These Simple Routines Will Keep You Healthy And Happy

Many of us live at what feels like 100 miles an hour, and if we aren’t careful, we can end up feeling burned out. Trying to keep happy and healthy is super important due to the stresses work can have on so many people nowadays. These simple routines can help to ensure you are able to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.


It can feel as though we pretty much work to live. A large part of that is because many of us get up, go to work and then when we get home we’re exhausted. There is always more time in the day, you just have to find it. Spending some quality time to yourself in the morning before you go to work is key to having a happy and healthy life, and it couldn’t be more simple.

When you get up, the first thing to do is to stretch it out to help wake your body up from the get-go. Add a morning workout to your day, it doesn’t have to be a 3-hour gym session, but squeeze in 20 minutes of aerobic exercise to get your blood pumping. Hit the shower straight after your workout then get to the kitchen and brew yourself a fresh coffee, or squeeze some orange juice.

Open your drapes and put on either your favorite radio station or TV news network. Make yourself a healthy breakfast that will keep you going for the first few hours of work, don’t forget to take your vitamins, and then start getting ready for the rest of the day.


Once you’re done with your day, it’s time for bed. Having a nightly routine before you shut your eyes can also help to keep your body and mind healthy. These nighttime routines help to make sure you still can accomplish something right at the end of the day, but also relax and reward your body with precious sleep.

Start by washing your face, brushing your teeth, and flossing (not the dance). Looking after your hygiene will help you feel fresh and clean which can lead to a better night’s sleep. Give your face and skin a rub down with your favorite moisturizer and then head to the bedroom. We recommend turning your phone to airplane mode to avoid any distractions and keep your mind from thinking about work or social media.

Set your alarm for the morning and lay out the outfit you plan on wearing to work in the morning, this will save you the trouble of deciding tomorrow. Have one last review of your planner to remind yourself what you are going to be doing the following day. Finally, to make sure your brain gets a treat, try to read at least one chapter of a book before you shut your eyes and sleep.

These simple tips can help to keep you happy and healthy. They are easy to achieve, and each task you complete will give you an extra little boost. Try adding these simple routines into your day and see what a difference it makes.