Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Chris Hemsworth’s New Fitness App

In a world where everyone seems to be working out from home, there’s no doubt about the fact that celebrities and fitness influencers have welcomed this new opportunity. Many have created content and videos perfect for those wanting to get a sweat on in their living room, and many celebs have created their own platforms to showcase their healthy lifestyles and their own fitness prowess. Chris Hemsworth is the latest celeb to enter this realm, and while it’s clear that his own workout routines have worked for him, people were skeptical to begin with. Not anymore, though…

You can choose a tailored plan

Chris Hemsworths’ new creation is called Centr, and focuses on healthy living and exercise routines to incorporate into your everyday life. One of the main reasons why it has proved to be so popular already, though, is because you can choose a tailored plan that suits you. Yes, Chris Hemsworth may be a beast who can quite literally take on The Hulk, but that doesn’t mean that his app is for his fellow fitness freaks. You can choose a plan that suits your level, whether that be “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” or “Advanced.”

You can plan your day

Many influencers and celebs release health and wellness apps to add a little something extra to their resume, but it’s clear to see that Hemsworth wanted to create something that would truly help those who want it. That’s because Centr allows you to plan your day, with everything you need on one app. To begin with, every new day will come complete with a new exercise that you can choose to complete with a virtual trainer by your side, or by yourself. Then, you can complete your daily meditation session, and even cook up the healthy recipes provided. How cool is that?

The food plan is very inclusive

Nowadays, everyone has their own diet that they like to follow. If you have tried to follow a fitness app in the past, you may have realized that these apps are rarely inclusive of these dietary requirements. However, Centr’s food plan is incredibly inclusive. You can choose everything from gluten-free recipes to vegetarian and vegan recipes, and you can even download the shopping list that can make grocery shopping a breeze. The ingredients are there and the recipes are there, so all you have to do is enjoy these healthy dishes.

The price isn’t too expensive

Although Chris Hemsworths’ new fitness app isn’t free, it’s not as expensive as some of the other apps on the market. Centr will cost you just $119 for 12 months, $59.99 for three months, and $29.99 for one month. Of course, the aim is to get you to sign up for the annual deal as this makes more financial sense – but it could make more practical sense as you go through your fitness journey. After all, you don’t want to lose out on the money you have spent, do you?

Chris Hemsworth may be a Hollywood action hero, but he’s also a fitness hero.