The Most Dangerous Wild Snakes Found Across Australia

Australia is a fantastic place. However, for many people, it is considered the country where humans live amongst many species of dangerous animals. Snakes are high up on that list, with many having venom which will take your life if not treated quickly, but it isn’t always their aim to bite you out of malice.

Western brown snake

The Western brown snake forms part of the group of snakes considered the most dangerous in Australia. Even though its venom isn’t as toxic as others, the western brown snake does release around three times as much as some of its closest relatives. This snake isn’t particularly aggressive, but it will strike if it feels threatened. The bite is relatively pain-free. However, it can cause headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, blood clotting disorder, and sometimes even kidney damage.

Inland taipan

The inland taipan isn’t responsible for any known attacks which have resulted in someone losing their life. Still, its venom is highly toxic and is considered the most potent of any land snake in the world. This easily makes the inland taipan one of the most dangerous wild snakes found across Australia. Living in crevices of dry, rocky plains, it is a timid and rare species. Most other animals would have very little chance against it with its potent venom as it injects its prey with more venom than needed to ensure it’s a quick passing.

Mulga snake

The mulga snake, commonly known as the king brown snake, is the heaviest venomous snake in Australia and its venom outtake is the largest of any snake in the world. Their bites are regarded as one of the most savage, as they tend to hang on to their victim rather than let go and chew while injecting their venom. This will quickly destroy muscles, blood cells, and nerves if left untreated.

Mainland tiger snake

Believe it or not, but the mainland tiger snake is responsible for the second most number of bites across all of Australia. A lot of this is because they live in highly-populated areas, such as Melbourne and along the east coast. Their dealings with humans mean that mainland tiger snakes are one of the most dangerous wild snakes found across Australia as their bites cause pain and numbness before difficulty breathing and paralysis if they are left untreated. There is even the danger of complete kidney failure thanks to this snake’s highly dangerous venom.

Red-bellied black snake

At around six-and-a-half feet long, the red-bellied black snakes are among the few venomous snakes found in urban areas. Due to this, they are most likely to come into contact with humans, and although their bite is unlikely to take someone’s life, it won’t be pleasant as the snakes can cause blood clots and nerve damage.

Not all snakes in Australia are venomous, but a large proportion of them are, and even though they won’t all prove dangerous, most will leave you feeling extremely worse off. It is wise to learn which ones to watch out for if you’re planning a trip.