All The Things That Get Noticed The Most At Work

Regardless of your field of work, chances are that you answer to a higher authority in the workplace. Part of your boss’ job is to evaluate you, and he or she likely does that just about every day — it’s not only about your work either.

Read on for the things that your boss will ALWAYS notice about you.

1. What time you arrive at and leave work

Just about every job has set working hours. If you’re getting into the office late most of the time, you’re going to get in trouble. Don’t think that your boss hasn’t noticed because they have. If you have a personal problem, don’t just rock up late without an explanation. Rather speak to your boss and explain the situation. 


Never make arriving late a habit. Make sure you get to work on time every day. If you arrive at about the same time as your colleagues, you won’t be singled out. It’s also important to avoid leaving early every day. Your boss will notice and label you as a clock-watcher.

2. The way you dress

Most jobs require that you present yourself in such a way that you look professional and appropriate. Different fields dictate different dress codes, and some offices are far more casual than others. This is another time when you should take your cue from your colleagues. The safest approach is to dress in a way that is fairly similar to your colleagues. This is one instance where you don’t want to stand out because of your outfit.

3. Your use of technology

The workplace is where work gets done, and most private matters need to take a backseat when we’re at work. Your boss will certainly notice if you’re using your work telephone to talk to your husband about what to do for dinner tonight. If you’re constantly sitting on your iPhone making personal calls, your boss is not going to be impressed. It’s a no-brainer that technology should be reserved for work-related matters when you’re at work.

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4. What you say

This is another no-brainer: Don’t cuss at work. Your boss is bound to find out about your potty mouth, and he or she might be highly unimpressed. Keep your language professional at all times — even at the annual Christmas party.

5. How you fit in

Your boss is also going to notice how well you fit in with your colleagues. Are you always on the sidelines, never quite fitting in? This is not going to please your boss. After all, a well-functioning office depends on teamwork and good relationships. Try to socialize with work colleagues and make an effort to be friendly.

6. Your time management skills

One of the most important work skills is proper time management. All bosses are responsible for the speed at which the work gets done. Are you timely and efficient, always meeting deadlines? Or do you take your sweet time with things? Remember, you’re there to work and hopefully climb the ranks within the organization. Slacking will get you nowhere.