The Signs Of Dehydration That No One Should Ignore

Have you ever found yourself getting through the day only to realize you haven’t had a drink of water? Perhaps you’re feeling off and have no idea why? The signs of dehydration that no one should ignore could be the difference between our health and doing damage to our bodies.

A headache

There are plenty of thoughts behind why being dehydrated causes you to have a headache. Of course, there could be other reasons that our head hurts, but it can also be a sign that we need some more water in our lives. One reason it’s thought we get headaches is that our brains literally shrink a little when it’s not hydrated enough and can lead to memory issues and illnesses further down the line.

Sudden hunger cravings

Our brains are incredible things, but it turns out that they often confuse hunger for thirst. Our liver needs water to function properly, meaning it will send signals to the brain when it needs something that’s not there. Have you found yourself suddenly craving something to eat even though you’ve just had a meal? It could be that your body actually needs some water and has its wires crossed.

A lack of sweat

There are often times that our bodies sweat when there is something wrong. However, a lack of sweat when you should be could mean that you need some water in your diet fairly quickly. Researchers claim that because your fluids are so low in your body, it won’t prioritize sweating over giving your vital organs what they need. This could eventually lead to things like heat stroke if your body cannot deal with rising temperatures. Of course, this means we need to seek immediate medical attention to prevent any permanent damage.

Bad breath

Did you know that having bad breath might be a sign that our bodies need some hydration? That’s because saliva has bacteria-fighting elements that usually keep bad breath at bay, but when we haven’t had enough water, our body starts to use what we have where we need it the most. This means our mouth is one of the first places to lose fluids, and our breath might develop a certain smell as a result. If you suddenly have bad breath, it could be time to drink something.

Feeling tired

When we are dehydrated, our bodies start to pull water from the vital organs in our bodies, and our blood vessels contract. This means that our brains and hearts might not have the water they need to run efficiently, and our bodies start to run at a slower pace as a result. In the end, you might find that you begin to feel tired when you get dehydrated, a simple reminder we need some water.

The signs of dehydration that no one should ignore might not be as obvious as some people believe. Still, they could be the difference between getting our bodies what they need to be healthy and leaving ourselves with a permanent ailment or issue if we leave things too long.