What’s The Most Dangerous Animal On The Planet?

It can be easy to be distracted by the beauty that is nature. Still, just because it’s amazing doesn’t mean we should always go poking around. After all, have you thought about the most dangerous animal on the planet? It turns out they come in shapes and sizes.

The cone snail is the most venomous animal

Many believe the box jellyfish is the most venomous snail on the planet. However, that honor goes to the cone snail, which only needs one-tenth as much venom as other venomous animals to take down its prey. They are found in the reefs in the Indo-Pacific and don’t usually come across humans. That means there is no antivenom, and people merely need to ride it out, which also means 65% of people lose their lives if they don’t make it to the hospital. A mixture of 200 toxins will likely do that to a person.

The mosquito is the most disease-riddled animal
Source: EDCD

The mosquito is the most disease-riddled animal

It can be easy to overlook the mosquito when it comes to the most dangerous animal on the planet. They might be small, but these buzzing insects can end someone’s life if you let them – kind of. The way mosquitos are dangerous is thanks to how they carry diseases and pass them from person to person. In fact, 725,000 lose their lives due to illnesses caught through mosquitos every year, while 700 million more get sick. Malaria, Zika, yellow fever, and West Nile virus are just some of the many things passed through their bites.

The hippo is the most territorial animal

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s mess with a hippo. After all, they’re potentially the most dangerous animal on the planet, thanks to the fact they’re so territorial. Even if you don’t have your boat flipped over, you could soon become one of the 500 people who lose their lives to hippos every year. Their two-foot teeth are likely to do a lot of damage, while their biting force of 9,900 pounds will probably finish the job. There’s a reason that hippos have long been named the most dangerous mammals in Africa.

The crocodile is the most aggressive animal
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The crocodile is the most aggressive animal

Does being the most aggressive animal make it the most dangerous animal on the planet? It could do, and if that’s the case, then the crocodile is up there as a contender. It doesn’t take much to make a crocodile mad – and no, it doesn’t matter which species. Still, saltwater crocodiles, who often grow up to 23 feet long, don’t need provoking to attack humans, something that happens dozens of times a year. Perhaps it’s time to stay out of the water in any croc zone? After all, they hunt even better in the water than they do on land.

What’s the most dangerous animal on the planet? The jury is out, as it all depends on what makes an animal so threatening. Still, each has its own reason that it might be time to steer clear of certain areas of the world.