Yoga Poses You Can Do As Soon As You Wake Up For A Burst Of Energy

Eugh, mornings. Nobody likes getting up in the morning, and finding the energy to get out of bed and leave the warmth behind is something we’d all love to be equipped with. Instead, we simply roll out of bed, slug our way over to the bathroom, and sit on the floor in the hope that someone will come along and give us a shower. Most of the time this doesn’t happen, which means you have to find alternative ways to get your groove on in the morning. Have you ever thought about yoga? You can do these yoga poses as soon as you wake up for a burst of energy…

Downward Facing Dog

You don’t have to be a professional yogi to perfect this yoga pose, because the Downward Facing Dog is one of the easiest poses in the yoga handbook. As you stretch your arms and legs and face your head down to the floor, you allow the blood to flow freely around your body. This is perfect to add to your morning routine, as you will give your body a little nudge to wake up after being in the same position for hours on end. While you’re in this position, it’s important to really focus on your breathing and the in and out motion of your chest. This will allow your body to stretch as much as possible because there really is nothing better than a morning stretch!

Cat-Cow Pose

When you wake up in the morning, there’s a high chance that you feel stiff and sore after a night’s rest. Your body feels as though it’s stuck in the same position, and it can be easy to simply sack it all off and get back into bed. However, this isn’t helping anyone – least of all you! The Cat-Cow Pose requires you to bend and arch your back in an upward and downward fashion. This is a lifesaver if you have woken up with knots in your back, but it’s also a great way to promote a flow of blood and energy from your head to your tootsies. The best part? It’s really not that difficult.

Cobra Pose

Although cobras might not be your ideal pet of choice, the Cobra Pose should definitely be your ideal pose of choice. By laying on your stomach and lifting up your chest, you can open up your limbs and your body and promote the flow of air and blood throughout your veins. It’s important that you don’t strain or push yourself too hard with this pose because you might find yourself feeling a little worse for wear if you do your best contortionist impression. As if that wasn’t cool enough, this pose also helps you rid your body of stress and fatigue. What more could you want?

If you hate getting out of bed in the morning, or struggle with energy levels, try adding in some morning yoga poses. They’re simple and easy to do, and can be better for you than a cup o’ Joe!