the sky while anti-aircraft weapons detonated all around. America had just joined World War II, and officials later confirmed they had been panicked that it was an attack from Japan only to discover that it was an unidentified weather balloon.

However, not everyone agreed. Many believed this was one of the first times the government wanted to cover up the fact we had been visited by a UFO as they didn’t want to scare people even more.

Spreading the word

It appears the U.S. government might have been hiding UFOs for many years. There were several reports of responders finding a crashed spaceship along with several aliens in Missouri in 1941, only for the witnesses to be sworn to silence so the news never reached the rest of the world.

However, just one year later, China had similar reports. This time, the UFO was apparently flying in the sky as people across the country reported they spotted the craft. As if that wasn’t enough, many people in the photographs are pointing at the unidentified flying object in the sky.

Earning their name

1947 was a significant year for spotting UFOs. The year marked the Roswell crash that paved the way for many conspiracy theories that the U.S. military are collecting crashed spacecrafts and aliens to hide them from the public.

1947 also saw Harold A. Dahl claim that his dog lost its life while his son was injured while the three encountered 4 to 6 donut-shaped ships in the sky. To top it off, pilot Kenneth Arnold hit national headlines when he reported nine shiny objects traveling at least 1,200 mph past Mount Rainier. This was the beginning of the modern UFO era, and coined the name “flying saucer.”

Kept a secret

Did you know there was the other Roswell? Yes, it seems that 1948 marked the year that New Mexico would become the talk of the town. It’s believed that the military found a crashed spacecraft that had 16 creatures on board, but they wanted to keep everything a secret.

If the stories are true, then the crashed UFO is the largest on record as it’s believed to be 99 feet wide. It’s thought that the creatures on board must have been traveling for many months as they had plenty of concentrated food and a lot of water to make the journey, but the world may never know the truth.

Famous sightings

1950 was the year that some of the most famous UFO pictures hit the world – snaps that still cause controversy to this day. However, the same year, a professional baseball team captured two UFOs spotted over Great Fall. The footage was seized by the authorities, and many investigators have spent hours analyzing the footage.

Just one year later, several V-shaped lights were seen flying above Texas as students and professors captured the event, while a radar at Fort Monmouth Base picked up an unidentified target before s a flying saucer fly off into the distance 17 minutes later.

Taking over the city

Washington D.C. was in for a surprise in 1952 as the city several sightings were reported all across the city in July. Three different airports all reported spotting unusual objects on their radars, while the rest of the town saw UFOs flying through the sky.

It turned out that no known aircrafts had been identified in the area, and the objects were following an unusual flight path. Many people who spotted the UFOs reported they remained still for a few moments before flying off at incredible speeds across the sky. Some claimed they were meteors caused by unusual weather while others believe they were nothing but UFOs.

Without a trace

Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson were flying an all-weather interceptor when they were tasked with tracking down an unusual blip on the radar. The ground team tracked the two blips until they seemed to merge. The group thought Felix and Robert had flown under the target, but they never appeared.

The first blip then continued on its path. The plane or any evidence of where the two men had gone was never found. Two years later, in 1954, many southern and western countries in Europe started to report large-scale sightings of UFOs, with most taking place in France and Italy.

Unanswered questions

Trevor Constable took this photo at Giant Rock in California in 1958 and thought nothing more of the snap. It wasn’t until he later developed the picture that he noticed the unusual UFO in the frame. The following year, nine hikers were found to have lost their lives in an event known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

It’s reported that the group tore out of their tents and ran into the snow, even though they were only partially dressed. Some had physical wounds, while others couldn’t stand the cold. One hiker had high levels of radiation, while another group reported seeing orange spheres in the sky the same night.

High above the water

In 1959, several Australian natives claimed they saw aliens waving from the top of their UFO. It seemed as though their ship had broken down and they were busy repairing the craft. The same year, the entire crew from a plane flying to San Francisco from Honolulu was in for a strange time.

They were 21,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean when they spotted a UFO. They state there was an extremely bright light that was surrounded by several smaller lights. The UFO appeared to be traveling at unimaginable speeds, with pilots from two other airlines backing up the tale.

Taken to the skies

Some photos appear to have been lost for years. One was taken in 1964, but it lay forgotten in the attic. The ‘60s was the same decade as the first report of an alien abduction. Barney and Betty Hill claim that they were driving home on Route 3 in New Hampshire when they were examined by small aliens on their shop.

Not long after their story, three truck drivers from Argentina state there was a huge object in the middle of a field that suddenly took to the skies. There was reportedly a flame coming from underneath, and the craft broke into two pieces as it flew in different directions.

Held from the scene

Many people claimed to have UFO sightings throughout 1956. Charles Hall states that he spoke to two aliens who confessed to traveling with the CIA to casinos, while a team of meteorologists working in Antarctica were left confused. 17 people watched as a red-yellow object moved through the sky before all of them stated they could see a lens-shaped UFO.

Later in the year, people from across Canada and America spoke about a fireball that was approaching Earth and causing sonic booms. Witnesses claim the men in black stopped them from getting any closer to the landing site with one witness reportedly losing their life.

Not all the same

Not all UFOs are disk-shaped, like many of us imagined. In fact, many have reported sights of long crafts instead. One landed in Canada where the navy were sent to investigate. Many professionals on board the ship confessed that it looked like an alien spaceship, and many other people claimed to have spotted unusual sights in the sky shortly before the crash.

Canada also saw one man report that he was burned by an exhaust on a landed long ship, while Betty Anderson from the United States said that she had been abducted by alien ships many times over the years.

Caught in the act

Two pilots and an air traffic control person were left confused as they spotted seven objects flying high in the sky in 1969. They wondered what they could be, so a fighter pilot decided to take a closer look at the things. However, when they got close, they all sped off at incredible speeds with no way to catch them.

It appeared that they were gone for good until a radar 125 miles away picked up the objects just a few minutes later. This still remains the only UFO sighting that has been officially acknowledged by the entire Finnish Air Force.

Under constant threat

1974 marked an incredible year for France as the country was plagued by a whole host of UFOs. One anonymous doctor was able to photograph one of the spacecrafts, but it turned out that France wasn’t the only place at risk that year. Residents in Mexico claim that a small plane collided with a UFO.

However, the aircraft was reportedly recovered in secret and military personnel began to sweep the area for anything that might have fallen from the crash. The Yugoslav Air Force also had to chase several UFOs as their lights were interfering with training, but they were never able to catch up to the crafts.

Leaving their mark

It appeared as though one man in Denmark had captured what appeared to be a giant floating jellyfish in the sky. He was out on a dog walk when he spotted the strange shape in the air. Later, in 1975, another man was driving home in the early hours of the morning when he heard static coming through the radio.

It wasn’t until he looked up that he saw ten hooded figures emerge from a UFO, dig up the soil, and take the bags back to the ship. He returned the next day to find the holes had been left across North Hudson Park.

Taken to a new place

Travis Walton is one of the many people who claim to have been taken by aliens after spotting a UFO. Now, his story is one of the most famous in the world. Travis states that he was working as a forestry worker when six of his co-workers noticed something above them.

The worker then says that he fell unconscious as the other workers drove away. All Travis supposedly remembers is waking up in a hospital-like room as humans wearing helmets placed something over his face before he woke up on the side of a road with the UFO flying off above him.

Chasing the site

Jarmo Nykanen found himself capturing a whole host of photos of what he described as a mini UFO for six years. He first noticed the UFO when Jarmo woke up to a buzzing sound and a strange blue light coming through the window of his cabin. He described that the light was coming from a jelly that had a small being inside.

Next, Jarmo woke up on the porch four hours later. Strange landing marks were later found in the snow as Jarmo continued to report other sightings of UFOs in the area. The police were never able to explain the stories.

Feeling the effects

Many people in New Zealand were worried in 1978 when they started to notice strange color-changing lights in the sky that constantly changed size. The events were filmed by a TV crew and passengers on a plane, but no one ever found an exact answer as to what they could be.

The following year in Scotland, a forester was pulled toward a large round object in the sky by two smaller spiked globes. Bob Taylor claims that he lost consciousness and woke up unable to speak or walk. That’s not all. He was also constantly thirsty for many days after the strange encounter.

Follow the light

An alleged UFO was spotted above Peru in 1980 as many people started to snap photos of the strange object. One pilot decided to follow the aircraft to take a closer look, but it kept rising until they were both at 8,200 feet high. The pilot knew that it was out of this world, and shot at the craft 64 times.

However, nothing took it down. The ship and the pilot continued to climb to 63,000 feet until they stopped and the pilot could finally take a closer look. They recalled there were no apparent exhausts or way for the craft to fly, so they decided to retreat.

Feeling the heat

Vickie, Betty, and Colby were driving home in 1980 when they spotted some strange lights up ahead. They initially thought that it was an airplane, but they later stopped when they saw it was a diamond-shape in the sky. The three state there were flames and plenty of heat coming from the UFO.

Betty and Vickie got out of the car, but say that it was so hot that the paint began to melt off the car. As if that wasn’t enough, Betty touched the dashboard, but it was so hot that her hand melted into the plastic. All three later reported severe medical side effects from the unusual encounter.

A love of water

Eric Thomason was on the beach in Australia when he looked out to the water and noticed something unusual. He began to photograph the UFO in a series of photos. It looks as though some UFOs have a pull to the water as residents in South Africa spotted a craft in the sky.

Although it disappeared and it looked as though it was gone for good, it returned just a few minutes later. This time, it looked like the craft was a water droplet. However, it soon started to change shape and color before the UFO shot up to space.

Strange things from above

Sometimes, UFOs can be caught by complete accident. Joe Clower is no exception. He thought that he was taking a photo of some workmen, but it wasn’t until Joe looked at the picture that he saw a giant floating shape in the middle of the snap.

This happened the same year that footage from the Space Shuttle Columbia was analyzed. Mark, the person in charge of looking through the footage, noticed something strange. He spotted two slow objects that would rapidly fly around the Earth, as well as debris near the shuttle that wasn’t from the shuttle or a meteor.

No escape

There have been thousands of stories about the military covering up any alien activity to make sure that the rest of the world never finds out the truth. Someone thought they had caught the ultimate deception when they appeared to snap a helicopter chasing a UFO. Unfortunately, there was no way to cover up the Phoenix Lights.

Thousands of people stood back and watched as triangular lights passed over the state. The lights then appeared to stop over Phoenix before they disappeared a few hours after they arrived. The lights reappeared in 2007 and 2008. However, the military were quick to report them as flares.


As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough for us to be worried about, the Pentagon decided to make our year a bit more interesting by releasing a series of videos showing ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’. As it’s known, the government has been studying UFO activity for many years now. In these three videos, an unidentified object is seen moving at extremely fast speeds across the air.

As the footage hit the internet, some people expressed their skepticism, but a Pentagon spokesperson verified that the footage is actually real. The Navy has also confirmed its veracity, and even one pilot has shared his testimonial of the moment these videos were recorded.