The Best Exercises For Moments Your Anger Takes Over

As hard as we try, there can be times that our emotions get the best of us, including the feelings we would rather keep under control. If you feel yourself getting a little hot-headed, then it could be time to check out the best exercises for moments your anger takes over.

Jump rope

There are several studies that show getting our heart rate up and sweating it out can have incredible effects when we feel the anger taking over. Jump rope is a great way to burn off the emotion without having to spend hours in the gym or invest in expensive equipment. Now, there are even several jump rope-based workouts on the market to take things up a gear.


There are so many different types of yoga, meaning there should be one for everyone on the market. Each one comes with its own benefits, such as power yoga that moves at a faster rate for a more intense workout or Bikram yoga that sees people exercise in a heated room. It’s all about finding the best one to suit our needs.


It’s not the motions that see people forget about their anger when boxing – it’s the fact the sport means we have to focus our mind and think about each specific punch and kick. Thankfully. Sweating it out doesn’t have to cost a lot as there are [plenty of at-home options for those wanting to exercise in their own time.

Circuit training

One of the many great things about circuit training is how we’re always moving and doing something different. This means there’s little time to think about what could be getting us so angry as we have to focus on the task at hand before our time is up and it’s onto the next station. To top it off, we can always swap out the stations on offer to spice up our circuit training sessions.

Thai chi

Thai chi originated in China as a type of material art, but that doesn’t mean people are aggressive when practicing the sport. Instead, it’s all about meditating as we flow through the motions. This can help slow our heart rate, focus the mind, and release any of that pent-up anger we’ve been carrying. Thankfully, there are plenty of classes and at-home videos for anyone looking to start.


Need an instant way to burn off your anger? It could be time to head for a walk. Several studies have shown how fresh air and walking can reduce stress and have a host of health benefits. The same goes for the moments your anger takes over. Hiking gives us a way to escape for a little longer, while something as simple as a ten-minute walk could be all we need to clear our head in the moment.

The best exercises for moments your anger takes over could be all we need to lay the emotion to rest. The best bit? They could help us keep on top of our anger in the long run, too.