Clever Tricks For The Home Using PVC Pipes

Do you want to turn your house into a home? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on it. All you need is some PVC piping.

This bathroom storage

The bathroom is normally the smallest room in the house, which means that adding storage into the mix can be pretty difficult. No matter how many times you try to add in a vanity cabinet, it will always jut out into the room, get in the way, and just cause too much of a ruckus.

Wanna know the solution? Use high-rise storage solutions that are close to the wall! For this DIY project, all you need is a few PVC pipes, some wood, paint, and a few tools. When you’re done, you can place anything you want on it, from books to plants, to toiletries, and more.

This amazing accessory organizer

Do you aspire to be just like Marie Kondo? Well, if you’ve already discovered which items spark joy, it’s time to get to grips with storing them. Accessories can be extremely difficult to keep tidy, as the likes of scarves and ties always liked to mix together and do their own thing.

However, if you add some PVC tubing into the group, you’ll immediately see that the whole thing works perfectly. All you need are short pieces of tubing to place in your drawer, and then you can fill them up with whatever you want. The opportunities are endless.

These rustic planters

When most people think of PVC, they think of boring old plastic. Yet, those people are mistaken. PVC can be chopped and changed to your heart’s content, and it really can be molded into anything you want it to be. These rustic plants have been made using only PVC and rope, and a few extra tools for good measure.

That’s because you can create this rustic wood effect yourself, using a sharp tool to scrape away at the shiny material. By doing this, you create grooves in the material that look like the grooves in beautiful bark. Then, paint the planters with wood-effect paint, drill some holes, and fill with your favorite plants!

The ultimate desk organizer

Many homes come complete with offices, but if you don’t quite have the space, you probably still have somewhere you keep a laptop and a desk. Although they are a place of work and cohesion, desks can quickly become untidy and messy.

By using desk organizers and stationery caddies, you can pull all of your scissors, pencils, pens, and more into one organized place. While it’s super easy to head to the store and buy one of these yourselves, what’s cooler than taking a break from work and making one on your own terms? Simply attach pieces of PVC tubing in various sizes on a piece of wood and paint to your heart’s delight.

Stunning napkin rings

PVC tubing doesn’t have to be used in huge chunks to create something beautiful, as you can still use tiny cylinders of this material to make these stunning napkin rings. All you need is a small amount of this material to create the napkin rings – and they look super cool if you manage to use the joint part of it.

Of course, you can create these napkin rings with just the PVC, but they look even better if you add some other decorations into the mix. You can use ribbon, rope, or even other materials to add a bit of color onto your table. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can also paint them in as many different colors as you want.

This handy drill dock

If you’re a handy kind of person who is constantly looking to be even handier around the house, then you’ve probably got a fair few tools lying around. When you pick these tools up in a rush and rustle around for the best drill bit, these items often become confused and untidy.

So, it might be time to give your drills a refresh. Attaching small pieces of PVC tubing to the bottom of a shelf can really help you out when it comes to tidying up your tools. By creating a semicircle of plastic, you can hang up your drills and simply replace them when they are done.

The perfect towel holder

When the sun starts to shine, that means it’s time to do the laundry and get everything washed and dried before the rain comes again. However, this can be difficult if you only have one washing line.

By adding another towel holder into the mix, you can make sure you can get all of your towels smelling fresh in just a few hours. The best thing about this holder is that you really can construct it in your own unique way. You can create a rectangular structure, you can create a square, or you can even create a triangle if you wanted to.

A stunning gazebo

If you’re looking for something to spice up your backyard, then a gazebo might be right up your street. Although it looks fancy and expensive, this gazebo is actually rather simple and inexpensive in terms of its construction.

That’s because it only really consists of a PVC frame and some material. You don’t have to make it that way, though. Instead of using material as drapes, you can twist real or false foliage around the frame, or you could even just drape string lights around it. There are so many different possibilities, and once you’ve built the frame, you can find what works for you.

This romantic floating lamp

If you’re the kind of person that loves to fill their home with romantic light, you’ll know that there is such a huge difference between lamps and ceiling lights. That’s because those on the ceiling tend to give off a harsh, bright light that’s strong enough to be able to fill a whole room.

On the other hand, smaller lamps can create a romantic mood and allow you to take your sunglasses off for once! It’s super easy to make floating lamps out of PVC pipes because all you really need is some pipe and a lightbulb. You can even jazz it up to add color, patterns, and more.

This minimalist wine holder

Even if you don’t drink, this wine can be used for all kinds of beverages. You can stash your water bottles in there, or you could even stash your homemade gin in your homemade wine holder. Many people pay out a huge amount of money for a holder that can handle all of their bottles, but they don’t need to.

That’s because this DIY wine holder can actually be extended whenever you want. All you have to do is take as many pieces of PVC tubing as you want, stick them together, and then go with the flow. If you want to make it larger, simply stick a few more tubes onto the side. It’s as simple as that.

A beautiful wall installation

Buying enough ornaments to fill your home and keep your walls looking perfect can be difficult if you have a small budget. If you want to keep things simple and cheap, then it might be an idea to look into cool and quirky wall installations like this one.

Made from just a few tubes of PVC piping in various sizes, this installation can be attached to the wall, or it can just rest on your fireplace. It can also serve as a little storage unit, as you can keep beautiful and intricate ornaments on display within the tubes. It’s simple yet effective.

This awesome table

One of the best things about PVC pipe is that you can change and alter it without too much of a struggle. Although it’s a relatively cheap material to buy, you can make it look so much more expensive if you just add some paint into the mix.

You can see this within the copper paint of this awesome table. Of course, the actual table is made from wood, but with the addition of the legs and the extra storage space, it’s been transformed into something truly special. Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a ready-made table when you can make one yourself?

This quirky room divider

Open plan living is pretty great, right? It leaves your home feeling roomy, light, and so much bigger than you could ever imagine. However, sometimes it’s nice to create a little distance between one room and the next.

If you don’t want to add giant walls or doors into the mix, this quirky room divider could be right up your street. It gives you the chance to separate your rooms without compromising on the light, the space, or even the aesthetic. You can leave this room divider white, you could paint it to fit in with the walls, or you could get creative and add a few different colors into the scene!

A brand new bed frame

Of course, this project would work much better if you use metal pipes, but that’s not to say that you can’t scrimp on the price. There are various metallic paints out there that will transform anything into makeshift metal, and that’s definitely the case when PVC is concerned.

Using strong and sturdy pipes, you can create your own bed frame that will be made with your own tastes in mind. You can make it as tall or as wide as you want, and you can even paint it any color you want. This way, you can go to bed knowing that you earned your sleep.

The beautiful bird house

If you are lucky enough to have your own backyard or just a few trees outside your window, it’s always nice to entice the birds along too. You can provide them with some food, or you could just give them somewhere to shelter from the cold.

While you can shell out for a fancy bird house, we can’t imagine that a bird would be too disappointed if they didn’t have a two-story wooden house, complete with a wooden clock on the front. It’s super easy, and fun, to make your own bird house using just PVC tubing, a few tools, and some paint.

A comfortable doggy bed

There’s a high chance that your dog already has a huge number of toys and beds to keep it happy, but what about when it goes outside? While most dogs relish the sun, the ground can often get too hot for your perfect pooches. This can be harmful to their paws and make them too hot.

To combat this, you can create your very own doggy bed, made almost entirely from PVC piping. All you have to do is create a simple frame, and then add the material of your choice in the center. It’s best to choose a cool fabric, so your dog can have a snooze without having to worry about the heat.

The fun DIY bowling set

It’s always best to keep your kids’ minds stimulated, but it can be difficult to do this when they are constantly moving on from toy to toy. It seems as though they are constantly losing interest in the toys that you buy them, so it’s always a good idea to try and curb the costs wherever you can.

You can do this by making your own bowling set that you can play in the backyard. All you need are a few tubes of PVC, complete with their toppers, which you can then color-code or differentiate however you see fit. Then, all you need is a bowling ball and something to keep score on!

A beautiful DIY fence

If you want to add a little something special to your yard, then why not add a fence into the mix? We’re not talking about the kind of fence that separates you from your neighbors, but more of a fence that separates certain sections of your yard.

It could create a barrier between the compost heap and the rest of the backyard, and even shield your sunbathing station from the house. All you need to make this is varying sizes of PVC piping that you stick together to create one large installation. Then, simply attach it wherever you want it to go.

This copper paper towel holder

Although many people opt for copper piping when they are creating their epic DIY projects, you can get away with using traditional PVC. All you have to do is make sure the PVC looks like copper! It’s easy to find copper paint or spray in hardware stores, which means that it will take just a few minutes to transform your white plastic into something that looks metallic and pricey.

Then, you can use it all across the house wherever you please. We kinda love this copper paper towel holder, because it’s super simple, yet also extremely effective.

An epic window planter

If you have a limited amount of space in your backyard, you might just resign to the fact that you’ll never be able to stretch your green fingers. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you have no backyard, you can still make use of the wonderful plants in this world.

All you need to do is make your own window planter, so you can keep an eye on your plants as they live just below the glass of your window. To make a window planter, grab some PVC tubing, and cut plant-sized holes into the top. Then, fill with soil, seeds, or plants, and attach to your window sill. They are also easy to maintain this way.

This perfectly natural table

If you’re looking to add a new addition to your living room, it might be time to add a new table into the mix. A coffee table can help to break up large, empty space within a room, and it can also add a homely touch. Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money to create a cool new vibe.

This natural table is super easy to make, and only requires a glass tabletop and some PVC. You can change things up with the legs and use a different material if you would prefer, but PVC joints provide the perfect partnership to any material you choose.

A handy coat rack

When you head into your home after a long day of work, it can be easy to simply throw your coat on the floor and kick your shoes off to the side. But what if we told you that you could keep your entrance hall as tidy as possible while also adding a dash of personality?

It’s super simple to make your own handy coat rack, and this will give you space to store everything you need. You can place your boots on the floor in a line, you can hang up your jackets, and you can even keep your glasses there for safe keeping. The best thing is that you can customize the coat rack to suit the aesthetic of your own home.

The ultimate fishing utensil

Are you the kind of person that loves to spend a weekend on the water? Whether you like to fish from the side of the lake or right in the middle, you’ll know that it’s often difficult to keep your fishing poles in place.

If you use multiple poles at once, you need something to keep them all together – but professional rod holders can often cost you a fair amount of money. So, why not make one yourself? Making your own PVC rod holder isn’t difficult, and will be able to sit in the ground or even attach to your kayak if you wanted it to.

An exciting bird feeder

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden full of animals, then you probably find it quite difficult to make feeding them as easy as possible. It takes a huge amount of time and energy, and they all like to eat in their own different ways. But have you ever thought of creating your own bird feeder?

Whether you have chickens or other birds, this offers the perfect feeding solution. That’s because it trickles the food out, rather than offering it to them all at once. The best bit? It’s really not difficult to make. It’s made using simple PVC piping, that even comes with lids so you can ensure the birds aren’t eating more than their fair share.

For the craft cupboard

Do you love getting crafty? If you do, you’ll know that things can often get pretty messy. One minute you’re making a new cushion, and the next minute, you have fabric all over the house, needles on the floor, and ribbon all across your couch. One of the best ways to combat this is to create a craft tidy somewhere safe.

This way, you don’t have to go searching through your craft box, throwing everything around in the process, but can keep things on show. The tidiness is only a small aspect, however, because this craft storage solution also looks pretty awesome on the wall. Just look at all of those colors!

A festive wreath

When the holiday season comes around, it can be easy to shell out a huge amount of money on the coolest and newest decorations and ornaments on offer. However, there is no need to go to these lengths to deck out your house. You can make many of these decorations at home, starting with a festive wreath.

Using just some PVC piping, some ribbon, and some baubles, you can create a wreath similar to this one. Yet, you can play around with your wreath, and add in your own color scheme to suit the rest of your house.

The coolest candles

If you’re looking to add new and eJxciting decorations to your dinner party, then you can often get caught up in the amazing decorations that exist in homeware stores. Candles are always a good addition, but do you really need to spend a huge amount of money on candle holders?

Well, not quite. It’s super easy to make your own candle holders, and you can transform them into something of your own creation. You can mess around with shapes and sizes, and you can even add your own colors into the mix. Yep, you could even paint them each time you have a dinner party to match the theme!

This casual kitchen tool organizer

There’s a high chance that your kitchen is full to the brim with utensils and tools. After all, you need all kinds of gadgets to whip up a storm and create a taste explosion. However, if you’re low on storage space, it can be impossible to tidy all of these utensils away without them cluttering up the worktops.

Until now, of course. Using just a few small pieces of PVC tubing, you can give your utensils a safe space to stay. You can hang them up on your wall, and you can make sure that they don’t clatter around every time you open up your drawer.

These pleasing plant pots

You can never have too many plant pots in your house, right? Well, instead of heading to the store and paying even more for expensive plant pots, head to your garage and see if you have any leftover PVC. That’s because this material can provide the perfect home for your beloved plants, and it gives you the chance to get creative.


By simply cutting out different-sized tubes of the material, you can create pots that are all different heights. Then, you can add different colors, embellishments, or just leave them natural. The choice is yours, so get your green fingers going!

An adorable little chair

When you have little ones in your life, you often like to give them something special to prove to them that they themselves are special. While they can sit on the couch, offering them their own chair that has been made especially for them will fill them with joy.

So, why not make an adorable little chair for them? Even better yet, you can get them to help make their own chair. They are not difficult to make, and simply require some PVC pipe and a few joints. Then, you should find some material to serve as the chair itself. Of course, you can also make this in full-size form.

An amazing yard addition

Do you want to add a spot of color to your yard? Well, if you do, this PVC flamingo might be right up your street. It’s one of the best ways to add a little something special to your outside area without spending too much money.

Although it takes a bit of time and effort to make sure that you can cut the perfect flamingo shape, it will definitely be worth it in the end. You can keep it as a lonesome flamingo in the corner of your yard, or you could opt for a flock of flamingos. You could even throw in a few different breeds if you felt like it.

The cat scratching post

You’ll be happy to know that PVC isn’t just used in creations made for humans. While you will need a few more materials for this project, you can create a pretty incredible cat scratching post with any leftover PVS you may have.

One long tube will serve as the perfect scratching and climbing post if you have cats, and will also create the epicenter for a fun adventure for your kitties. You can add little shelves into the mix, and even a hammock if you really want to spoil them. It might just save them from scratching your couch, so it could be a worthwhile creation.

The perfect teepee tent

If you like to try and keep your kids entertained when the weather is pretty grotty, there’s a high chance that you’re constantly thinking up new ways to maintain a smile on their faces. Who wouldn’t smile when faced with their very own teepee?

Although you could spend hundreds on a ready-made teepee, you could very easily make your own for just a portion of the price. That’s because you only really need PVC piping, ties to hold the pipes together, and some material to place over the teepee as a canvas. Then, your little ones will be able to explore! Fill it with cushions or toys, and you’ve got a safe haven from the rain.

The all-new pipe chandelier

Finding new pieces of furniture to deck out your house can be difficult if you have a small budget and an eclectic taste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily create your very own chandelier, using just PVC piping. Of course, it would be better to use metal piping if you can, but it will also work if you decide to use PVC piping and some metallic paint.

Simply attack your pipes in any which way direction you want, and then screw on some light bulbs. While this will take a bit more work, and someone who is handy with electricals, the end result is truly special.

Blooming marvelous flower holders

Whether you’re fond of real or fake flowers, there’s no doubt about the fact that this flora can really brighten up the place. They can add a pop of color, they can make your house smell fresh, and they can even help to clean the air. But what happens when you run out of flower pots and vases?

Well, you can make your own! It’s super easy to make your own flower holders, and you can change them up however you want. You can make thin, long ones. You can create short and thick ones. You could even create multicolored ones if that’s the way you wanted to make them.