Just What Is The Fastest Animal In The World?

If you were to race every animal on Earth, where do you think you’d place? The answer would probably depend on your level of fitness. However, even someone like Usain Bolt wouldn’t be able to confidently say he’d come first. After all, the world is full of speedy animals. Which one is the fastest, though?

Is it the cheetah?

The cheetah is probably what most people would go for when asked about the fastest animal in the world. It’s understandable why, given that it’s previously reached speeds of 64 mph. With estimates saying that they can potentially go as quickly as 70 mph, they easily surpass other animals like racehorses, lions, and ostriches. How do they achieve this? It’s through a combination of leg length and stride, as well as muscle size. It all comes together perfectly to give them an enviable speed. Their size may also come into play, with researchers suggesting that if they were any bigger or smaller, they wouldn’t be as fast.

Is it the pronghorn antelope?

When deciding what the fastest animal in the world is, what criteria do you use? Do you focus on the fastest speed an animal can run on land? Or, do you turn your attention to the fastest speed an animal can sustain? If you opt for the former, the cheetah takes the top spot. If you go with the latter, though, then it’s the pronghorn antelope that deserves some recognition. With an estimated ability to go as fast as 60 mph, it’s definitely not the fastest creature on the planet. However, the animal can also reportedly sustain a speed of 45 mph for quite a few miles. If you were to test the speeds across a significant distance, the antelope would easily beat the cheetah because of this. Cheetahs are fast, but their bodies are designed for short sprints. It’d be like expecting Usain Bolt to still come first in the 5,000m or 10,000m at the Olympics.

Is it the peregrine falcon?

Another animal to consider as the fastest in the world is the peregrine falcon. While it might not be able to go that quick on land, being in the air is an entirely different matter. These birds can reportedly dive at speeds of 200 mph, with estimates saying they could potentially go as quickly as 350 mph. Either way, they’re impossible to outrun if they get you in their sights.

Is it the sailfish?

Land and air aren’t the only places an animal can be fast. There’s also the water to consider, which is where sailfish apparently reign supreme. With the alleged potential to go as fast as 68 mph, they’re a tough fish to outswim. Some reports suggest that the black marlin can go even faster than this at 80 mph. However, these claims are often said to be exaggerated.

There’s no easy way to decide which animal is the fastest in the world. After all, each of these creatures deserves recognition for their respective speeds on land, water, and air.