Is Social Media Making Us Sad? How To Beat The Social Media Blues

It’s our lunch break, we’re on the way home, or we’re laying in bed at night. Wherever we are, it seems as though many of us can’t help but reach for our phones and scroll through social media. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to ask: is social media the reason we’re sad? It’s time to beat the social media blues once and for all.

We compare our lives

Have you found yourself scrolling through social media to check out everyone else’s lives? It can be easy to see how your friends all appear to be living their best lives while we’re half a bag into some sharing chips and several episodes into our Netflix binge. Doesn’t feel too great, does it? Social media is making it easier than ever to compare our lives to others – and forget about all the great things we do.

We become overwhelmed

The chances are that your emails are filled with emails from all those sites wanting you to come back or look at the latest posts. To top it off, our phones can buzz throughout the day with notification after notification. All that information coming in throughout the day can be overwhelming even for the best of us as we try to keep active on all our pages at once.

It can be negative

As much as we might try and avoid them, the chances are we’ve seen a social media argument or two along the way. On the other hand, you might notice that your feed is filled with negative stories from around the world or people complaining about their loves. All of this negativity is sure to take a toll on our mood throughout the day whether you notice it or not.

Remember real-life

Perhaps you only want to post the best, most envious photos on your social media? The chances are, so do your friends. It’s important to remember that social media allows us to post what we want other people to see and not our entire lives. While it might seem as though everyone is filled with happiness, they will probably be dealing with real-world problems, too.

Take a break

This might be easier said than done, but it could be time to take a break from social media and put the phone away. Signing out from your accounts, turning off your phone, and meeting up with your friends are all ways to get away from the internet and remember what it’s like to make memories that will last a lifetime. We don’t need the internet to pass the time – not when we have better things to do!

As much as many of us enjoy scrolling for hours through our news feed, it seems as though all those posts could be having a significant effect on our moods. It could be time to step away from social media and remember what a brilliant life we lead after all.