Proof That Steve Irwin’s Son Is Just Like Him

People often say like father, like son, and in the case of Robert Irwin, that’s definitely the case. From these side-by-side photos, you can see that Rober grew up to be just like his dad Steve.

Steve Irwin is one of the few people passionate enough about the natural world to impact society through his love of animals. The zookeeper and conservationist became one of the most famous TV personalities during the ‘00s. It felt as though the world was a better place with Steve Irwin in it as he would get as close as possible to some of the world’s most dangerous animals.

He would do all of that just to show the world how misunderstood many of them were. To many outsiders, it seemed as though Irwin was taking a lot of risks, but he felt perfectly confident that he understood what was going on in the heads of animals.

Irwin sadly passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on. Steve Irwin’s family are continuing the good work he did at Australia Zoo, and besides his wife Terri, children Bindi and Robert are working at the zoo too. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and Robert Irwin looks just like his dad.

The same image

This amazing image was posted by Robert Irwin on his Instagram page. He described the shot as him and his father feeding the same crocodile, named Murray, in the same place, just 15 years apart. The similarities between Steve Irwin and his son at only 15 years old are uncanny.

Steve was able to impart his love of animals onto his children, despite the fact that he missed a lot of their childhood after passing away. Luckily there was a lot of footage of his dad being an awesome human being for Robert to watch to get to know him.

Croc love

Steve Irwin first became known to the rest of the world as the Crocodile Hunter. He tried to show the world that these animals were not just savages and was more than comfortable handling them.

Steve would jump on their backs so he could get a real close view of them, but sometimes he didn’t even need to do that. Some crocs were small enough that Steve could just pick them up and show them off to the camera. Robert has discovered his father’s love of crocodiles and is just as keen to be involved with them as Steve was.

Baby hunters

Before these tigers got too big for Steve and Robert to handle, they got to be super close to them. At this size, they could almost be mistaken for a regular domestic cat, but it won’t take long before they’re a lot bigger.

We’d imagine that even if these were fully grown tigers, Steve and Robert would still have huge smiles on their faces no matter how close they were. Steve was never afraid to get close enough to some of the most feared animals to look them directly in the eye. Robert seems to have inherited his father’s fearlessness.

Having a blast

Most people would be frozen in their tracks if they were handed a snake but not Steve or Robert Irwin. To Steve, it was all part of the day job, and now that Robert works at Australia Zoo he’s just as familiar with handling snakes.

The fact that these two are so similar makes it a shame Steve isn’t with us because the pair could’ve gone off on their own wild adventures. It might have looked as though Steve was always asking for trouble when handling snakes, but he was just trying to let people know how each species survived.

Always smiling

No matter what situation Steve Irwin found himself in, he was always smiling about it. That’s what made his documentaries so enjoyable because you could really tell that he was having a great time.

His son is proving to love animals every bit as much as Steve and has that same beaming smile anytime he gets to hang out with a new creature. Even if it means lying down on the ground to get close, Robert is more than up for it. His father introduced him to wildlife when he was very young, and that intrigue has never left him.

Loving all animals

Even though many people would run a mile from snakes like these, Steve and Robert love nothing more than playing with them. You can see from the look on Steve’s face that he’s taking his snake a little more seriously than Robert is.

Perhaps Robert’s snake is just a friendly little serpent, while Steve is handling one that has a lot of bite. Most people would never come into contact with a snake during their whole lives, but Robert and Steve dedicated their time to conserving them. In their eyes, all animals need saving, no matter how dangerous they are.

The same person?

Robert shared a photo that his mom showed him of his dad. The father and son are the same age in this photograph, and you can see just how similar they look to each other. Robert looked at the image, and it made him think of all the adventures he’s yet to have in his life while following in his dad’s footsteps.

If Robert can have even half the impact on the world that Steve did, then he’ll be making a huge contribution to the conservation of wildlife. Robert is doing his best to continue the legacy Steve left behind.

All animals

It’s not just the dangerous animals that Steve and Robert love to get close to. Their love for animals of all shapes and sizes is pretty clear. During his documentary shows, it was clear just how much love Steve had for animals.

Any time he was trying to track down one animal, he’d get distracted by the fact there were a whole bunch of others in the vicinity and start explaining everything about them instead. Robert is just as passionate and to hear him speak, you could almost picture it was Steve speaking if you close your eyes and listen.

An Australian native

Although Steve traveled the world showcasing all of the different animals, he loved nothing more than showing off the wildlife that Australia had to offer. One of those animals is the koala bear, which might be one of the cutest animals on the planet.

They’re like real-life teddy bears and didn’t fail to bring a smile to Steve’s face. Robert got this hands on a koala bear named Milo at Australia Zoo and couldn’t help but give it an extra big squeeze. Looking at the smile on Milo’s face, it seems as though he really appreciates Robert’s affection for him.

Feeling the love

Steve would appear on late-night talk shows to display to the world how important animals are to us all. His passion for dangerous animals wasn’t always felt by his host, and Robert is following in his dad’s footsteps once more through talks shows.

Robert has already appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a total of 11 times, with his most recent appearance in April 2019. Steve’s daughter Bindi posted this picture of her younger brother doing his thing and making his first talk-show appearance in 2017. Robert brought on a giant snake, just like his dad did years ago.

No fears

Steve and Robert show no fear when faced with any kind of snake. Not only are they comfortable handling them, but they even let them crawl all over their faces. Some people feel that having a fear of snakes makes perfect sense, but the Irwin guys don’t seem to be able to comprehend that fear.

Robert has grown up to be just like his dad and makes a point of handling all the things the rest of us are terrified of. That might make some people feel less scared toward these animals, but others still won’t go anywhere near them.

Steve’s legacy

Steve Irwin was passionate about animals and to him, they were all wonderful creatures no matter how big or small they were. His goal in life seemed to be to spread as much joy as possible through his love of wildlife, and it is something he managed to pass on to his children.

From a very young age, Steve included his daughter Bindi in many documentaries, and she ended up having her own show. Steve introduced his children to many animals before they could even walk, and they grew up with as much respect for wildlife as their father had.

A proud moment

Whenever Robert was born, Steve didn’t hesitate to introduce him to any animals. The family business was running Australia Zoo, so there was a good chance Robert was going to grow up loving animals. It didn’t take long for his natural curiosity to take over, and Robert was just like his dad.

He now works at Australia Zoo, just like Steve, but he also is a renowned wildlife photographer. Robert has been earning praise for his talent at capturing wildlife through the lens of his camera. He has done all of this despite the fact he hasn’t even turned 16.

Experiencing everything

Most parents wouldn’t want to put their children anywhere near a dangerous animal, especially one like this with so many teeth. Steve Irwin was so confident in his handling skills and understanding of animals that he felt it was safe. He was criticized for one time feeding a giant crocodile while holding Robert as a baby under his arm.

This prompted the Australian government to change the crocodile handling rules to prevent children from entering their enclosures. It wasn’t the smartest move from Steve, but it went to show how much faith he had in his ability to handle animals.

The best way to learn

Steve could have let Robert learn about animals from a distance, but with an entire zoo at his disposal, it would have been a wasted opportunity. The zookeeper wanted everyone in the world to learn about animals, so when he could introduce his own children to them, it was a no-brainer.

Even as a toddler Robert had a natural instinct with animals and was shown how to handle many of them by his father. Robert was just three years old when Steve passed away, but he had enough of an impact to ensure Robert dedicated his life to conserving wildlife.

The face of excitement

Even when Robert was looking a little apprehensive, Steve knew that his son was still super interested in what was going on. This lizard would be intimidating for most adults, but Steve’s got good control of its mouth to let Robert go and touch it.

Some people believe kids learn better when they can interact with the thing they’re studying, and with Steve for a father, Robert had many opportunities to touch animals. Moments like this seem all the more precious, knowing that Steve wasn’t around to watch his son grow up to be like him in so many ways.

A family effort

Steve Irwin might be gone, but his family is continuing his work together. Bindi, Robert, and mom Terri have continued Steve’s conservation efforts to make a difference in the world. Bindi says it’s their duty to stand up for those unable to speak up for themselves, and the family calls themselves “Wildlife Warriors.”

The message is clear from the Irwins, and they are never going to stop looking after or caring for animals as long as they are around. An Irwin has been at Australia zoo for decades, and it looks set to remain that way for more to come.

Encouraging others

The whole point in the conservation effort from the Irwins is to help other people realize what they already know. Much of the animal kingdom is in danger, and the more people trying to save it, the better. Robert also has another passion, and that’s photographing wildlife.

He shared this image of him taking a picture of a snake in the hopes of encouraging other young people to go outside with a camera. Robert said it was a rewarding experience and its one that he keeps going back to. His photography passion has even seen him nominated for an award.

Loving his work

Robert Irwin might be young, but he’s already got himself a job for life. At just 15 he’s able to go around the world taking pictures of the animals that he loves, plus he gets to spend many days working at Australia Zoo.When he isn’t taking pictures of animals, Robert is bringing them onto shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to show them off to the world. Being so close to nature means Robert is able to arrange amazing photographs like these ones. Even if he’s not presenting shows like his dad, Robert is still showcasing animals.

A sense of humor

His father was known for smiling his way through life, and it seems that Robert has found a way to do the same. Robert shared this image of a pug and a chicken but claimed they were actually the most dangerous animals at Australia Zoo. We guess chickens can be pretty dangerous if they get too close and peck at your eyeballs.

We’re still trying to figure out why a pug could be considered dangerous, but with his animal experience, we’re taking Robert’s word for it. Even in the face of ‘danger,’ Robert has got a smile on his face.

Sending animals back

The Irwins and everyone who works at Australia Zoo don’t just make their facility a home for wildlife. There is also a huge effort to release animals that are rescued back into the wild. After all, that’s where they came from, so it makes sense that they can go back to their natural habitats.

Whenever the zoo comes across an injured animal, they will do their best to get them back on their feet as soon as possible. Then whenever they’re strong enough, they’ll be allowed to go back into their natural habitats with the best possible chance of survival.

Wildlife hospital

Bindi had a special message for her social media followers. She wanted people to realize that we share this planet with other species, and it’s not just for us humans to enjoy. Bindi said that Australia Zoo opened up its own wildlife hospital to care for sick or injured animals in the memory of her grandmother, Lyn Irwin.

Their goal is to release every animal back into the wild that comes through the doors of the animal hospital. The hospital has so far treated over 78,000 animals and is aiming to change the world one life at a time.

Bindi got close too

It wasn’t just Robert who got to grow up around animals, and his older sister Bindi has just as much love for wildlife as he does thanks to Steve’s influence. That love of animals was instilled in Bindi from a young age, and she was able to pass on her father’s passion to Robert.

Family life for Bindi and Robert revolves around continuing the conservation work their parents Steve and Terri began at the zoo many years ago. With so much wildlife experience between Bindi and Robert, it seems as though Australia Zoo is in great hands for the future.


Robert is starring in a new show alongside Bindi and Terri. It’s called “Crikey! It’s the Irwins,” which follows the famous family as they live their lives. We get an inside look into their lives and some of the things ty get up to when they aren’t working at the zoo.

The show was such a huge success that it has been renewed for a second season as people just couldn’t get enough of watching the Irwins. You can see just how similar to his father Robert through all of the crazy adventures the family goes on throughout the show.

Always a place in his heart

It was tragically sad that Robert and Bindi lost their father when they were so young. The world lost a great man when Steve Irwin passed away, but more importantly, his children lost their dad. Despite losing him at such a young age, Robert and Bindi have never let their love for their father go away.

They are continuing the conservation work he did when he was alive, and it seems as though they have always got him in their thoughts. The images of Steve and Robert Irwin side by side show just how similar this father and son are.