How to Grow Food for Your Tortoise at Home

If you keep tortoises and have a green thumb, then why not combine your two passions? Even if you are new to gardening, learning how to grow food for your tortoise at home could be a money-saving way to make sure that your shelled friend is getting everything they need.

Windowsill plants

One great option for growing food for your tortoise at home is to dedicate an area of windowsill to be your new garden. This means you can grow your plants all year long. Most plants thrive in natural sunlight and only need watering every few days, but it all depends on the type of plants that you choose to grow. Some tortoises also benefit from certain flowers, so you could brighten up your home and have food for your tortoise all at the same time.

Choosing your seeds

There are so many options to choose from when deciding which seeds to plant for your tortoise. Many species love edible weeds, such as dandelion, sow-thistle, bristly oxtongue, cat’s ear, and knapweed. However, some people prefer to grow vegetables they can use in their own cooking as well as feed to their tortoises. The choice is endless! Just be sure to check that it’s safe for your tortoise before you offer it as food.

Careful pruning

The key to growing your own food for your tortoise at home is to make sure that you only prune enough to feed without taking too much. If you prune too much at once, then you might accidentally end your plant’s life. A rough guide about how much food to offer your tortoise is to give them a portion that’s the same size as their shell. If you’re worried about pruning too much at once, then why not top up their meal with store-bought vegetables?

An added extra

Some people prefer to create a natural selection for their tortoises to browse in their tables. This is great for hardier plants, such as cacti or succulents. You can also turn an area of your table into a natural grass area. This is a perfect way to make sure that your tortoise always has access to fresh food and can save space in the home. Just remember that your tortoise might go on a feeding frenzy and eat it all in one go.

Pre-made kits

Thankfully, plenty of sites have pre-made growing kits that include everything we need to grow food for our tortoises at home. They often include a pot or tray, soil, and seed packets. They can be a mix of different weeds or one type in particular. It’s always best to double-check your produce before giving it to your tortoise to make sure there are no unwanted intruders.

Learning how to grow food for your tortoise at home means that we always have a supply of fresh food for our pets, and we know exactly where it has all come from. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be as tough as it first sounds. It might even be fun!