Fearsome Facts About The Honey Badger

The honey badger is one of those animals you’ve probably heard plenty about over the years. However, is all the gossip that people share about these creatures really true? Perhaps it’s time to get a little more familiar with these intriguing animals?

They’ll attack if necessary

Honey badgers have a reputation for being vicious creatures, and there’s a reason for that. When these animals attack, they don’t hold anything back. According to Mpala Live, they rattle-roar, emit stink bombs, and charge when it comes to protecting themselves or their territory. The likes of leopards, pythons, and lions are all subjected to this as foes of the honey badger. However, it is worth noting that they won’t actually attack just for the sake of it. On most occasions, if they go on the offense, it’s because they’ve been confronted.

Anything is food to them

Humans have varied dietary habits, with vegetarianism, veganism, and pescetarianism clear proof of that. When it comes to honey badgers, though, nothing is off the table. These creatures will reportedly snack on anything, whether it’s roots, insects, or meat. Not being picky is beneficial for wild animals, given that certain foods aren’t always readily available. Of course, while they might be able to stomach most things, there’s one delicacy, in particular, that they have quite the craving for. The clue is in the name – honey. These badgers love the stuff, as well as the larvae they find inside it.

They can potentially resist snake venom

Depending on where you live, snakes may or may not be something you have to look out for every day. If they are common around your home, then you probably wish that your body was resistant to their venom. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quality that human beings possess. Honey badgers, though? It seems that they likely have some resistance, given that snakes make up around a quarter of their diet. It’s unclear exactly how they avoid being poisoned by these creatures. However, in terms of being bitten, the honey badger’s thick skin may play a part.

They’re pretty intelligent creatures

The only thing worse than a potentially dangerous animal is one that’s also smart. Unfortunately, it seems that honey badgers tick the box when it comes to intelligence. Their brains are pretty large relative to their body size, meaning they’re not easily fooled. The creatures have been known to escape from cages, which is a little unsettling if you’re the person that’s locked them up in the first place. That’s another reason not to get on the wrong side of them. The last thing you want is them dropping a stink bomb or attacking you because they’ve unleashed their inner Harry Houdini.

Honey badgers aren’t usually looking for a fight, so they won’t typically go after you just for the sake of it. However, get on their bad side, and they will lash out in a way you won’t forget. These creatures can be vicious and have the brains to back up their brawn, so do try to be careful around them.