This Clever Hack Can Make You Crave Healthy Food

We all know that eating healthily is good for us, but some of those foods can make us feel like we’re missing out on the good stuff. Many of us want to improve our diets, but good foods aren’t the ones we crave. This clever hack can make you crave healthy food by changing your eating habits.

Diet Culture

Pretty much every time you scroll through social media, you find someone trying out a new diet. We live in a diet culture where what we eat appears to be pretty much all or nothing. People find themselves going through phases of strict diets followed by periods of binge eating.

Neither are particularly good for us, but according to Hazer Wallace, better known as The Food Medic, there are a few tricks to make us eat better. Wallace went through a family tragedy and stopped eating through grief. She found that food was a chore to eat, but with a dietitian’s help, these tricks got her craving healthy food once again.

Eating Mediterranian Style

One of the first things The Food Medic recommends is converting to a Mediterranian diet. It’s known as one of the healthiest lifestyles for a reason. The diet is heavy on vegetables, fruit, legumes, beans, cereals, nuts, grains, and fish. Most meals also focus on eating less meat and dairy products than others.

Throw Out Food Labels

Many of us are led to believe that food falls into two categories, good and bad. Dr. Wallace wants us to ditch those food labels, and see foods for their true values. The doctor explains that we should see food as nutrient-rich or calorie-dense, and we should try to find a balance. The idea is that the more nutritious meals you eat, the less room there will be for junk food.

Eat Together

It’s important to consider what we are eating, but finding a way to be relaxed and mindful when eating is also important. Families that take the time to eat together at least three times per week often have a more varied diet, while they are also less likely to be overweight.

Enjoy Your Lunch

One way to stop us from craving foods that aren’t so good for us is to have great lunches. Dr. Wallace recommends having a tasty and varied lunch filled with nutritious ingredients. The Food Medic says that she finds herself less likely to experience the post-lunch slump by giving herself a nutrient-rich lunch.

Go Basic

Dr. Wallace also recommends that we go back to basics with food by cooking with whole ingredients. She thinks that by cooking our meals from the basic ingredients, we can experiment more and keep things interesting. Dr. Wallace even has her own book, ‘The Food Medic For Life,’ which comes complete with easy recipes for people living life on the go.

These little tricks can help you change your relationship with food. Once you begin your new lifestyle, you’ll start craving the right kinds of foods, helping to leave the ‘bad’ stuff for special occasions.