30+ Clever Uses For Duct Tape That Are Truly Useful

Hands up if you have a roll or two of duct tape in your house? Instead of letting it gather dust, it’s time to use this stuff every day. That’s because there are so many duct tape hacks you just won’t be able to live without.

Making a cup

If you’re the kind of person that loves to go camping or one that just likes to be prepared for any eventuality, there’s no doubt about the fact that you’ll love this one.

Using just a small amount of duct tape, you can make your very own indestructible cup.

By wrapping a few pieces around the bottom of a bottle, you can then remove it and use the makeshift cup whenever and wherever you please. You can kick it around, you can throw it on the ground, and you can even hurl it at your siblings if you want. The opportunities are endless, and these cups work just as well as anything made from plastic or glass.

Designing your own shirts

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, but you don’t quite have the cash to head to the store and buy out the place, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to part with your hard-earned money.

That’s because it’s super easy to design your own shirts at home, and all you need is a few old plain shirts, some duct tape, and some fabric paint.

Using the duct tape, you can create your own designs and get creative with lines, words, and shapes that float your boat. Then, use the fabric paint to make the whole thing official. The best part? You won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of someone wearing the same shirt as you.

Opening jars

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re craving a pickle but just can’t seem to open the jar? Well, you’re not alone.

Sometimes these jars just don’t want to open with brute force alone, which is why you often need to have a helping hand when it comes to these stubborn jars.

Thankfully, you don’t need your own Arnold Schwarzenegger on standby. All you need at your disposal is a roll of duct tape, and all you need to do is stick the tape to the top of the jar, leaving a small tail for you to pull. Then, simply pull on the tail and allow the jar to open with the always-satisfying popping sound.

Making a sling

Of course, if you have a medical emergency, you should always head to the nearest emergency room or doctor, but there are some quick fixes you can do yourself.

If you injure your arm and can’t hold it up on your own, then you can create your own sling using just duct tape.

Cover your injured arm with some kind of material to avoid getting the duct tape stuck to your skin, and then wrap the tape around this material. Once you have done this, continue the wrapping until you can bring the tape up and around your neck and back to the arm again. It’s not a replacement for the real thing, but it will do the job until you can seek proper medical attention.

Hanging your clothes

When the sun is shining, and the heat is blazing, it’s always a good idea to put your laundry outside to try. This can leave your clothes feeling fresh, and it can also dry them much quicker than if they were drying inside of your house.

However, many people don’t do this because they don’t have a clothesline in their backyard.

What they don’t realize is that you don’t need a clothesline to hang your clothes outside. As long as you have two pillars or two walls that could serve as the ends of the line, you can fill the rest with duct tape. Then, you simply need to attach your clothes using some more duct tape to hang them properly.

Collecting pet hair

If you have pets in your home, you’ll know that they are much-loved members of the family. However, they are also incredibly hairy members of your family, and they seem to leave this hair all over the place.

Sometimes it can seem virtually impossible to collect all of this hair off the floor and other furnishings, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the best ways to collect pet hair from your home is to grab an old paint roller and cover the roller in double-sided duct tape. As you roll this thing over your couch and other items, the hair will attach to the duct tape, and then you can simply peel it off and throw it in the trash!

Waterproofing your cushions

There’s nothing better than being able to sit outside in your backyard, and that’s why so many people invest in outdoor furniture to allow them to do this.

However, this kind of furniture is normally made from plastic and can be both uncomfortable and boring. So, why not add some cushions into the mix?

While you can buy fabric cushions and race outside to bring them in whenever it starts to rain, you could also leave other cushions out there without having to worry about the water ruining them. That’s because you can waterproof your cushions by covering them in duct tape, and you can even add some color and pattern into the mix if you want.

Stitching your wounds

If you find yourself in a spot of trouble and know that you need stitches, it can be easy to simply leave your wound until you are able to visit a doctor.

However, this can often take you hours, and this allows the infection to make its way into the open wound.

To avoid this, it’s best to try and stitch your own wounds for the time being, and duct tape can help you do that. By cutting off small strips of this stuff and pulling the skin together, you can help to keep this wound safe and healthy until you can see a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Making your own sled

Seeing snow on the ground and hearing the news that your school or office is closed is one of the best things you could possibly experience. This gives you the chance to make use of the weather conditions and embrace your inner child as you frolic in the snow.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to slide down hills in the snow, but what happens if you don’t have your own sled?

Thankfully, you can easily fashion your own using just a few pieces of cardboard and duct tape. While you can put time and effort into creating an impressive sled, you could also just cut out a strip of cardboard and cover with duct tape for a simple sled.

Making a pencil case

If you’re the kind of person that uses pens and pencils on a regular basis, there’s a high chance that you like to keep all of them together so that you don’t have to go scrambling around for them at the bottom of your purse.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a pencil case, but you don’t have to head to the store to spend your hard-earned money on one of these things.

You can actually make your very own pencil case at home, and all you need to do is to grab some duct tape and a Ziploc freezer bag. Simply cover the freezer bag with the duct tape of your choosing, and leave the zip free for you to get in and out of when you please.

Gripping your shoes

There’s nothing scarier than stepping onto a surface with the shoes you have on your feet and slipping over yourself.

Whether you’re able to catch yourself or whether you fall straight on your face, there’s no doubt about the fact that those series of events wouldn’t have happened if your shoes were grippier.

Of course, many of the shoes you buy in the store are naturally smoother and softer than those with proper grip – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them and not look good. To add some extra grip to your shoes, add a layer of duct tape to the bottom of each shoe and let the duct tape do the work.

Fitting your clothes

While most people in this world are more than happy to head to the store and buy their clothes off the rack, there are others who like to add their own touches to their garments.

In fact, some people like to make their own clothes. If you’re one of those people, you’ll probably know just how difficult it is to fit clothes to your own sizing and your own shape – but it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

All you need to do is put on a form-fitting shirt and then cover it with duct tape so that it’s flush against the natural curves of your body. By then cutting the shirt up the side and removing it from your body, you can then place it on a mannequin and have your measurements to hand whenever you want them.

Making waterproof shoes

If you have a dog or have to go out into the backyard to tend to your chickens on a regular basis, there’s a high chance that you don’t like to wear your nice shoes outside.

After all, it can be muddy, it can be wet, and it can ruin your shoes in an instant. Thankfully, you can fashion your own waterproof shoes that could do the job instead.

While they won’t be winning any fashion contests, these shoes will repel everything from water to mud, while keeping your actual shoes and your feet safe in the process. You can even mix things up with different colored duct tape if you want. The world is your oyster.

Creating a charging pouch

Most people charge their phones on a regular basis, but if your charging point is far away from any kind of resting place, this can put a huge amount of strain on the charger cable and ultimately cause it to break.

To combat this, why not make your own charging pouch using just a few materials you can find around the house.

It’s super easy to make this kind of charging pouch, and all you have to do is tack it to the wall right next to a charging point. This way, you can keep the wire as slack as possible, reducing the chances of it breaking and you having to shell out to replace it.

Maintaining tire pressure

There’s no doubt about the fact that our vehicles would be nothing without their tires, but these tires can be a little temperamental sometimes.

The smallest nail or even a bump in the road can cause the tire to tear or pop, and this can be extremely dangerous when you’re on the road.

If you don’t have a spare tire in the trunk and you know it’s only a short drive to the garage, it might be an idea to try and maintain the tire pressure yourself. Always keep duct tape in your car if this ever happens, because you can wrap this stuff around the tire as a quick (but temporary) fix.

Making a hammock

There’s nothing cooler than a hammock, right? Most people would love to have a hammock in their backyard so that they can chill out in the sun whenever they want, but there’s no doubt about the fact that these things aren’t cheap.

Thankfully, you can make your own cheaper alternative if you have some duct tape handy.

As long as you have some rope, two pieces of wood, and a whole load of duct tape, you can fashion your own hammock while shelling out just a few dollars. The best thing is that you can tailor this hammock to your own tastes in terms of colors and patterns.

Making a chair

Inviting family and friends round to your house is all well and good until you realize that you just don’t have enough chairs in your house to cater for everyone.

Instead of letting your granny sit on the floor, you’ll be happy to know that you can actually whip up your own chair in minutes.

All you need is some pieces of wood, some nails, and a whole load of duct tape. Of course, if you have more than a few minutes to spare, you could get as creative as this chair with the stars and stripes and make it into something people will fight over to sit on.

Tagging your luggage

If you’re the kind of person that loves to go on vacation, you’ll know that the baggage reclaim area can be a struggle.

That’s because there are so many black and gray luggage cases, and trying to find your black or gray case amongst all of these can cause you to leave with someone else’s belongings in tow.

To stop this from happening, all you need to do is add a little bit of blatant personalization to your case. There are many ways to do this, but one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do this is to grab some colored duct tape and wrap it around the handle to create a luggage tag. This will stand out from the crowd and allow you to stop your case on the conveyor.

Removing warts

The human body is pretty weird sometimes, and it’s fair to say that everyday people have to deal with strange growths on a regular basis. Warts are nothing to worry about too much, but it’s always good to remove them when you can.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to remove these warts – and all you need is some duct tape.

To do this, cover the wart with duct tape and keep it there for around six days. Then, soak your foot in water and then rub on the affected area with a pumice stone. By the time you’ve done this, there should be no wart in sight.

Making a canoe

One thing you might not know about duct tape is that it actually floats. This will work in your favor if you ever decide that you want to make your own canoe – because who doesn’t want to do that?!

Of course, you’ll need more than just a few rolls of duct tape to create this structure, but it won’t take a huge amount to create such a thing.

You’ll just need to make your own wooden frame, and then create the outer layer with a few different layers of duct tape. It’s important to ensure that there are no holes or gaps in the structure. Otherwise, it won’t be a great canoe.

Protecting your blisters

Blisters are the worst, right? They normally occur when you’re in the middle of a night out, when you’re on a lovely walk with your family, or when you’re trying to break in your cool new shoes.

While they may not be life-threatening, blisters can certainly leave you feeling incapacitated and often cause people to stay inside their house.

But what if we told you that you didn’t have to feel like that? You can protect your blisters and continue to go about your daily life if you cover them with duct tape, as this will provide a barrier between the pain and any shoes you wear.

Making a stretcher

If you ever find yourself in a medical emergency and come across someone who is injured to the point where they can’t walk, or you are concerned about their back, a stretcher will always come in handy.

Of course, most people don’t keep stretchers in their backpack at all times, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fashion one using products that you will most likely have around you.

As long as you have access to long sticks and duct tape, you should be able to make a stretcher that will easily tape a human’s weight. Simply find two sticks that are both long enough to create the stretcher, and wind duct tape in between these two sticks. This should then do the trick.

Fixing a tent

There’s nothing more irritating than heading out into the woods for the ultimate camping trip and to then feel a trickle of water on your face in the middle of the night.

While tents are normally pretty durable, small rips or holes can cause havoc when the weather takes a turn.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to shell out for a whole new tent. You can instead use a strip of duct tape to cover any holes or rips, and this should keep any water out for a while. You may eventually have to trade in your old tent for a new one, but it will do the job temporarily.

Creating a bag

Although most people seem to overlook duct tape, there’s no doubt about the fact that this stuff is extremely strong and malleable.

This makes it the perfect material to fashion new and exciting products, and you might not have realized that you can actually create your own bag using this stuff.

You play with your own patterns, you can choose your favorite colors, and you can create a bag that’s the perfect size for what you need. This bag will be strong, it will be durable, and it will be so much cooler than the other bags around you. What’s better than being original?

Making an apron

If you’re the kind of person that loves to attempt to cook up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll know that it can get pretty messy sometimes.

No matter how hard you try to keep the batter in the bowl and the flour in the bag, it just seems to go everywhere.

To stop the mess going on your clothes and your skin, it might be an idea to invest in an apron. However, you don’t have to buy one of these things. By making your apron out of duct tape, you can wipe it down whenever it gets dirty, and you can even personalize it to your own tastes.

Making clothes and costumes

When you think of duct tape, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of moving house or patching up everyday things in the house.

You probably didn’t realize that this stuff could actually be used to make clothes and costumes – but that’s exactly what it can be used for.

People across the world have got creative with this material and have made epic pieces of clothing over the years, and this is the perfect example of that. From afar you would have no idea that all of this was made from duct tape, which is why there’s no need to spend money on expensive costumes and outfits. Just use some duct tape instead and create something completely unique!

Creating some art

If you’re looking to brighten up your apartment or give someone a gift that’s not something you’ve just bought from the store, it might be time to get a little creative.

It’s super easy to create your own art using just duct tape alone – and you don’t have to be a hugely talented artist to do so!

All you need is a canvas that suits your size and some duct tape. It’s better to have all kinds of duct tape at hand so that you can play around with it as much as possible, and then you can just go with your creative flow. You never know what you might create, so give it a whirl.

Marking your seat position

If you share a car with someone else in your family, you’ll know just how annoying the seat position can become – especially if you are different heights.

That’s because everyone has their own desired seating position, and everyone knows how far away they like to be sitting away from the steering wheel.

This can be irritating for the next person who makes their way into the car, as they have to try to return the seat to their own desired position, and it’s never quite right. One of the best ways to mark your seat position is to cut off two small strips of duct tape and place them on the chair and the inside of the car so you can mark your place.

Making garden labels

Do you love growing herbs, vegetables, and fruit in your garden? If you do, you’ll know that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what you’re looking at when you see a whole load of green leaves making their way out of the ground.

This is why it’s so important to label the things that you grow in your garden, and you can do this in a pretty cool way.

By using some string, some duct tape, and some pieces of card, you can write out the name of each plant using the string and then cover it in the duct tape, so it’s raised. It looks awesome, but it’s also incredibly practical.

Making lunch bags

If you don’t have the pleasure of eating your lunch at home, you’ll know that it can be difficult to find something to transport your food in so that you can eat it in the cafeteria at school or in the office.

But what if we told you that you could make your own lunch bags using just the duct tape in your drawer?

It’s super easy to make these things, and they don’t take up a huge amount of space either. As if that wasn’t enough, these lunch bags can be wiped down after you’ve used them so that they are ready for the next day. Better than using single-use plastic lunch bags, right?

Creating beautiful roses

There are many people in this world who love to get creative, and they love to spend their free time making cool and unique additions to their life and home.

If you’re one of those people and are currently looking to try out something new, why not give these duct tape roses a go?

While they are made out of many small pieces of duct tape and will take a while to make, the end result is pretty incredible. The best thing is that they last a lifetime, and they won’t start to wilt when the sun shines a little too brightly. You don’t have to water them either!

Making a glow-in-the-dark stair guide

If you’re the kind of person that always has to go to the bathroom during the night or just loves to head down the stairs for a midnight snack, you’ll know that walking down the stairs can be tricky business.

If you don’t want to put the light on to wake anyone else up, you can find yourself struggling to find your footing and sometimes even falling down in the process.

Because of this, it might be an idea to make a glow-in-the-dark stair guide to help you go down the stairs with ease. It’s super easy to find glow-in-the-dark duct tape in stores and online, which means that doing this shouldn’t be a problem.

Avoiding scratches

Wooden flooring can be a nightmare if you have a load of furniture in your rooms because it only takes the smallest amount of movement for the legs of this furniture to scratch the wood.

This can cause lasting damage that just can’t be ignored, which is why it’s best to combat this happening in the first place.

One of the best ways to do this is to cover the bottom of these furniture legs with some duct tape. Doing this will provide a barrier between the legs and the wood, and will stop any future scratching. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s totally effective.

Keeping nuts and bolts safe

Working with small nuts and bolts can be a nightmare, especially if you are using a lot of them.

While in the process of your hard work, you may find yourself losing these little items, and you may even spend the next few hours trying to find them hidden around your house.

It’s not difficult to keep these nuts and bolts safe, and all you need to do is enlist the help of some duct tape. By attaching these nuts and bolts to the duct tape, you can ensure that they will stay in the same place as you continue to work. Pretty neat, right?