These Plants And Flowers Can Be Really Dangerous For Pets

Most of us want to make sure our pets are as happy and healthy as possible. After all, they are a huge part of our family! While it can be great to let your cats and dogs enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to keep them away from these plants and flowers that can be really dangerous for pets.

Fall crocus

This plant can be easy to confuse with spring crocuses. While they are both dangerous for pets, the fall crocus can be life-threatening. Every part of the plant is toxic and can cause seizures and kidney and liver damage. If not treated early, the fall crocus can be dangerous enough to end your pet’s life.


Believe it or not, but every part of a lily is dangerous to cats. One petal or lead is enough to make them critically ill. A lot of species of lily are also hazardous for dogs, so it’s best to keep them all away from your pets. Amazingly, lilies can also be highly toxic to horses.


Foxtails are everywhere. They are spikelets that contain the seeds for foxtail grass. They are supposed to bury into the ground to spread the seeds. Sadly, this means they could also burrow into our pet’s skin. The ears are particularly vulnerable, so it’s best to check your pet’s skin after they’ve been outside.


This flower is a species of rhododendron. They are pretty but contain a toxin known as grayanotoxin. This can cause an upset stomach for our pets. However, severe reactions can be enough to make our pets lose their sight or even fall into a coma, so it’s best to keep the flowers out of your yard.


Did you know that tulips are part of the lily family? They are toxic to most pets as a result. Tulipalin A and tulipalin B are both toxic compounds that are found in tulip bulbs. However, it’s best to take your pet to a vet if you think they may have eaten any of the plant.

Sago palm

Although many people love to keep sago palms in their house, they are poisonous for dogs and cats. The entire plant can be dangerous. However. The nuts are the most harmful part of it all. Be sure to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible if you think they might have eaten any of a sago palm.

Heavenly bamboo

This plant is also known as the Nandina plant or sacred bamboo. While it might look pretty, this plant – more specifically, it’s berries – are dangerous for pets. They contain a toxin called cyanogenic glycosides. These release hydrogen cyanide when they are crushed, meaning they could be life-threatening if the berries are eaten.

Our cats and dogs often bring huge joy to our lives. It’s only right that most of us want to protect them every step of the way, right? Learning about plants and flowers that can be really dangerous for pets is one way to make sure that our four-legged friends stay safe.