The Most Dangerous Snakes From Across The Planet

There is something about snakes that both fascinates and terrifies many of us. Perhaps you’re wondering what oneness to avoid on your next around-the-world trip? You’re in luck as these are the most dangerous snakes across the planet.

King cobra

The king cobra is arguably one of the most famous dangerous snakes across the planet. Everything about them has been designed for hunting, such as spotting a moving person from a staggering 330 feet away. These snakes flatten ribs in their neck to create a hood when they feel threatened and can lift a third of themselves off the floor. That means if a king cobra reaches the full 18-foot-long, they can look a grown human in the eyes and end their lives with a single bite in just 15 minutes.

Black mamba

All it takes is two drops of venom from a black mamba to end a human’s life. They are the most dangerous snake in Africa – and across the planet – but that’s not all. They can travel at 12 mph, reach eight feet long, and are born with two or three drops of venom in each fang, meaning they can end a human from the get-go.

Eastern tiger snake

The eastern tiger snake is named after the bands of black and yellow scales that almost resemble tiger stripes. They’re found across southeast Australia and prefer to live in grasslands and mountains, where they can end a human’s life in just 15 minutes. Their venom is so potent that eastern tiger snakes cause at least one person to lose their life each year.

Saw-scaled viper

The saw-scaled viper might be small, but they are a part of the “Big Four” found across India. These are the ones responsible for most bites and passings across the nation. Unlike other snakes who hiss, the saw-scaled viper uses their scales to make a sizzling sound by rubbing them together as a warning. As soon as someone is bitten, their body loses the ability to clot blood, and they only have a few hours to get the antivenom.


They might be one of the prettier snakes across the planet, but you won’t want to stick around for the view if you spot a boomslang. These rear-fanged snakes are found across Africa, where a bite causes people to bleed out of every exit across their body, including minor cuts, the eyes, and gums. Boomslangs also inflate their necks when they feel threatened, meaning get away fast.


South and Central America are where you’ll find one of the most dangerous snakes found across the planet: the fer-de-lance. The type of pit viper grows more than eight feet long, is responsible for half of snake bite poisonings in Central America, and causes a person’s tissue to turn black from the moment they’re bitten. Fun fact: female fer-de-lances can give birth to 90 offspring.

They might be some of the most dangerous snakes across the planet, but these creatures are thankfully usually only a threat if they feel in danger.