Smart WD-40 Tricks For The Garden

Who knew that WD-40 could have so many incredible uses in the garden? From preserving your tools to protecting your plants, here are just some of them.

Keeps your garden tools rust-free

WD-40 can be used on various garden tools in order to make sure that they stay rust-free and in good condition. We’re betting that most people’s garden sheds are filled with rusting tools that need a little TLC… Thankfully, WD-40 can turn everything around.

If you spray WD-40 on any of your new garden tools, then it can generally protect against the elements inside a garden shed for up to a year. If you keep your tools inside your home, then they can be protected for up to two years. It can be used on pretty much anything that you don’t want to rust or deteriorate, from lawnmowers to garden shears.

Protect your garden furniture from rust

Nevermind the garden tools, what about the garden furniture that could stay out there all year round? Without any due care or attention, that furniture will start to perish, but there’s a simple way of making sure that you can preserve it.

If you have any metal garden furniture, then you can spray it on to any part of it, and it’ll be protected against rusting and erosion. You can also focus on any metal or working joints, such as screws or hinges that could become a massive problem if they rust over. It’s better to prevent these things rather than try to save them.

Stop those hammocks from squeaking

If you’re lucky to have a large enough yard that you can fit in some hammocks, then you’re definitely going to want to make sure that they don’t start to squeak every time you sit on them. It’s so easy for this to start happening, and since they swing with weight and wind, it’s best to give them the care and attention they need.

Just a spray from a can of WD-40 will help stop this problem in its tracks, giving you a squeak-free, relaxing hammock experience. This also goes for any garden swings or moving outdoor garden furniture.

Keep insects away from your caged plants

If you’re a keen gardener, or just like to dabble in some gardening here and there, then you might have some plants that you’ll want to keep away from any irritating insects that might destroy all of your hard work.

One way of keeping insects away from your precious plants is by spraying WD-40 on a wire tomato plant cage – just don’t spray it directly on your plants! The insects will not want to go anywhere near your produce. Obviously, not all plants can be kept in wire cages, but if insects are real pests in your garden, then it could be worth a try.

Shines outdoor sculptures

At one point or another, we’ve all been tempted by some strange-looking statue that would look great next to our roses. How do you keep those outdoor sculptures looking brand new? WD-40, of course. A few sprays of this and they will be looking nice and shiny, just like when you first bought them.

If you have bronze sculptures in the garden, then it’ll also work a treat on those too; giving the bronze a brilliant shine. It doesn’t take a lot either! Depending on the state of it, you won’t need a lot of elbow grease since WD-40 does almost all the work.

Keep your barbecue in working order

Barbecues are great in the summer months, but trying to keep them clean and well-maintained is definitely not many people’s idea of fun. However, if you’re keen to make sure that your barbecue remains in good working order, then using WD-40 is going to be perfect for this.

It works on everything from the gears on a rotisserie barbecue, through to wheel casters, rusted screws and even the knobs on a propane barbecue. It will keep everything adequately maintained so that you don’t have any nasty surprises next summer. It’s not something you’ll want to skip, especially if your barbecue cost a small fortune, as some can.

Protect your hose end from corroding

A lot of people wonder how on earth you’re supposed to prevent the end to a wet hose from corroding, as it seems inevitable. Well, if you spray the end of the hose with WD-40, it’ll help avoid a lot of the corrosion. You can also spray it on to any of your sprinkler heads to prevent any unwanted calcium build up.

You can pretty much put WD-40 on any working part of a garden hose, too. It’ll help clean tar from rubber water hoses, loosen any pumps, and make sure everything works as smoothly as it’s supposed to. It’s pretty much a garden hose’s best friend.

Protects your snow shovel

WD-40 is perfect for protecting your tools from the elements, including the snow. If you live in an area that gets hit hard by the snow in the winter months, then you’re going to want to make sure that your snow shovel gets properly maintained.

By spraying WD-40 on your snow shovel you will not only be protecting it from the effects of snow and rusting, but you’ll be guarding it against any effects from the salt that may have been laid down as a precaution. It also helps prevent any heavy snow from sticking to your snow shovel, making the process much more easy and convenient.

Maintain your wheelbarrow

It’s incredible what one thing can do to help maintain and preserve an entire wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows go through a lot and have to endure quite a bit, only to be left outside. By which point, they end up rotting away quickly.

However, if you use WD-40, you can use it to clean the bed of the wheelbarrow, and also to protect it in the future. You can use it to shine the tires on your wheelbarrow, keep the wheels lubricated and in good working order, as well as keeping it in tip-top condition. Your wheelbarrow will last so much longer with just a bit of WD-40 TLC.

Spray on your padlocks to prevent them freezing

This is seriously useful anywhere you go. Any locks you can think of could do with some WD-40 to make sure they don’t seize up from dirt build-up, getting too stiff, or being frozen solid. Locks could do with a bit of this every winter, to make sure that one day you don’t return home and are unable to get in!

It probably doesn’t happen very often in most places, but if you’re someone who lives somewhere that gets incredibly cold in winter, then this is the perfect preventative measure you can take to make sure nothing goes terribly wrong.

Remove tree sap from those snippers

There is nothing like getting something horrible and sticky stuck on your shears, snippers, or secateurs. However, instead of heading toward the ever-faithful dish washing soap, it’s worth taking a look at the can of WD-40 instead.

It is practically made for the job, since it’s able to cut through anything that can be tough to get out. The best part is that you’ll be reinforcing your elements protection by spraying your WD-40 on your garden tools. So, if you have any tree sap on your snippers, it’s as simple as a small amount of WD-40 to get that irritating mess off your tools.

Keep those lawnmower wheels turning smoothly

Don’t forget about your lawnmower! After all, they’re neither cheap nor something you want to be replacing all the time. If your lawnmower is looking a little under the weather, then, rather than scrapping it for a new one, give it a good clean. Alternatively, if you have a newer lawnmower, then it’s worth keeping it well-maintained.

You can spray it on your lawnmower wheels to keep them turning without worrying about rust build-up. It can also clean the lawnmower blades, and you can spray it on any rusty parts if they need loosening. There are always parts on a lawnmower that need attention, and WD-40 can help!

Snail and slug repellent

So, we know that WD-40 can be an effective insect repellent if you keep your plants growing inside some sort of wire cage. However, if you’re more concerned with slugs and snails, which can be a real pest, then there is quite a simple way of making sure these critters don’t reach your precious plants.

By spraying it around the edges of your planter, it will make the surface too slippery for the slugs or snails to cling on to. It’s perfect in terms of a preventative measure against these pests. If you have wooden planters or even pots, then it’ll nourish it at the same time.

Prevent mildew on a wooden patio table

If you have a wooden patio table, then you’re likely going to be combating mildew at some point – and it can be a real pain. However, you can prevent it by spraying a bit of WD-40 on the bottom six inches of the table to prevent this from happening.

If you want to prevent mildew on any wooden patio furniture, or you feel like you have something similar that is exposed to the elements, then you can give it a go. It’s far better to provide these things with the maintenance and protection they need before it is too late.

Use it on pool furniture in the winter

If you’re stacking your pool furniture away for the winter, then it would be a good idea to whip the WD-40 out to make sure that it stays in as good condition as it was for the summer. No one likes the smell of mold and mildew when all they want is a nice relaxing day in the sun.

So, why not just put in the extra few minutes it takes to spray a bit of the good stuff on there? This will ensure that it doesn’t rot or break in the winter months when it’s in storage. Then it’ll be almost as good as new for next year!

Seals wood with a great finish

Most people tend to prefer wood over plastic for their gardens; it’s much more natural, it looks nicer, it’s better for the surrounding area; it’s a perfect all-rounder. However, wood can rot and stain, so it’ll need proper protection in order to ensure it stays perfect.

Thankfully, if you have a can of WD-40, then you’re in luck since this wonder-product is an excellent choice for sealing wood with a brilliant finish. It’s a simple way of making sure your wood stays protected from the outside elements and maintains its natural finish. You’ll be buying several cans of it in no time.

Stop mildew on an outdoor fountain

If you’re lucky enough to own an outdoor fountain, then you’re definitely going to want to keep it nice and clean. There’s no way you’re going to want to be cleaning up rust and mildew all the time! After all, it’s there to look great, and it’s not going to if it looks unclean. It’s also better for the wildlife that may want to use it.

So, all you need to do is spray a reasonable amount of WD-40 in order to make sure that your outdoor fountain stays as perfectly clean as you want it to be. Now your fountain can look great all year round, with no fear of mildew or rust. 

Spray on swinging plant hooks to prevent squeaking

Since they generally stay outside all year round, plant hooks are going to need a little more attention than some of the items that can be stored away for part of the year. You can either use WD-40 to clean the swinging hooks for hanging plants, or you can use it as a preventative measure in the first place.

It will help to stop things from going ‘bump’ in the night, the eerie rusty swinging noise in the wind will be gone, and you’ll be able to enjoy an evening in without wondering what on earth that could be outside your window.

Spray in pavement cracks to prevent weeds

Trying to keep weeds at bay is an irritating and challenging task. It seems like, no matter what you do, they still just pop up in the weirdest of places. However, there is a straightforward way you can help prevent the spread of weeds popping up in those pavement cracks.

Just spray a bit of WD-40 onto those cracks in the pavement. The weeds won’t like it, and it prevents them from growing up through them. You may have to keep an eye on them, and possibly even reapply, but it’s a quick and straightforward way of preventing them from growing up again.

Prevent wooden handles from splintering

It seems that WD-40 is able to do pretty much most things, and preventing wooden handles from splintering is one of them. While the metal will also need treating to make sure it doesn’t rust over, the wooden handle will also some attention to make sure it lasts.

The wooden handles on tools can dry out, rot, and even splinter. To prevent a wood-handled tool from splintering, you can simply apply some WD-40 which will coat the wood in a protective layer. You can apply this to pretty much most tools, particularly essential gardening tools; from wooden rakes and spades to gardening shears.

Removes berry stains from patio furniture

It’s sometimes so gut-wrenching to stain your new garden patio set… After all, they can cost a fortune. However, if you accidentally dropped some berries on your patio, then don’t fear, because WD-40 can help. According to one of the many 2,000 uses, it can remove berry stains from patio furniture.

While it might seem strangely specific right now, just wait until you drop some blueberries on it and you’re running to the cupboard to find your WD-40 can. You’ll be pleased you knew what it could do, as you get rid of those notoriously difficult berry stains. 

Cleans gunk from motorized equipment

There’s nothing worse than having to clean out a lawnmower, a chainsaw, or any piece of motorized equipment that seems to make a mess. You don’t have to labor over scrubbing the stuff out, however. Instead, grab your can of WD-40 and get to work.

The most ideal way of using this is by spraying it on before use, as it then prevents anything like grass or wood chippings sticking to it in the first place. However, if you forget, and the deed is done, then give it a good spray afterward as it’ll still be very effective in helping clean and maintain these tools.

Prevents rust on patio screws

Seems strange but you really don’t want your patio screws rusting. It can be a real pain if you ever try getting it apart since they’ll be stuck and very tough to get out. Sure, WD-40 could help with that if it’s already got to that point, but it’s better to make sure it doesn’t.

It also keeps the screws nice and healthy, so that the furniture doesn’t fall into itself when someone uses it. You can use it on screws for a variety of other outdoor equipment to make sure that disassembly is easy and the object itself is nicely maintained. It keeps items in a better condition that will last even the toughest of winters. 

Spray on stored flower pots to prevent sticking

You can also use WD-40 as a good storage solution. If you don’t want to stack your plant pots because you’re worried they might stick together and break, then just spray some WD-40 into the plant pots to make sure that they don’t.

That way you don’t have to worry about finding the extra space, but you also won’t have to worry about any pulling, or breakage to your plant pots. You can apply this to practically anything you need to stack to keep it in storage. In fact, if you’re storing anything in the garden, it can be generally useful to just for the preservative properties.

Spray over chalk lines

If you want to put some chalk lines in your garden or front yard for whatever reason, then it can be a real pain because the elements can wash the chalk away pretty quickly. However, if you want it to be maintained for a time, then you can spray WD-40 over chalk lines as a protective layer.

There are loads of different ways this can come in useful; play around with different colored chalks, set out parking space parameters, maintain an adorable chalk drawing from the kids, and so on. There are so many uses for chalk, and WD-40 is an excellent way of making them last a bit longer.