There’s Now A Private Jet Service For Your Pets – But How Much Would One Flight Cost?

Have you ever entrusted commercial airlines with your pets? If you’re traveling abroad for long periods of time, or even moving to a new country, flying is often the only way to travel alongside your perfect pets. However, around 75% of pet owners don’t trust commercial airlines with their animals. They worry about their treatment, they worry about their safety, and they just don’t feel comfortable leaving their animals in the hands of complete strangers during what can often be a traumatic experience. So, what about using a private jet instead? You might have to save up a little before booking your seats…

Welcoming Vista Pet

If you’ve ever traveled with Vista Jet before, you’ll know that the business aviation company is often looking for new and exciting ways to get their passengers from A to B. Although they have become a leading name in the private jet world, they have realized that there is a gap in the market for pets. After all, why should passengers feel as though they have to keep their pets in the hold while they sit in the main bulk of the plane? That’s one of the main reasons why they have launched their Vista Pet service. The company have noted that this service will be the “most comprehensive and considered program for pets in the air,” and has been created with the help of veterinarians to ensure your pet’s safety and security at all times.

What they have on offer

So, what does a trip on a Vista Pet plane include? It’s very similar to what they offer to humans, and they even offer a service for those who are nervous. If your pet struggles to remain calm on a plane, you can sign up to take a four-week flying course for nervous pets that will get them used to the plane so they will ultimately be able to cope with a long-haul flight. Alongside this, the pets are then gifted with bio-organic pet food, sleep mats, and special care kits. As if that wasn’t enough, the staff at Vista Pet are trained to understand every single process in terms of traveling with pets. They understand the vaccinations required, permits and certificates, and everything else you could possibly need to know.

How much it will set you back

Although the price of a Vista Pet flight is only given out on request, there’s no doubt about the fact that it will set you back a few thousand dollars. After all, you are traveling in style on a private jet – and those kind of trips aren’t cheap. However, it could be worth it if you want to ensure that your pets are taken care of when you travel across the globe. Why not give them the chance to live the high life with fresh towels and some of the best food the skies have to offer?

Have you ever thought about flying in a private jet with your pets by your side? Well, now you can, and they can experience luxury for themselves.