Should You Work Out Twice a Day?

You want to work out hard to get fit, but you’re not sure about how much is too much. Doing two intense full workouts a day is not advisable. But splitting a workout and doing half in the morning and a half in the afternoon could work for you.

This allows you to rest your body in between so you can work at your highest intensity level each time with more energy and focus.

The duration of your workout depends on your fitness level, but you could try 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. You could also split your morning and afternoon sessions by style of workout or body parts.

What happens when you work out?

When you work out, your heart rate goes up, your circulation is boosted and blood starts flowing to your muscles. You put your body under stress, begin to sweat and become tired. Once you’ve finished that first workout, you have to give your body time to recover.

A few hours of rest allow your hormones, heart rate and blood flow to balance out again, so your body is no longer experiencing stress. In that time, you start rebooting. So, you’re now prepared for your next workout. Eating a healthy snack after your first workout can help too.

The benefits of working out twice a day

Going to the gym twice a day increases your muscle mass and strength over time. Your muscles are receiving more stimulus, which promotes muscular adaptation and protein synthesis.

By training twice a day, your body is receiving the message to grow and become stronger twice as often. It also means you get that “afterburn” effect twice, spiking your metabolism and burning more calories.

Whenever you work out, you become more alert and productive as hormones kick in. Your body fights fatigue for a while after a workout.

Having a morning boost and an evening refresher may be just what’s needed if you have a very busy day filled with obligations. You may also find that if you struggle to get to sleep, an evening workout makes you tired and more likely to fall asleep easily.

Avoid burnout

If you’re not used to training twice a day, it is likely that you’ll feel it more. This even happens if you’re training the same amount of time but just splitting your workout in two. It’s also important not to stick to the same workout each time, as you risk overtraining and burning yourself out. It’s worth getting some guidance from your doctor before you jump in and go all out.

Listen when your body tells you that you’ve had enough. If you keep pushing yourself way beyond your limits, it’s likely to be counterproductive. However, if you’re smart about how you do it and get enough rest in between, working out twice a day can help you ramp up your fitness. To avoid the problem of overtraining, make sure you warm up properly, hydrate, eat and rest properly.