The Bobbit Worm Might Be One Of The Most Terrifying Underwater Creatures

The ocean is full of the most incredible sea creatures. Unfortunately, some of these animals are pretty scary, the Bobbit worm included. Just a glance at it might have you running from the hills. Once you know what it’s fully capable of, you might realize that the Bobbitt worm might be one of the most terrifying underwater creatures in existence.

Source: BBC

The Bobbit worm was named after one of the most gruesome couple fallouts in history

A name can tell you a lot about something, and that’s no different with the Bobbit worm. Its name apparently stems from the case of Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt, where the former sliced off the latter’s private parts with a knife. Dr. Terrence Gosliner, who named the sea creature, apparently saw similarities between her actions and the abilities of the Bobbit worm. That’s because the animal can cut a fish’s spinal cord using just its jaw. If Gosliner was getting vibes of the Bobbitt case from this creature, we have a right to consider it one of the most terrifying underwater creatures.

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The Bobbit worm hides in the sand and strikes with terrific speed

Like other annelids, including the earthworm, you can’t always tell when a Bobbit worm is nearby. That’s because it buries itself over nine feet deep while waiting for prey to appear. When it attacks, it does so at lightning speed. It doesn’t have functioning eyes or a brain, only knowing to strike when one of its antennae is triggered. Usually, that’s enough for it to grab its prey and pull them into the ground. If you thought that anglerfish were the most terrifying underwater creatures, the Bobbit worm might make you think again.

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Pretty much anything counts as food for the Bobbit worm

The good news is that the Bobbit worm only grows to the size of the human arm on average. While that’s pretty sizable, it does mean humans are a bit too big for them. That’s a relief, given that they’re omnivores who will eat whatever they can get their strong jaws on. Even stuff that could be poisonous to humans won’t necessarily deter the Bobbit worm. If something is small enough for them to grab hold of and close enough for them to reach, then it can be food.

Warmer ocean climates make the best environment for the Bobbit worm

By now, you should realize that the Bobbit worm is one of the most terrifying underwater creatures. If you’ve not been put off and want to see one for yourself, though, you can if you search in the right areas. It apparently prefers warmer oceans, with previous sightings being around countries like Australia, New Guinea, and Fiji. You’ll need to dive to see them, though, and even then, you might not be lucky. After all, it has very effective survival strategies, so it knows how to hide from view.

We suggested earlier that the Bobbit worm might be one of the most terrifying underwater creatures. Now we know all about them, though, we’re certain that they are.