Are You Ready For A Parrot? These Are Things You Need To Consider Before Buying One

Parrots as pets have been at the top of many people’s lists over the years, but are you ready for a feathered friend? There might be some things you need to consider before welcoming a parrot into your life.

Choosing a breed

There are so many breeds of parrots we can keep as pets. African greys, parakeets, conures, and Amazon parrots are some of the most popular types – and they all come with their pros and cons. As well as coming in a variety of sizes, the different breeds also have different needs and various noise levels, with some being easier to train than others.

Diet is key

Like many other pets, there is plenty of debate surrounding the best diet for parrots. Some breeds need more of one thing than others, but a general rule is plenty of seed, a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a formulated diet, a collection of weeds from the yard, and some well-cooked meat is usually the best option to keep them well-fed.

They can be messy

Even the smallest of parrots can often be a lot messier than people believe. Parrots love to throw their food around their cage meaning it can often end up just about everywhere – including the surrounding floor. As if that wasn’t enough, parrots can often create a lot of mess themselves which needs to be cleaned out regularly to avoid the risk of any illnesses.

They need space

Parrots have incredible wingspans, and many enjoying spreading their wings throughout the day. Cages need to be large enough that they can fly around as and when they please. Plus, some larger parrot species benefit from outdoor aviaries. Not only do these give them enough space to fly, but they can also provide natural rain and sunshine to help keep many species healthy.

Parrots are clever

Yes, parrots are thought to be some of the most intelligent birds on the planet. This means they often learn how to get into just about anything and everything thanks to their strong feet and sharp beaks. However, these intelligent birds can also offer hours of entertainment as we get to enjoy teaching them all kinds of tricks.

Some are destructive

All those brains means our parrots can often be destructive. Many have been known to shred furniture or decor when they are allowed out of their cages. Plus, they can even turn their destruction on themselves and begin to pull out their feathers if they aren’t given enough attention and stimulation throughout the day. Toys and social time can both help to reduce any cage-related stress.

As well as being some of the most popular pets around the world, parrots can also be a great addition to many homes. However, they take a lot of time and dedication to ensure they are kept happy and healthy. Could now be the time to check you know everything there is to learn before deciding if you’re ready for a parrot?