These Are The Biggest Wild Cats Found Across The Planet

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the biggest cats found across the planet? Perhaps you have a house cat and wonder what their cousins get up to? Whatever the case, there are plenty of big cats who certainly know how to use their size to their advantage.


Not only are they one of the biggest cats found across the planet, but cheetahs are also the fastest land animal. They can run as fast as 70 mph, making their seven-and-a-half feet long frame even more impressive. The reason they are able to run so fast is thanks to specialized muscles that are aided by the fact cheetahs only weigh between 75 and 125 pounds.


Pumas, panthers, mountain lions – whatever you call these big cats, they are the most widespread of their kind across America. They used to roam even further than they do now, but the addition of humans means pumas now mostly keep themselves to themselves in mountain ranges instead. At eight feet long and up to 150 pounds, a puma certainly isn’t anything to scoff at if you come across one in the wild.


Leopards live across Asia and Africa, where they reach up to 6.2 feet long. That’s not that large, right? However, their tails come in at 3.3 feet long, meaning in total, a leopard is an impressive nine-and-a-half foot. Sadly, being such an enormous threat means that leopards are sometimes hunted by other larger cats in their habitats. That’s if they can find them first, as a leopard’s spots mean they are masters of camouflage.


Coming in at the third-largest cat found across the planet is the jaguar. With their tails, they can reach lengths in excess of nine feet, meaning they are the largest cat found across the Americas. Throughout the years, jaguars have learned how to hunt just about everything, such as fish, monkeys, and deer.


The King of the Jungle is the second-largest big cat in the world at a whopping 10 feet long. However, it’s not just their length that’s impressive, as male lions can also weigh up to 550 pounds. Although lion populations are declining in many areas, there are plenty of conservation projects in place to keep these fantastic beasts thriving.


Coming in at the largest cat found across the planet is none other than the tiger. They are the same length as male lions, being ten feet long, but they weigh a staggering 660 pounds. They live in forests across the world, including Bhutan, Russia, Indonesia, and India. Their numbers have fallen a lot in the last few years due to habitat loss and poaching, meaning there are just 3,900 left in the wild. Thankfully, conservation projects are aiming to bring these majestic cats back to full health.

The biggest cats found across the planet might put our moggy to shame, but they are just like our housepets – only much bigger. Amazingly, they come in all shapes and sizes, showing how incredible big cats really are.