Small-Space Storage Solutions

Perhaps you are a lover of small spaces who is wondering where to put all the items you have been buying. One of the setbacks of small-space living is the storage issue. However, your items can comfortably fit into your space if you incorporate a few storage solutions.

Storage solutions for small-space living

  1. Add floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall bookcases for storing your books.
  2. Where possible, use furniture that can be stacked, folded or wheeled away.
  3. Opt for multi-purpose furniture. A perfect example is an ottoman, which can be used for seating, as a table and as a storage space.
  4. Take advantage of the spaces in your kitchen or living room by adding above-cabinet solutions.

Top reasons to choose small-space living

First and foremost, small spaces are substantially cheaper to rent, maintain or even purchase. With the current hard economic times, saving that coin comes in handy.

Second, a small space is easy to clean. There is less furniture to move, fewer rooms to clean and definitely less floor space to scrub.

A small space also means that you have easier choices to make. For example, you don’t have to spend much time wondering where to put certain items.

Also, this habit of losing a pair of socks or jeans will be a thing of the past. In fact, everything is well within reach.

Hacks to make small spaces look large

Use bright colors for your walls, curtains, seats and ceiling. This hack attracts the eye upwards, therefore creating a visual impression of a high ceiling.

Come up with ways to let more natural light into your space, such as by enlarging your windows. Natural light will open up your space.

Use sofas with raised legs. This hack creates a sense of space and light. Also, opt for TV stands with legs because opening up your floor space will let light filter through.

Opt for fabrics and rugs that are lightweight and feature small prints. Avoid heavyweight material fabrics because they tend to absorb light. Linen is a perfect lightweight material. Small prints will visually expand the room. In this regard, use fabrics that are the same or similar in color.

Use mirrors on the wall. Here, you have a few options. You may opt to use a large mirror or smaller mirrors. A large mirror is the most ideal, as it makes the room look huge. However, it is an expensive strategy. The cheaper option is to use smaller mirrors. To get best results, group the smaller mirrors together on the wall.

Declutter often. It is essential that you remove items that are no longer useful. This could be items you have not used for, say, a year.