How To Stay Safe While Running In The Heat This Summer

If you’re the kind of person who loves to run, there’s a high chance that you don’t really think about the weather. Come rain or shine, you’ll be popping on your running sneakers and getting your heart pumping. Of course, it’s always better to run when the sun is shining, and it’s not pouring it down with rain, which is why many runners find that summer is the best season for their running exploits. However, running in the heat can be pretty dangerous, so it’s important to take extra precautions when you make your way out into the sun.

Wear sunscreen

One of the most important things to remember about running in the heat is that you need to always wear sunscreen. Although you’re not exactly lying in the sun, even the shortest of runs can leave you exposed to dangerous UV rays that can leave you with red, burned skin. To protect yourself from sun damage, slather yourself with sunscreen before you head out. It’s suggested that runners should wear at least factor 30 for their running expeditions.

Stay hydrated

Runners already lose a huge amount of water when they run, because they sweat it out. However, this becomes even more dangerous when you add high temperatures into the mix. It’s even more important to stay hydrated when you’re running in the heat this summer because dehydration can sneak up on you when you least expect it. You should not only pre-hydrate yourself before you head out on your run, but you should also stop when you feel thirsty along the run. Then, make sure you also post-hydrate.

Stay shady

Although it can be nice to head out into the sun for a run, it might be a good idea to stick to a route that’s in the shade. This can make your run even more enjoyable, but it can also make it safer for you. The shade will provide a respite for you, and perhaps even allow you to push yourself that extra bit further. The heat can make you feel sluggish, so heading underneath trees in the park could provide you with that oomph you need to beat your personal best.

Head out early

If you don’t want to cut your runs short when the summer months head in, then you might want to take a leaf out of Floridian runners’ books. The runners who live in this area of the world sometimes get up as early as 4:30am to ensure that they can fit in the perfect run. That’s because the heat becomes too unbearable as the sun continues to rise, and this early morning run allows them to take advantage of the cool weather. Heading out earlier rather than later will only ever work in your favor, and it’s best to avoid running when the sun is at its highest.

Do you love to run? Well, make sure you’re staying safe while running in the heat this summer.