What Happens To Your Body If You Skip A Shower After A Workout?

After doing a workout, most people feel inclined to take a shower. Sometimes, you don’t have the time, though, or maybe you don’t think you got particularly sweaty? Perhaps you simply don’t wish to waste water? Whatever the reason, not everyone showers after every workout. However, if they knew what that did to their bodies, that might change.

Body odor

It’s perfectly natural to smell funky after a workout. For many people, it’s that unpleasant scent that inspires them to shower when they’ve exercised. Obviously, if you don’t wash it away, you simply risk your body odor getting worse. You should note that it’s never the sweat that smells, but rather the bacteria it combines with on your skin. So, getting rid of your BO doesn’t just mean removing sweat; it also means clearing your body of some bacteria.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections are both embarrassing and unpleasant. No one particularly wants to have one, but if your cleaning habits are lacking, the risk can be quite significant. That’s especially the case if you stay in your sweaty gym clothes longer than you need to. The more that certain parts of your body are exposed to this, the likelier you are to pick up a yeast infection.

Dermatological issues

Skin conditions like acne or eczema aren’t something that people embrace that often. Unfortunately, if you don’t shower after every workout, you risk exacerbating these conditions. Not only that, but you also have the chance of developing hyperpigmentation, which can affect your complexion and odor. Though it’s not a fast-acting process, the outcome isn’t particularly pleasurable.

Skin infections

Other infections you should be concerned about after a workout are ones that can develop on your skin. If you don’t shower frequently enough, especially when you’ve worked up a sweat, bacteria can build up to concerning levels. Should your skin get damaged, there’s then a risk that you’ll develop cellulitis, which can be quite severe and require antibiotics to treat.


Irritable skin

Your skin secretes natural oils without you doing anything. That in itself isn’t a bad thing. However, if this combines with dirt and other pollutants on your body, it can cause irritation and inflammation. How can you avoid this? By showering when you’re dirty, i.e., after a sweaty workout.

Sunburn risk

Did you know that sweating actually reduces your protection against UV rays? That means if you exercise in the summer and don’t shower regularly, you’re more likely to get burnt in the sun. That increases your risk of developing skin cancer, which is obviously a significant and potentially scary disease. So, unless you plan on wearing extra sunscreen after each workout, you should probably shower before heading outside.

All of this can sound quite terrifying and make you feel like you need to spend the rest of your life in the shower. However, it’s not that severe. Just make sure that every time you work out, you give your body the cleaning it deserves. Do that, and you’ll stand a better chance of avoiding certain health issues.