These Are The 30 Rudest Cities In America

America is full of amazing cities, but did you know that some of the people who live in these cities are pretty darn rude? Whether you’re traveling or planning to move, here are the rudest cities in America. 

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, right? Every state, every county, every town, and every village seems to have its own way of thinking, their own beliefs, their own food, their own style, and their own little environment. This makes for some pretty epic traveling, and people travel from across the world to check out this country every single year. Of course, it’s not hard to see why. With the likes of the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, Yosemite National Park, Central Park, and Disneyland on offer, you could travel across the US for months and still not see everything. 

While it may seem like the perfect country from afar, there’s no doubt about the fact that there are still some people in America who are a little rude. Whether you see this from a tourists perspective, or whether you live next door to a neighbor who just can’t seem to crack a smile, these rude people normally seem to gravitate towards each other. In fact, these are the rudest cities in America.

Providence, Rhode Island

As one of the oldest cities in the US, it’s fair to say that everyone needs to see what Providence has to offer at least once in their lives. As a conglomeration of art and culture, you could spend hours simply wandering around each museum, each art installation, and all of the beautiful parks and zoos.

This city is also home to Brown University and the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Because of this, there’s definitely no shortage of people who know a thing or two about anything and everything. This may be why the people of Rhode Island have been called “bookishly aloof” in the past.

San Diego, California

California is home to some of the most impressive cities that America has to offer, and San Diego is no different. Known for being home to some of the best surf-friendly beaches in the state, tourists make their way to the likes of Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and the USS Midway Museum after a morning on the waves.

The weather is almost always stunning and sunny, but it seems as though that’s not enough to put a smile on the locals’ face. San Diego has often appeared on the list of the rudest cities in America, even though tourists love the city itself.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a hugely famous city in America, thanks to its ties to religion, nature, and everyone’s favorite (albeit cold) pastime; skiing. Many people travel to this city to check out the likes of Temple Square, the Utah State Capitol Building, Millcreek Canyon, and so much more.

Because so many people make their way to Utah every single year to see what Salt Lake City has to offer, they have also been able to interact with the people who live here. While those in Salt Lake City probably wouldn’t agree with the notion that they are rude, that’s what the visitors have said about these locals.

New Haven, Connecticut

Located near the coast, there’s no doubt about the fact that New Haven really does seem like a haven in Connecticut. Not only is it the home to Yale University, but it’s also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, alongside various state parks and museums.

With this in mind, you could spend days wandering around this city and pretending as though you’re studying at the local Ivy League, but you might want to keep something in mind. The people of New Haven aren’t exactly celebrated for their friendliness, and many people feel as though they are extremely rude.

San Francisco, California

When you think of California, there’s a high chance that you think of San Francisco. After all, it’s not only a hub for business and innovation, but it’s also overloaded in culture. Whether you just want to wander around Silicon Valley and pretend that you’re the newest inventor on the block, or whether you want to ride around on a tram and check out the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s so much to see and do.

Because of this, San Francisco sees millions of visitors every single year, and all of them want to get into the San Franciscan groove and live like the locals. However, the locals aren’t exactly the friendliest of the bunch. Perhaps this is because the businessmen and women are always on the go.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is on many people’s bucket list, but it’s important to remember that some people call this place home. Anchorage sits underneath beautiful snow-capped mountains and offers glaciers, incredible wildlife, state parks, and some of the coolest resorts in the world.

It looks like the most wonderful place to visit or live, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s unlike any other city. After all, it’s in the middle of the mountains! However, those who have visited Anchorage have noted that some of the locals can be pretty rude. This may have something to do with the fact that those in Anchorage are used to a much quieter lifestyle.

Wilmington, Delaware

As the largest city in Delaware, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that Wilmington has built up a reputation for itself over the years. This reputation is both positive and negative – so at least it’s managed to strike a balance.

Because Wilmington is home to various museums, galleries, zoos, and state parks, it draws in many visitors every single year who want to embrace culture and the natural world. However, it’s also been associated with rude locals. It seems as though the people of Wilmington aren’t too fond of people coming in and checking out their great city, so may not be the friendliest people in the world.

Dallas, Texas

Texas is home to some of the coolest cities in America, and it’s fair to say that Dallas is one of them. This modern and vibrant city is known across the globe for being a cultural hub, and this means that there is so much to see and do.

Whether you want to check out the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Dallas Zoo, or take a ride on the roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas, you’ll definitely stay busy. Of course, many people love traveling to Texas because of the southern charm, but it seems as though the people of Dallas may be missing this slightly.

Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’ve always fancied a trip to Ohio, then you might want to add Cincinnati to your list of places to visit. That’s because there are so many things to see and do, especially if you love history and culture.

This city is home to some of the coolest museums and galleries that America has to offer, revolving around science, history, art, and animals. However, you might want to bear in mind that people have voted Cincinnati as one of the rudest cities in America. This might have something to do with the fact that they want a break from the museums every once in a while.

Baltimore, Maryland

When you think of Baltimore, you probably think of deep and rich history, beautiful music, and a colorful cultural scene. There’s no doubt about the fact that this is the case because Baltimore is one of those cities that everyone has to see at least once in their lives.

However, it seems as though the crab cakes aren’t the only things that are pretty crabby in this city. The people who live in this city and those who have visited in the past have noted that those in Baltimore aren’t the friendliest of humans. As if that wasn’t enough, they have also rated pretty low on the humor scale.

Portland, Oregon

There’s no doubt about the fact that Portland is an up-and-coming city that seems to be getting more and more popular with people from across the world. In fact, it’s mostly popular with young Millenials who have fallen in love with the laid-back lifestyle, the beautiful surroundings, and the trendy bars, coffee shops, and clubs that this city has to offer.

Alongside the hipster areas, this city also offers beautiful gardens and parks that help the people of Portland to chill out and enjoy their lives. Perhaps this is why many people feel as though they are rude. They may be so engrossed in the flowers that they forget to be polite!

Miami, Florida

Have you ever been to Miami? If you have, there’s a high chance that you may have bumped into your favorite movie star or sat in a restaurant across from your favorite pop star. That’s because this beach-side city is a playground for the rich and famous – and this seems to be why it’s considered rude.

While visitors love the fact that this city is absolutely gorgeous with its golden sands, crystal clear waters, and vibrant architecture, the wealthy residents are often considered to be rude. With celebrities comes pushy drivers, intense security guards, and extremely loud parties that could be resented by everyday locals.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful state, so it should probably come as no surprise to learn that Atlanta is a hugely popular destination. Not only does it welcome a huge number of visitors each year, but it’s also the 37th most populous city in the country!

There’s so much to see and do in Atlanta, and it’s fair to say that the nightlife has a reputation that spans across the rest of the US. However, it’s not all sunshine and daisies in this place. The people of Atlanta have been recognized for being pretty rude, and the locals have also ranked pretty low on the attractiveness scale. That must be a tough blow for them.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sante Fe holds the title of New Mexico’s capital city, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it sits in a wonderful position. This small but perfectly formed city lies at the foothills of Sangre de Cristo peaks, which makes it feel as though you’re not in the city.

Then, you have the beautiful and rustic architecture standing alongside the crooked streets. It’s truly a sight to behold, but the people here don’t have the best reputation. Santa Fe has found its way onto the rudest cities in America list on numerous occasions, and it doesn’t show any signs of leaving anytime soon.

Los Angeles, California

If you’re visiting the US, there’s no way that you can leave this country without taking a trip to L.A. The City of Angels pulls in millions of visitors every year, who want to check out the Hollywood sign, walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and live how the other half lives.

After all, this city is home to countless celebrities who walk through Beverly Hills every single day. While there’s no denying the beauty and charm of this city, many have found that the confidence and the status of these celebrities have caused an influx of rudeness. However, that doesn’t stop it from being an extremely popular tourist destination.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’re into your history, then you definitely have to visit Philadelphia. Located in Pennsylvania, this city is rich in history and culture and prides itself on being the home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the birthplace of the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich!

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without checking out all of the coolest museums and historical monuments, but it seems as though the brotherly love it’s known for may slip through the net sometimes. That’s because it’s considered one of the 30 rudest cities in America.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is often known as the Windy City, and you probably don’t need us to tell you why. Despite the fact that the weather could be a little more desirable, it’s fair to say that this city is still extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.

It’s home to the famous deep-dish pizza, the amazing Millenium Park, Navy Pier, and close to the nearby Lake Michigan. It’s one of the largest cities in the country, and you might know that with size comes a whole variety of people. Included within this general population are always going to be rude individuals, which could be why it has since ended up on this list.

Newark, New Jersey

Just a stone’s throw away from New York City, Newark has become increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike over the years. Of course, many people still associate it with the nearby airport that serves the Big Apple, so maybe Newark natives are resentful of that?

Not only is Newark one of the rudest cities in the country, but Conde Nast Travelers’ readers voted Newark as the least friendly city in the world back in 2013. While it has since made waves and improved, there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s hard to shake such a negative reputation that’s been with you for years.

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana is home to some of the most stunning cities, and Bloomington is no different. So named for its flowers, its forests, and its natural wonders, there’s no doubt about the fact that it offers something truly special. You can check out McCormick’s Creek State Park, the famous Sample Gates, and even Hoosier National Forest if you visit this place, but you might want to bear something in mind.

That’s because Bloomington is considered one of the rudest places in America, but the negatives don’t end there. In 2011, Bloomington was also named the fourth rudest place in the world during a FourSquare investigation.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado is known across the world for being incredibly beautiful, thanks to the many natural wonders that surround this city. From the mountains to the national parks and waterfalls, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this city. Because of this, many people travel across the globe to check out the Rocky Mountains and the hiking trails themselves, which is when they often come into contact with the locals.

However, many people have noted that the people of Colorado Springs aren’t exactly the friendliest people to deal with. This might have something to do with the fact that the people here like to live a slow-paced lifestyle.

Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Shrouded by desert, these two cities are pretty close together, and there’s no doubt about the fact that they’ve got some pretty awesome things to show for it. With national parks, mountains, and some of the most impressive natural marvels you’ve ever seen, it’s no wonder that people pay good money to stay in luxurious spas and spend their nights gazing into the night sky.

However, with luxury comes money, and with money often comes people who are sometimes slightly rude. It may be this pomp and circumstance that has left Phoenix and Scottsdale on the list of the 30 rudest cities in America.

El Paso, Texas

Located within the largest state in the US, El Paso has certainly built up a reputation for itself over the years. With amazing state parks and natural wonders, it’s fair to say that it offers some incredible views of the world around us. While El Paso is known for being a place of beauty, it seems as though the locals aren’t exactly considered to be beautiful on the inside.

That’s because they have regularly appeared on the rudest cities in America list, just as they are this year. As if that wasn’t enough, FourSquare also named them the second rudest city in the world back in 2011.

New York City, New York

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the whole of the US. It’s home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, and some of the most iconic attractions that this country has to offer. Because of this, millions of people travel to this island every single year to see it for themselves.

While it may be incredibly diverse in terms of its population and the delicious food on offer, there’s no doubt about the fact that the people of NYC have a reputation for being pretty rude. Many people believe this reputation has come about because the people of New York City have their own specific mannerisms and live a pretty fast-paced lifestyle.

Seattle, Washington

With the famous Space Needle looking over it, it’s fair to say that Seattle is a melting pop for art, culture, and some of the coolest attractions that America has to offer. If you ever head to Seattle, be sure to check out the Museum of Pop Culture, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Pike Place Market, and the strange Gum Wall!

Seattle has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Washington, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it has its negatives. In fact, it’s widely considered to be one of the rudest cities in the country.

Washington, D.C.

Washington is one of the most iconic destinations for any politics lover. It’s home to the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and so many other attractions that hint towards the country’s past.

However, the world of politics can often be a messy business, which is why many people think that those who live in Washington, D.C are sometimes incredibly rude. This may have something to do with the fact that most politicians are pretty hot on what they believe in, and because it’s quite literally their job to be determined and ruthless at all times.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit takes the crown as not only the largest city in Michigan but also the city with the most people. Of course, there are always going to be people who don’t get along in such a huge city, so it may not come as a surprise to learn that Detroit has reared its head on this list.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that Detroit doesn’t have something else to offer, apart from the rude people. You can check out some of the coolest museums in the area, you can wander around the parks and zoos, or you could see if you’re in luck in one of the many casinos.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in America, especially tourists who take their children along for the ride. That’s because this place is home to numerous theme parks, water parks, and family-friendly attractions that seem to entertain more and more people every single year.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that these families enjoy their time in Orlando, it seems as though the constant tourist attention could affect how the locals enjoy their home. In fact, it’s been noted that the people in Orlando are pretty rude. We can’t help but wonder if this would be any different if they didn’t live right by the happiest place in the world.

Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina is a huge state, and the city of Charlotte has the pleasure of calling itself the most populous city in this area. One of the main reasons for this is because this metropolis is a hub for all things fun and exciting.

Not only is it the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, but it’s also the place where you can find Carowinds theme park and the U.S National Whitewater Center. Although it seems as though the people of Charlotte would be over the moon with happiness, recent scores have suggested that they are actually pretty rude. Maybe they just don’t like tourists taking all the fun.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan is home to various bright and vibrant cities, and it’s fair to say that Ann Arbor is one of them. One of the main selling points of this city is the University of Michigan, which sees students and professors alike roaming the streets and enjoying the culture of Ann Arbor.

Of course, there’s also loads for tourists and visitors to check out, from the botanical gardens to the amazing acoustic music scene. While the people who have visited this city have noted that the people who live in Ann Arbor are “notably hip and intelligent,” they didn’t have much to say on their friendliness.

Boston, Massachusetts

As the largest city in Massachusetts, Boston also has the pleasure of calling itself the capital of the state. This historic city is littered with culture, and history buffs make their way to Boston every single year to check out the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, and even the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

With nearby Harvard just a short drive away, it should come as no surprise to learn that Bostonians are considered some of the most intelligent people in the country. However, with intelligence sometimes comes self-importance, so perhaps that’s why Boston has placed on the rudest cities list.