It Turns Out We Might Have Been Able To Out-Walk A T-Rex After All

We’ve seen the movies, we’ve read the legends, but what if they weren’t true after all? That’s right; there could have been a lot less running when it came to dinosaurs, as it turns out we might have been able to out-walk a T-Rex after all.

The king of the dinosaurs

Let’s face it; a T-Rex is arguably the most famous dinosaur. They have been brought to life on the big and small screen, and many have feared how they would ever out-run one if they came back from the past. Research shows that as many as 2.5 billion T-Rexes could have lived over 2.5 million years, meaning they were once top dogs when it came to the dinosaur world. However, things have come a long way since people first uncovered the remains of dinosaurs, and now, it turns out we might have been able to out-walk a T-Rex after all.

The original T-Rex speed

To start, researchers looked at a T-Rex’s hip height and stride to try and figure out how fast they would have moved, coming to the conclusion that it was between 4.5 and 6.7 mph. Of course, this number came after a lot of research and time in the field analyzing tracks that have been fossilized throughout time. This would have meant that T-Rexes were about as fast as an average human running.

A new study

Although it looked as though we had our answer, new research suggests that a T-Rex could have actually moved a lot slower than we once believed. In fact, we might have been able to out-walk a T-Rex it was potentially that slow. We know that dinosaurs used their tails to move as they swung them from side to side and up and down. Researchers put that to the test, but they had to take into account that the ligaments and tendons that would have once held their tails together. All of this ended in some pretty interesting results.

Estimates could have been way off

If their estimates are true, then it seems we might have been able to out-walk a T-Rex as the research model they used clocked in at just 2.86 mph. That’s about the average speed of a human walking. Sure, they had bigger steps as they measured at 2.2 feet long, but if we were quick on our feet, then there’s a good chance we could have merely meandered away from them without too much of an issue. As if that wasn’t enough, the research showed that a T-Rex might have been as slow as 1.79 mph or as fast as 3.67 mph. Whatever the case, a T-Rex might not have been as much of a danger as they have seemed for so many years.

Who would have thought we might have been able to out-run a T-Rex? While we will probably never have an accurate answer, it seems that if we ever come face to face with a T-Rex, we might simply be able to walk away.