Gray Wolves Are Coming Home To Colorado

Many of us love to see nature come back healthier than ever. Now, it seems that gray wolves are coming back to Colorado as voters want to see the animals reintroduced to a land filled with more than enough suitable habitat.

A close vote

Seeing gray wolves reintroduced to Colorado will be the first time a ballot box has ever decided the fate of a species. The state wanted to hear what the people thought on the matter, and they turned out in their millions to cast votes. The vote was a close call, with just 20,000 votes in it. However, the decision to reintroduce gray wolves to the state won, and the results will be put into motion sometime in 2022 or ‘23.

Almost gone for good

Gray wolves once dominated most of North America as the animals had plenty of food at their disposal. Tragically, that all changed at the beginning of the 20th-century as the species was almost wiped out by the 1940s. This was largely thanks to overhunting as the wolves were suddenly under attack. The species was once on the endangered species list, but they were thankfully reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995 and ‘96.

Rebuilding the population

Welcoming gray wolves back to Colorado isn’t just a big move for the state; the decision could do wondrous things for the animals. Gray wolves have been on the edge of extinction for many years. However, there are millions of acres of land across the state that’s perfect for the wolves to thrive. Introducing the wolves to this land could see their number quickly multiply as experts believe there’s enough room for at least hundreds of gray wolves.

Restoring balance in nature

There are plenty of benefits to reintroducing gray wolves to Colorado. The species is an apex predator, meaning nothing beats it on the food chain. Experts believe that gray wolves will help to restore the natural balance across the state as packs will hunt down and eat weaker animals, meaning only the fittest elk and deer survive. This will also balance other species, which should help to deal with erosion and overgrazing, as well as providing food for endangered scavenger species.

Fighting against the resistance

Of course, several people were against reintroducing gray wolves to Colorado. Many people worry about their livestock and how the new species could impact their daily lives. Thankfully, experts have tried to put everyone’s minds at rest. They say that wolves in other areas of America have had little impact on people’s daily lives. Experts also believe they could benefit farmers as the wolves will clear grazing land for cattle and feed off the land, rather than attack any farm animals.

Unfortunately, we have had to say goodbye to many species of animals over the years. Not anymore. Now, it looks as though it could be time to welcome gray wolves back to Colorado like never before. Could this be the lifeline the gray wolves need to survive?