The Best Mediterranean Diet Friendly Instant Pot Recipes to Try Right Now

If you have been converted to the instant pot way of life, there’s a high chance that you can’t even imagine your life without it now. After all, how did you cope without instant pot recipes for all of those years? There are so many possibilities and so many cooking adventures that can be had with just one piece of kitchen equipment, and there are also so many different cuisines and diets that can be catered for. If you’re on the Mediterranean diet, you’ll be happy to know that there are countless instant pot recipes that will blow your socks off.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo Pasta

Those who are on the Meditteranean diet probably thank their lucky stars every single day that they can still eat some carbs – because everyone loves carbs. Because of this, you can make some delicious pasta dishes in your instant pot, and this recipe is one of them. This pasta is made from onion, fennel, garlic, red pepper, crushed tomatoes, pasta, raw jumbo shrimp, heavy cream, chopped parsley, water, and salt and pepper, and that’s really all there is to it. You simply pop it all into your instant pot and then let the ingredients work their own magic.

Salmon With Chili Lime Sauce

If you want to make a tasty dinner in just 15 minutes, then this instant pot recipe has got your back. After all, who doesn’t want a delicious salmon dish on their dinner table in no time? The hardest part of this recipe is actually making the sauce, which requires a few ingredients, including garlic, sriracha, lime juice, cilantro, hot water, smoked paprika, and cumin. Once you’ve got this, though, all you need to do is place your seasoned salmon into an instant pot and cook it for around three minutes if the salmon is fresh. If it’s frozen, you’ll need at least eight minutes. That’s really all there is to it.

Black Beans and Brown Rice with Avocado Salsa

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just fancy a meatless dinner, this one should definitely tickle your pickle. This easy instant pot recipe only features a few ingredients, but the end result is something that will really put a smile on your face – and it tastes even better when topped with an avocado salsa that adds a freshness to the dish. For this recipe, you’ll need an onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, paprika, oregano, vegetable broth, water, dried black beans, brown rice, lime, and salt and pepper. Then, all you have to do is mix all of these ingredients together into an instant pot and let all of the flavors melt into each other. The end result is something that you will want time and time again, and it won’t even take you very long. What’s better than that?

Many people believe that the Mediterranean diet is too restrictive, but that really isn’t the case at all. This diet is all about fresh and natural ingredients, and most Meditteranean recipes can be cooked in an instant pot.