Reasons Why Small Spaces Are the Best

Times have really changed. Unlike in the past when we could afford huge, spacious homes, the cost of living has shot up and made it so hard to afford even a mere apartment. Even so, interior designers have made small spaces look very attractive, which is why there is a significant preference for small spaces. Previously shunned, small spaces are currently all the rage with everyone wanting to try them.

Types of small spaces

Small spaces range from garages, cute cottages, and small apartments to travel trailers and tiny houseboats. There is no limit to how one can create a small space.

5 reasons why small spaces are the best

They are easier to decorate

At first, it may seem like a big hurdle, but expert advice makes it look easier. For instance, with small, cheap pieces of decor like candles, you will be able to bring out a beautiful ambiance. That requires a lot more effort in large spaces.

They are easy to maintain

Who wants to spend ages cleaning? Small spaces take less time to tidy up and organize. Clean spaces are in turn good for peace and tranquility.

Small spaces are very organized

With minimal movement, things tend to be kept in their usual place (ex. in drawers and closets).

Small spaces are eco-friendly

Windows in small spaces are usually fitted with double- or triple-pane glass to regulate air supply. Most rooms in small spaces also have a single door to conserve energy.

They are super-affordable

Small spaces are not only easy to organize and maintain but also cheap. Depending on the type of small space you want to own, you can cut costs right from the beginning. You need less material for construction, less space in terms of land and less manpower when building or designing it.

How to decorate small spaces

In the case of a living room, use furniture that has a lightweight appearance that you can see through (such as end tables).

Go for pale colors when decorating your living room, as they give a neutral look.

Hang a mirror at the center of your living room to create a focal point.

Another example involves designing a closet in your bedroom. Create a shelving system just below the hanging garments for your bags and shoes.

Pros and cons of small spaces

Small spaces are cheap, easy to maintain, affordable and eco-friendly, making them quite appealing to many homeowners.

On a negative note, small spaces are less accommodating to people with large families, which may affect their relationships.

Are small spaces convenient and healthy for beginners?

Yes, they are.

Let us provide an example: It is your first time moving out of your parents’ house or to a new place in general. This can be challenging because apartments are very expensive and owning a home is pipe dream due to the mortgage process.

Try out a small space at any time. It is an adventure you do not want to miss out on!