These Animals Are Unnaturally Buff, And It’s Hilarious

Some animals are stronger than we give them credit for. While they might not have been hitting weights at the gym, they’ve still managed to develop some very impressive muscles.

The gym is somewhere a lot of people think about going, but it’s not often they actually manage to drag themselves there. While there are plenty of fitness buffs who love working out four to five times a week, not everyone shares their motivation. As much as they want to lose weight or bulk up, they can’t bring themselves to put in the time. That’s why around $1.8 billion is wasted annually on gym memberships that never get used.

While some of us might struggle to reach our fitness goals, though, the animal kingdom doesn’t seem to have the same problem. There are plenty of furry friends out there who look like they’ve been hitting the gym every day of their lives, and it puts us to shame. These animals would probably fare well against the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that’s saying a lot.

So, the next time you get yourself a pet, remember that they may not be cute and cuddly forever. They could grow up to become insanely buff.

Ripped whale

It’s not every day that you see a whale popping its head out of the water. It’s even rarer that you spot one of these animals looking like they’ve been going hard at the gym.

However, some lucky Canadians were in for a treat a few years back when they noticed this beluga whale in the ocean.

Appearing to rock a chiseled set of abs, the animal appeared to be putting on a show for its admiring public. Who can blame them? If our bodies looked as good as this, we wouldn’t be able to resist showboating now and again.

Buff beauty

The horse is another animal that’s known for loving exercise. However, unlike dogs, they usually have the additional weight of a human to contend with when they’re let out of their stable.

Obviously, their bodies are sturdy enough to handle being ridden, and the extra challenge simply means they get stronger over time.

If they spend enough time running around with a substantial weight on their back, they’ll inevitably end up looking this way, right? This horse is certainly rocking an impressive amount of muscle, with the animal apparently weighing somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds. Now that’s heavy!

Never miss a walk

Considering how much most dogs love going for walks, it’s no surprise that they can grow up to be pretty buff.

If you’re taking them out for several hours a day and having them run around all the time, they’re bound to build up strength.

Some breeds are better known for their muscular appearance than others, with the American pit bull terrier and Dogo Argentino two great examples of this. Evidently, this dog is one that never misses out on their daily exercise. They’ve packed on so much muscle that they could probably take their owner for a walk if they so wished.

Hours on the wheel

It’s relatively common for kids to be given hamsters as pets. Parents view these creatures as being an excellent introduction to caregiving, with the animal’s needs not as significant as that of a dog’s, for instance.

Most children can be trusted to look after hamsters without any intervention from their parents.

After all, they’re small, harmless creatures that don’t do much with their day. However, it seems this little guy might be trickier to care for than the rest of their species. They’ve been spending a lot of time running in their wheel, and now they’re ready to put up a fight.

It’s all about perspective

While there are plenty of buff animals in the world, some actually look a lot stronger than they really are.

Take this fox, for example, who appears to have some bulging biceps. From this vantage point, the sleepy animal looks like they’re resting on their strong arms which are crossed in annoyance.

Unfortunately, the reality is that they’re actually just lying on one of their pals and using their backside as a pillow. They don’t seem so buff when you realize what’s actually going in. However, we expect the photographer still got a shock when they first caught a glimpse of the animal.

Fixing for a fight

Kangaroos have developed a reputation for being the boxers of the animal kingdom, so it’s no surprise that they can grow to be quite buff.

Although most of their strength is in their legs, it seems this inquisitive creature has been working on their upper body too.

Those bulging veins tell you that this fellow never misses an opportunity to hit the weights. They’re ready to become the boxing champion of their neighborhood; they just need to find some challengers who are prepared to face them in a fight. You can count us out of that one, that’s for sure.

Out for blood

What would you do if you saw this creature barreling toward you? We wouldn’t be prepared to stick around and see what it was they wanted.

In this pose, they look like a mass of muscle ready to take down the first person who crosses their path. Of course, it’s all just a case of perspective.

In the photo, their wings are positioned in a way that makes it look like they have muscular arms eager to lash out. They also appear to have legs that they’re supposedly running on, but something tells us that this is just a trick of the camera.

Prime beef

While some animals are subtle about their muscular appearance, this cow has no qualms about displaying their strength.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a bovine creature with as buff a body as this before. They’re absolutely bulging with muscle everywhere you look, and that makes them incredibly intimidating.

Could you imagine coming face to face with this beast? You’d certainly wonder how much damage it could do if it turned against you. This animal is apparently from the Belgian blue breed which is known for being hyper-sculpted and ultra-muscular. That means there are plenty more cattle where this one came from.

Biding their time

Do you ever feel like your cat is out to get you? It’s a well-known fact that felines aren’t the friendliest of pets to own.

They’re more hesitant to show love to their owners than dogs, with cats typically preferring to live their own lives.

While they’re certainly capable of being friendly and loving, they also have violent tendencies that they’re not afraid to act on. Unfortunately, this picture only demonstrates that. The animal appears to be flexing and making a fist in an attempt to intimidate someone. It’s definitely working, especially when combined with that look on their face – they mean business.

Working out the glutes

Running a farm is no easy task. There’s so much upkeep you have to worry about on a daily basis, especially when you have lots of animals to look after.

Unfortunately, things only get harder once you have buff animals to deal with. If muscular cattle wasn’t enough of a concern, there are apparently some strong looking pigs out there too.

We imagine that this creature would definitely put up a fight if someone tried to turn them into bacon. Perhaps that’s why they developed such a buff physique. They wanted a way to defend themselves so they couldn’t become food.

Straight chillin’

We know that dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, but we didn’t realize that was because they’re us in furry form.

However, according to this picture, we share a lot more in common with them than we first thought. We’ve seen plenty of people sit in their car like this with one arm resting on the window.

It’s usually a way of displaying strength because the folks who do it typically have a lot of muscle to show off. Apparently, this dog wanted to join that illustrious club by following their lead and straight chillin’ in the passenger’s seat.

Tall and wide

If there’s anything that giraffes are known for, it’s their long necks. These make them the tallest mammals on Earth, with their average height somewhere around 20 feet.

However, while they might be famed for being tall, they have other notable qualities too.

For example, they’re apparently capable of getting pretty buff, as evidenced by this giraffe here. We’re used to seeing the animals fairly slim, but this creature seems to be all muscle. Judging by that look they’re serving the camera, they don’t care if they’re a little out of the ordinary. They’ll fight anyone who has a problem with it.

Personal space

Cats are very particular about their personal space. They don’t mind invading yours, but they don’t appreciate it if you try to infringe on theirs.

If you attempt to cross the line, they’re not afraid to lash out and teach you a lesson. That’s certainly the impression this cat is giving from the top of that AC unit.

With their tail hanging over the edge, they look like their branding a muscular fist that’s ready to strike. If you even think about invading their turf, you’ll be seeing stars for weeks. This cat means business, and nothing will make them back down.

The elusive eight-pack

Anyone who’s ever spooked a squirrel knows that they’re pretty speedy creatures. They can dash across the ground and up trees with little trouble, making them tricky for predators to catch.

Luckily for the squirrels, all that running around has paid off.

If this little creature is anything to go by, the species is rocking some impressive abs. This squirrel has managed to develop the elusive eight-pack, something that many people try and fail to achieve when they hit the gym. We imagine this little guy is the envy of many, both among his kind and the rest of the animal kingdom.

Knocked out cold

Usually, dogs are incredibly friendly creatures. Their kind nature and love for people have made them the favored pet of millions around the world.

However, while the species is generally affectionate towards their owners, that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, dogs fight back, and they pack quite the punch when they do. This Shiba Inu seems to have quite the fist on them as they take a swing at the camera. Well, at least that’s what it looks like anyway. The adorable creature is actually just chasing its tail, but the blurred image seems to tell a very different story.

Eyes on the prize

There’s something disconcerting about seeing these birds walk around like humans. It makes us worry that we’re on the verge of an uprising that will see our feathered friends rule the roost.

This bird certainly seems to be wearing a smirk as they stroll towards the camera, their buff body on display for everyone to fear.

There’s a knowing look in their eye that says “you’re next” as they move ever closer. We hope this photographer got out of there intact because this winged menace doesn’t look like they were taking any prisoners. We don’t doubt that they were out for blood.

Modified for the market

We’re so used to seeing fish looking streamlined that something like this definitely catches us off guard. After all, aquatic species aren’t generally known for being bulging with muscle.

However, thanks to the intervention of scientists, there are now rainbow trout out there which look like they pack quite a punch.

The animals were genetically modified to be beefier so they’d sell better on the market. The more there is of one fish, the bigger a profit that can be made from it. It’s intriguing seeing the lengths some scientists will go to with their work, and it has us a little concerned.

The rat pack

Unless you’re someone who keeps these rodents as pets, finding a rat in your house is never a good thing. There’s usually more than one of them, and they get into all the places you don’t want them to go.

If having a rat infestation is bad enough, though, just imagine what it would be like if they were all as buff as this.

Suddenly, it’s not just a gang of rodents you have to worry about, but rather a bunch of them that could potentially take you in a fight. You know they’d use their strength to their advantage.

Workout in progress

Tigers are naturally one of the more fearsome species in the animal kingdom. They’re strong, fast, and capable of tearing someone to shreds.

However, we never realized just how powerful these animals are until we saw them training like a human at the gym.

This tiger looks like they’re doing the plank as they perch on this wall, and they don’t seem to be having any trouble at all. We can see all the muscles bulging on their body as they work out, although it’s hard to look away from their face. That eye contact is the most intimidating thing of all.

Just like us

We never realized how many dogs love to do this pose. It doesn’t matter where they are – whether it’s a car or a cage – they can’t resist sitting like this.

Knowing how a dog’s body differs from a human’s, it can’t be comfortable for them to have their leg up like this.

However, that apparently doesn’t stop the creatures from trying to copy us. It’s like we’re in Animal Farm, except it’s the dogs becoming more like humans instead of the pigs. They’re slowly copying our actions and behaviors until they’re indistinguishable from the rest of us. That’s an unnerving thought.

Protecting their home

As we said before, cats are very protective over their territory. They don’t do well with others coming into their personal space, whether they’re strangers or not.

That is especially the case when they’re chilling out in their bed. This is the space they’ve claimed for themselves, so no-one else is allowed near it.

To prove they mean business, they’re willing to get physical and engage in a fistfight. They might not always want to resort to such violent tactics, but they’ll do it if they feel their safe space is threatened. Some problems can only be settled with actions.

Shoulders for days

Lions are another animal that we already know are strong, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive seeing them in their full glory.

Some of the ferocious felines are buffer than others, and this lioness certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to muscles.

Those are some pretty powerful shoulders that she’s rocking, and we expect those come in handy when she’s chasing down prey. Given these animals can reach speeds of around 50mph, it’s no huge shock she’s so buff. All that running around was bound to have a positive impact on her body, especially as she probably does it every day.

Big and buff

Although most of the buff cats we’ve seen have been tricks of perspective, this is a genuinely muscular feline.

They’ve obviously been going to the gym every time they’ve left the house, and their hard work has clearly paid off.

The pet probably can’t even fit through the catflap anymore because they’ve packed on so many extra pounds. We wonder if this animal is still as agile as the rest of their species, or if they’re now grounded because of their extra weight. We can’t imagine this cat getting into some of the tight spots we’ve seen other felines manage in the past.

Muscles on muscles

It’s incredible how much of an effect that walking can have on a dog’s physique. This pet pooch is bulging in places we didn’t even know you could have muscles.

Their owner obviously does an excellent job of giving them exercise every day, because they’re rocking a very enviable figure.

It makes us want to hit the gym and prove that we can be just as strong as them. Of course, that’s easier said than done when you live such a busy life. Dogs are lucky – going out for walks is one of the only things they have to do with their day.

Not to be messed with

Bovine animals tend to be quite large, and they sometimes have the temper to match their enormous size.

They’re not creatures you want to get on the wrong side of because you might not live to tell the tale. That’s certainly the case with this buff beast which seems to be nothing but muscle.

Males of this species can grow to be seven feet tall and weigh as much as 3,300 pounds, so you probably wouldn’t stand a chance against it. You’d undoubtedly be intimidated if they started charging toward you, especially with those sharp horns on their head!