The Best Healthy Snacks For A Picnic According To A Nutritonist

There’s nothing better than a picnic, right? Sure, sitting indoors and eating food isn’t all that bad, but there’s just something about sitting on the grass on a gingham blanket and enjoying some delicious food in the sunshine that really puts a smile on our faces. When choosing your food for this picnic, it’s easy to pick up the unhealthiest treats in the pantry. After all, you don’t have to prepare these foods, and you don’t even have to take any annoying Tupperware pots along with you. They’re not exactly healthy, though, so why not try these healthy snacks instead?

Beetroot and horseradish hummus

We’re not quite sure how anyone could not love hummus, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this stuff is a great addition to any picnic. Although you can buy plain ol’ hummus, why not try a hummus that’s loaded with other veggies as well? Beetroot and horseradish hummus really is something special, and there are so many ways to eat this stuff. You could dip your carrot sticks or potato chips into the pot, or you could slather it on some delicious flatbread. The choice is yours.


Mozzarella and roasted vegetable pasta

No picnic would be complete without pasta. That’s just the rules of the picnic game. What’s so great about a cold pasta is the fact that you can either make it yourself and fill it with all of your favorite ingredients, or you could buy it from the grocery store. Every single grocery store on this planet will have a cold pasta to choose from within the salad section, but you just really can’t go wrong with mozzarella and roasted vegetable pasta.

Flavored chicken skewers

Looking for that protein punch in your picnic? Well, look no further than flavored chicken skewers. We’ve left the window pretty open when it comes to this food, as there are so many different flavors to choose from when it comes to these skewers – and this is also determined by whether you make them yourself or buy them ready-made from the store. You could spice up your life with some chicken covered in a sticky, chili sauce, or you could buy a separate yogurt and mint dip to cool things down a little.

Olives with rosemary and black pepper

Ok, we know this snack might be a little controversial. Everyone has their own opinion on olives, and while there are some people out there who love these little salty snacks, there are others who can’t stand them. If you’re one of those people who loves them, then it makes total sense to take them on your picnic. Although they may be salty and covered in rosemary and black pepper, olives aren’t bad for you. They’re extremely high in vitamin E and pretty high in protein, too.

Are you planning the perfect summer picnic? Well, it’s time to stock up on some healthy snacks so you can eat as much as you like without feeling too guilty. Save a space for us on the blanket.